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Is Georgia Tech good?

AlbertCollegeAlbertCollege Posts: 89Registered User Junior Member
edited March 2012 in College Search & Selection
Hey guys, my brother just got into Georgia Tech for undergraduate. He doesn't know about most other schools because Georgia Tech responds really early. He is planning on majoring in Biomedical Engineering, he's not completely sure but it's very likely he will, if not, he's definitely going into the engineering field. What I'm asking is, it's a state school, is it good in terms of engineering compared to the other schools he applied to like MIT and Duke and JHU and similar schools to those? Georgia Tech hasn't given financial information yet but it's probably around 20k a year.
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Replies to: Is Georgia Tech good?

  • jetsfan289jetsfan289 Posts: 435Registered User Member
    uh its not mit, but georgia tech is really good. definitely a top engineering school in the south
  • AlbertCollegeAlbertCollege Posts: 89Registered User Junior Member
    Well he finds out about MIT on Wednesday but his top choices are MIT, Duke, JHU, Rice, and a few others.
  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus Posts: 51,826Registered User Senior Member
    In engineering, state schools are very prominent among the "top schools". Georgia Tech is such a state school. Indeed, some rankings consider Georgia Tech higher in bioengineering than some of the private schools you mention.

    However, humanities and social studies are rather limited -- mainly economics, international studies, and history and social impacts of science and technology. This could be an issue for some students who have other humanities and social studies interests (although these specific areas of humanities and social studies are likely popular ones for engineering and science majors).
  • AlbertCollegeAlbertCollege Posts: 89Registered User Junior Member
    Also financial aid for my family provides about 15k a year so they're giving about 30-40k a year in terms of financial and tuition is only 25k so basically free tuition and boarding but my brother has his mind set on MIT, JHU, Duke, and Rice.
  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus Posts: 51,826Registered User Senior Member
    Have you/he figured out the net cost after non-loan financial aid and scholarships at each school?

    Academically, it should not be considered a letdown to attend GT for bioengineering (or most other engineering), even in comparison to the other schools you mentioned.
  • nttATLnttATL Posts: 22Registered User New Member
    GT is a top engineering school in general and not just in the south. It's ranked #4 in the nation for best engineering schools, and #2 for bioengineering (graduate level).

    I'm actually surprised that more people don't regard it as a "top school". I go to school there and it definitely has a "wow" factor, because it is known for being an extremely challenging school.
  • beyphybeyphy Posts: 2,237Registered User Senior Member
    I agree with ucbalumnus. Georgia tech is a specialized technical school. however, what it does, it does well. If you're brother's sure he wants to go into engineering, it wouldn't be a bad school to go to.
  • sirgerbilsirgerbil Posts: 142Registered User Junior Member
    GTech is the 2nd best Bio-Engineering school in the country. USNews ranks it above MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, and Duke, but Below JHU.

    However, the way I understand it, if your brother is more interested in the Biology side of BioEng, JHU would be an excellent choice. If he's more into the engineering, GTech takes the lead slightly.

    These schools are all top ten. (I think It's JHU at number 1, GTech at 2, Duke at 3, MIT at 8)

    Naturally, you can't go wrong with any of these. It's all up to personal preference.
  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus Posts: 51,826Registered User Senior Member
    sirgerbil wrote:
    It's all up to personal preference.

    But the implication is that there is some large net cost differences involved.
  • bruno123bruno123 Posts: 1,390Registered User Senior Member
    Is Georgia Tech good?

    Better than Rice and Duke for engineering.
  • ImagineerImagineer Posts: 62Registered User Junior Member
    hah! I applied to the same schools as your brother (JHU, MIT, GA Tech, Duke, and many many more) for biomedical engineering. :P
    check this out: Biomedical | Rankings | US News

    @jetsfan289 "uh its not mit, but georgia tech is really good. definitely a top engineering school in the south."

    GA Tech has arguably a better biomedical engineering program than MIT. Additionally, GA Tech founded their biomedical engineering program a year before MIT. MIT trumps most universities for most engineering majors, but GA Tech quite possibly has MIT beat in biomedical engineering.
  • VimanasrayamVimanasrayam Posts: 12Registered User New Member
    Imagineer is right. GA Tech has a better biomedical engineering program than MIT. This is not just my personal opinion, the rankings concur with this, it is the second best biomedical engineering school in the country. The first is Johns Hopkins, it's biomedical engineering program is highly reputed worldwide and it is an amazing school, almost an Ivy. GA Tech is not almost an Ivy, but in biomedical engineering it probably is better than most Ivies, and MIT and Stanford; the same cannot be said for other fields though. Georgia Tech is also remarkably easier to get into but many students flunk out. If your brother can get into/pay for MIT, he will probably be able to get into JHU as it is less selective than MIT. If he is accepted to both he should go with JHU. If he is not he should go with GA Tech and not be ashamed of it. It's a good school.
  • jkeil911jkeil911 Posts: 6,009Registered User Senior Member
    um, this is a thread from 2012, Vimanasrayam. Probably no one from that thread is still reading it.
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