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Lanyard or No Lanyard?

LivingOxymoronLivingOxymoron Posts: 216Registered User Junior Member
edited January 2011 in College Life
I've heard it's a typical freshman thing to walk around campus wearing a lanyard with your ID and keys, and I just wanted your opinions on it. At my school your student ID is your entrance to dorms and some buildings, meal plan card, bus pass, laundry and vending machine card, and other stuff, but I don't want to look like the stereotypical freshman wandering around with a map and stuff. What do you guys think? Did you/do you wear and lanyard?
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Replies to: Lanyard or No Lanyard?

  • MushaboomBlueMushaboomBlue Posts: 1,715Registered User Senior Member
    I don't see many kids with lanyards, but you are welcome to wear it :)

    Most kids keep their ID cards in their wallet.
  • HisGraceFillsMeHisGraceFillsMe Posts: 4,782Registered User Senior Member
    I don't wear it...I just carry it in my purse. It's probably a pretty typical freshman thing to actually wear it.
  • IcarusIcarus Posts: 4,336Registered User Senior Member
    It's probably a pretty typical freshman thing to actually wear it.

    It's not - at least not at UCLA or any other UC I've seen.
  • Emaheevul07Emaheevul07 Posts: 5,966Registered User Senior Member
    I saw most of the people in my dorm last year with lanyards. I don't think most of them actually wore them unless they were between their room and the bathroom or something. I just threw mine in my purse, the lanyard made it easier to dig out and harder to drop.
  • theespys69theespys69 Posts: 523Registered User Member
    Please, please don't wear a lanyard. It's WAY too stereotypical. I never wore a lanyard, and neither did most people. Put your ID card and room key in your wallet/purse.

    As far as what other people will think, most people don't care if you wear one, as dumb as it looks (they don't necessarily agree with it though). And then there were a few people that wanted to personally slap anyone who did
  • tractorfarmertractorfarmer Posts: 162- Junior Member
    There are some people who go to class in their pajamas. They don't carry a wallet or have pockets to put anything in and don't carry a backpack, so they have no other choice but to use a lanyard. Like OP said, it is used for many things on campus, including a quick cash card. Personally, I wear clothes to class and keep everything valueable in my pockets or wallet.
  • BabyRudyBabyRudy Posts: 165Registered User Junior Member
    I'm in high school and I wear my School Lanyard everywhere...

    Just for my car keys though...prett useful
  • theespys69theespys69 Posts: 523Registered User Member
    ^^The majority of people who go to class in pajamas are girls, so they can always take a purse. And if you don't go to class in regular clothes, then most people wear sweatpants which usually have pockets. It really is a bad idea to not have your wallet or phone with you...God forbid something happens but if there is an emergency then you might need them
  • tractorfarmertractorfarmer Posts: 162- Junior Member
    Proximity to the classroom factors in. There was a male freshmen dorm so close to the classrooms, they routinely showed up to class, looking like they just woke up, with nothing more than a notebook and breakfast or lunch. No wallet, cell phone, or backpack. There's people in class dressed up in suits and ties all the way down to wearing almost nothing. It kind of looked like a freak show.
  • AtomicCafeAtomicCafe Posts: 867Registered User Member
    It was pretty common for the first few weeks I was at school [for freshmen AND upperclassmen]. A lot of clubs -- especially residence life -- gave them out, and they make things easier. I keep my keys on a lanyard so I can hang it up in my room, but I tie it around a belt loop and keep them in my pocket for easy access. I keep my student ID with my driver's license in my wallet.
  • caemincaemin Posts: 781Registered User Member
    It's common (at least among girls, guys usually use their wallets) to keep the IDs in a clear plastic ID holder which had a key ring for the room key and which could double as a wallet when you went out. It was up to the individual whether or not they choose to add a lanyard to that. I have one simply because all the keys to my kensington locks were already on it and it seemed logical to add my room key and ID holder too.
  • sk8rbr0sk8rbr0 Posts: 109Registered User Junior Member
    it would look cool if you just twirled your lanyard around your finger while you walked and then hang it out of the pocket the rest of the time
  • speedsolverspeedsolver Posts: 1,919Registered User Senior Member
    I'm gonna be a freshman as well, and I plan on keeping my ID in my wallet just because that's where everything else is and I hate it when my cards are in different places. I got a lanyard, and that's going to be for house keys since I'm commuting. Do what's most convenient for you!
  • icedragonicedragon Posts: 2,170Registered User Senior Member
    I have one for my keys, simply because i know i'll loose them otherwise.
  • user_007user_007 Posts: 366Registered User Member
    Seems like everyone had one. I didn't. Seems like it'd be more annoying.

    I have my ID card in the outer section of my wallet and my room key on my keychain. Which doesn't have a lanyard attached.
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