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How late is "too late" to RUSH?

MushaboomBlueMushaboomBlue Posts: 1,715Registered User Senior Member
edited September 2010 in College Life
Even though I swore off rushing after I had to drop out of pledging this one organization during my sophomore year (schedule conflicts), I've thought about getting involved in another organization.

See, I'm thinking about rushing this semester as a junior for this volunteering co-ed frat, but I plan to study abroad in the spring. If I get a bid and complete the pledging process, would it seem weird not being able to be an active member until one year later since I will be overseas in the Spring? Or would it be even weirder if I rushed in the fall of my senior year.

So my question is: Anyone here rushed a sorority or fraternity during their fall semester of senior year? How did that go? Has anyone heard of people doing such a thing?
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Replies to: How late is "too late" to RUSH?

  • RoxSoxRoxSox Posts: 2,179Registered User Senior Member
    I've never heard of that, but I expect your success would be based on how competitive the sororities/fraternities are at your school. In a competitive school, that's pretty much not going to happen. If they're pretty chill, you might have a shot. However, no matter where you are, it will be tough. Also, if they're not a normal (social) frat, you said volunteering, they might have a different rushing/pledging process than the other frats and may be more open to older members.
  • MushaboomBlueMushaboomBlue Posts: 1,715Registered User Senior Member
    Well, it's not one of the "big" frats or sororities on campus with a reputation (good/bad), a house, and competitive in terms of the number of people rushing each semester. I don't think I would even get a bid from such sororities since I don't have the "look".

    Never mind. I don't think I'm willing to rush at this point. I was just curious. It just seems awkward. =\

    But out of curiosity, any personal stories of senior year rushing?
  • excelblueexcelblue Posts: 1,840Registered User Senior Member
    It's never too late to become a brother if it's the right thing for you. You just won't get as much out of it if you're only there for a year.

    My fraternity had two people join their senior years. Since my chapter was founded mid-semester at the time, it wasn't exactly a rush. Yet, they still got a brief period of all the fun and benefits. I was a freshman back then, so I perosnally got to experience several new pledge classes, watch the culture slowly shift around, etc.

    However, the point is: it's not too late.
  • Johnson181Johnson181 Posts: 4,226Registered User Senior Member
    Mushaboom- are you talking about APO?

    Every year we have a senior or two rush during the fall. In my chapter, they're always welcome to do so. Also, we have several new actives this semester who pledged last semester but are abroad this semester. It's perfectly okay.
  • das8929das8929 Posts: 133Registered User Junior Member
    I rushed a social fraternity in my junior year, it was awkward and I wouldn't recommend it. Being bossed around by younger kids is just weird, plus when pretty much all your rushing brothers are freshmen its also weird.
  • Johnson181Johnson181 Posts: 4,226Registered User Senior Member
    das, the op isn't talking about a social fraternity. I assumed it was APO, since that's the largest co-ed, service fraternity, but could be another.

    Either way, in service fraternities there is no hazing (well, there shouldn't be), and you don't get "bossed around."
  • MushaboomBlueMushaboomBlue Posts: 1,715Registered User Senior Member
    Yes Johnson181, it is APO! I can't deal with social frats or sororities here at my school. I mean some of them are nice and reputable (expensive as well!), but the others go a bit too crazy with the hazing. An incident happened last semester that involved intensive paddling on the rear end and bruising.

    Hmmm, maybe I'll rush this semester anyway. I thought it would seem weird to try and pledge a semester before going abroad, but I might seriously consider it. But I guess it would be better to experience being a brother for two semesters rather than one if I did it my senior year!

    Thanks Johnson181! (and excelblue, as well :) )
  • Johnson181Johnson181 Posts: 4,226Registered User Senior Member
    Also, I'm sure this semesters membership vp's at your school would be open to answering any questions/addressing concerns you might have.

    (APO is amazing, btw)
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