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Ivy Party Schools? r/o

arctic_monkeyarctic_monkey Posts: 538Registered User Member
edited April 2006 in College Search & Selection
Which Ivy of the 8 is the biggest party school? The LEAST?

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Replies to: Ivy Party Schools? r/o

  • KingJames23KingJames23 Posts: 671Registered User Member
    If I had to guess I would say the biggest is Brown (POSSIBLY Penn) and the least is Princeton. I could be completely wrong though
  • liek0806liek0806 Posts: 3,316Registered User Senior Member
    the least-cornell
    the most- i would think darthmouth?
  • liek0806liek0806 Posts: 3,316Registered User Senior Member
    yeah penn is a party scool.
  • bananainpyjamasbananainpyjamas Posts: 1,167Registered User Senior Member
    If I had to guess I would say the biggest is Brown (POSSIBLY Penn) and the least is Princeton. I could be completely wrong though

    Princeton the least? Are you kidding me? They had to shut down the eating clubs for admit weekends last year so the pfrosh wouldn't get drunk. :p
  • bobbobbobbobbobbob Posts: 4,772Registered User Senior Member
    penn, brown and dartmouth most.
    cornell least.
  • Simpsnut14Simpsnut14 Posts: 138Registered User Junior Member
    Most - Dartmouth and Brown are tied
    Least - Cornell, maybe Columbia?
  • hotpiece101hotpiece101 Posts: 4,042Registered User Senior Member
    does Cornell really party the least? a girl at my school got accepted there and said that they have a pretty dominant greek scene.
  • slipper1234slipper1234 Posts: 9,085Registered User Senior Member
    My rankings:
    1) Dartmouth, Penn, Princeton
    2) Brown
    3) Cornell, Yale
    4) Harvard
    Distant 5) Columbia

    Note- Here's my experience level with these.
    Dartmouth - Attended
    Princeton - Visited two weekends
    Brown - Visited 5-6 weekends
    Penn - Visited Once (Spring Fling)
    Harvard - Visited 5-6 times
    Yale - Visted three times
    Columbia - Attended for a year and for grad school
  • bing121086bing121086 Posts: 1,097Registered User Senior Member
    Columbia may not have frat parties too often, but you've got all the nightclubs of NYC.
  • WesternMassWesternMass Posts: 363Registered User Member
    Cornell has a Greek presence

    Largest party scene to least:

    1) Dartmouth
    2) Penn
    3) Princeton
    4) Brown
    5) Cornell
    6) Yale
    7) Columbia
    8) Harvard

    Looking at other comparable schools, I'd put Duke after Dartmouth but just ahead of Penn. Stanford would be further down the list, probably between Cornell and Yale. MIT would be last.
  • shizzshizz Posts: 723Registered User Member
    I can't believe you guys are ranking the party scenes at Ivies. Have any of you actually been to parties? Much less college parties? Take that a step further... parties at colleges other than your own?
  • gomestargomestar Posts: 4,699Registered User Senior Member
    i'm with shizz. There are alot of stupid assumptions being made here. The only people whose opinion should be valued are those at an ivy league school and/or have many friends at another ivy league school that they often visit or talk to and are at least a sophmore in college.

    Cornell has a big party scene. Over 50 frats on campus can't be wrong. It's a work hard/play hard atmosphere.

    though (based on discussions from my friends at other ivy's) Penn seems to be the biggest party ivy.
  • slipper1234slipper1234 Posts: 9,085Registered User Senior Member
    Cornell has a decent party scene for sure - but its less so than the ones higher ranked on my personal list where a much larger percentage of the student body goes out. I think it should be a step higher on my list than Yale though.
  • savedbythebell7savedbythebell7 Posts: 394Registered User Member
    Ivy party schools, can anyone say oxymoron!!
  • philntexphilntex Posts: 3,186Registered User Senior Member
    Can anyone say come-to-Princeton-and-you-discover-what-partying-is? We party in our rooms. For free. We then go and party in mansions. Almost everyday. For free. Then we party again in one of the many beautiful suites on campus. Lingerie parties, pirate parties, southern decadence parties, viking parties...everything you could think of. For free. Best of all, it's rarely playing the awkwardly-standing-around-with-an-empty-cup-with-sad-techno-music-playing game. You'd never guess you were at Princeton University...

    I love this place.

    Props to Penn as well. The only other Ivy besides Penn I've been to has been Yale, and...I wasn't all that impressed, but it could've been a bad night.
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