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Is McGill a decent (or world-class) school?

CeipherCeipher Posts: 4Registered User New Member
Recently I, international student, get admitted by McGill, and just dont know whether it is as decent, academically, as those like Princeton, CMU, or Cal-tech.
Is there anyone who can tell me something about McGill?
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Replies to: Is McGill a decent (or world-class) school?

  • moizuhkmoizuhk Posts: 397Registered User Member
    i dont think its as good as princeton or caltech. But i would think it would give some competition to CMU atleast
  • aktiv8daktiv8d Posts: 402Registered User Member
    mcgill is an excellent university. i have a number of friends there and they always speak very well of the school.
  • barronsbarrons Posts: 24,202Registered User Senior Member
    It is more similar to the better US state universities. It would probably fall toward the low end of the Top 10 state schools in the US.
  • memakememake Posts: 559Registered User Member
    I see McGill as very different from the other schools you mentioned along many axes.

    1) More single-focussed. You will probably do far fewer courses outside your major at McGill than you would at Princeton or Stanford. Cal Tech and CMU are not so different from McGill on this attribute...If your intended major at McGill is Humanities or Social Sci, this may not be a big difference. If your intended major is something more easily professionalized (hard sciences, performing or creative arts, business) you may feel this more.

    2) Size. Just compare the numbers -- huge difference. On the one hand, the smaller schools will feel more personal and involved in your life; you'll never be just a number or an administrative headache at these schools, but you may feel that way at McGill. On the other hand, with size comes energy, excitement, diversity - more of a big city feel. You might get bored seeing the same small bunch of undergrads in your major at CMU for 4 years, plus socially CMU and Caltech are a bit...i dunno...nerdy, I guess. What do you prefer?

    3) Student commitment to academics. You probably won't run into people at Princeton, Stanford, CMU or Caltech who are more-or-less academic weaklings, but there definitely are people like that at McGill. They mostly don't end up graduating in 4 (or 3, for Quebecers) years with honors, though. At McGill, you can find lots of highly accomplished motivated students working hard and competing successfully for internships, grades, faculty attention, etc. You can also find people for whom it's pretty much an easy-to-get-into commuter school. It's a mix. Are you comfortable with that, or do you need to be surrounded by hand-picked prestige whores -- [not necessarily my final view of all Princeton/Stanford students, just being a bit provocative on behalf of a fine democratic institution, even if it does reside in a country still loyal to the Queen].

    4) Big city, tons of young people, music, clubs, parties... McGill has got this one hands down.

    5) Cost. List price McGill is still a bit cheaper than the others, but the actual cost to you depends on what merit or f.a. awards you might get. Of course, if you're a Canadian citizen, McGill is cheap cheap cheap.
  • CeipherCeipher Posts: 4Registered User New Member
    Thanks a lot memake!
    It seems to be a wonderful school!
  • ElijahDuBoiseElijahDuBoise Posts: 14User Awaiting Email Confirmation New Member
    I haven't posted much on these boards, but I must interject:

    McGill is by far considered to be a "world-class" school. As a sophomore at Yale, I must say that the general consensus is that McGill is JUST a good as a school as is Yale. This seems to be the opinion of not only the students, but the faculty as well. After all, McGill isn't known as the "Harvard of Canada" for nothing!
  • barronsbarrons Posts: 24,202Registered User Senior Member
    Actually it is known as the Yale of Canada. Toronto is the Harvard of Canada.

    Top 100 North & Latin American Universities
  • ElijahDuBoiseElijahDuBoise Posts: 14User Awaiting Email Confirmation New Member
    No, McGill is known as the Harvard of Canada. Read this article by the McGill tribune:

    Welcome to McGill: We get along over plentiful pints - features
  • ivyleaguerivyleaguer Posts: 475Registered User Member
    what do you think the mcgill tribune would say, of course it's gonna call itself the harvard of canada, it's a Mcgill newspaper. Frankly, Queen's has more of the feel to an Ivy league school, but if you ask most canadians they would probably say Toronto.
  • TourGuide446TourGuide446 Posts: 3,099- Senior Member
    Montreal has the highest % of beautiful women of any city I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot of cities.
  • AlexandreAlexandre Posts: 23,206Super Moderator Senior Member
    Tourguide, your powers of observation do you credit. I think Budapest, Moscow, Minsk, Paris, Prague and Warsaw beat Montreal, but only by the smallest of margins. But I am not sure how this helps the OP!
  • atrophicwhisperatrophicwhisper Posts: 1,744Registered User Senior Member
    Personally, I wouldn't classify McGill in the same league as Harvard or Oxbridge (unless you want to group them as "the best" in their respective countries.) It's definitely above average, don't get me wrong, but getting into McGill isn't very competitive compared to others (~40% rate of acceptance for undergrads versus 10%). I think that the sheer prestige of Harvard's law and medical schools doesn't compare to that of McGill's.
  • MilkmagnMilkmagn Posts: 711Registered User Member
    sorry, I don't think McGill is as good as Yale....
  • lvilleslackerlvilleslacker Posts: 345Registered User Member
    Mcgill is not good, but can't compete on an international scale. ask international students from canada; it's not in the same tier as the very top us schools.
  • TourGuide446TourGuide446 Posts: 3,099- Senior Member
    Wow, Alexandre, you really like those former Iron-Curtain gals. I've been all over the former non-Communist Europe, and never saw anything like Montreal--not even in Sweden or Denmark. Spain might be the only one close. Hard to believe Paris can compete with Montreal. I've been to several parts of France, and wasn't impressed (maybe all the hotties gravitate to Paris?). What's really funny is the folks in Montreal say the gals in Quebec City are the best.
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