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Which colleges have the highest/lowest suicide rates?

NolanDWNolanDW Posts: 168Registered User Junior Member
edited February 2013 in College Search & Selection
Out of curiousity. I read the Cornell posts and they say they are under the national average, despite what "other people" say...but I'd like to see a list.
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Replies to: Which colleges have the highest/lowest suicide rates?

  • jPoDjPoD Posts: 2,524- Senior Member
    I believe Penn's had alot of problems lately.
  • TheMK99TheMK99 Posts: 1,019Registered User Member
    I don't think a list is necessary. To avoid committing suicide, just put yourself into an environment that you enjoy and can handle. Many people commit suicide at top schools because their depressed before going and the pressure cooker environment leads them to commit suicide, as they feel they have no where to turn to.
  • VertigoFrogVertigoFrog Posts: 294Registered User Junior Member
    I read an article in the times about NYU trying to curb their huge suicide rates.
  • sristisristi Posts: 847Registered User Member
    Penn has high suicide rates! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  • TheMK99TheMK99 Posts: 1,019Registered User Member
    Who cares if a school you like has high suicide rates ? I mean unless you are a high-risk to commit suicide, I wouldn't care. I'd go to Harvard even if suicide rate was like 15% of student body a year.
  • JyankeesSS2JyankeesSS2 Posts: 2,021Registered User Senior Member
    lol 15% of student body...that would suck
  • MMEIMMEI Posts: 306Registered User Junior Member
    Its important to note, guys, that some schools have more people compared to others, and logically, have more suicides.
  • TheMK99TheMK99 Posts: 1,019Registered User Member
    MMEI thats a good point but I assume that a ranking would account for this maybe like rating suicides per 1,000 students and not just the number of suicides.
  • ClendenenatorClendenenator Posts: 1,671Registered User Senior Member
    I heard MIT had the highest rate, but it's still only like 10 kids out of 10,000. you won't unless you're prone to doing it.
  • HeavenWoodHeavenWood Posts: 2,062Registered User Senior Member
    I'd imagine Brigham Young would be the lowest, but, I myself couldn't imagine going there, lol...
  • MMEIMMEI Posts: 306Registered User Junior Member
    Yes, suicide is usually tallied by the rate (ie the number of suicides per student body, per thousand etc.). But I just want to warn people that a school like Cornell might get a bad rap for a large number of suicides (through the media and other things), even though they are a very large university.
  • DGIANDGIAN Posts: 49Registered User Junior Member
    I am a mom and this subject was brought up by another parent on a tour of another college. At first, I was FLOORED someone would even ask this and then she went on to tell me that she actually RESEARCHED this before she allowed her daughter to apply ANYWHERE! AAAACK! Unfortunately this is a harsh reality with the competitiveness of schools today.

    Would I allow a "high suicide rate" to prevent my son from applying to a school? NO WAY! Suicide isn't contagious.... Some children are ill prepared to deal with things like no longer being the "top banana". Some children have never been away from home. Some children "lose it". The one school we toured emphasized the orientation process and how they have counselors available for such "transition" problems.

    I have always told my children that no matter how well they do in school, sports, and tests.... There will always be someone smarter, better, and more motivated than they are.... I have repeatedly encouraged them to do THEIR best, not to BE the best..... That's not cutting them down.... That is REALITY.
  • GatorEng23GatorEng23 Posts: 1,571Registered User Senior Member
    Suicide comes into play more in grad school where students become very frustrated with their research. I do not have the statistics, but I think it is very uncommon in undergraduate work.
  • glennnnglennnn Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    DGIAN You as a parent should take every care in making sure your child is in a safe school. My brother passed away this march by suicide and he showed absolutely 0 warning signs before he went to college. You should be aware of the college's suicide rate because it shows how well their staff responds to mental illness and problems displayed by their students. Why should you think someone is being over competitive of colleges by asking a question regarding students safety? Suicide is the NUMBER ONE killer of freshman students and more people need to be aware of this problem. If parents know the threat of suicide is there maybe more lives will be saved.
  • StressnStressn Posts: 65Registered User Junior Member
    Suicide impacts more people than just the victim. It is extremely painful, not to mention disruptive, to experience the suicide of a friend, a friend of a friend, a class- or dorm-mate, etc.
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