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Fordham = Conservative?

kcirschkcirsch Posts: 2,265Registered User Senior Member
edited August 2005 in College Search & Selection
Okay so I know Fordham is Jesuit and all...but just HOW Catholic is it?? I am a liberal gay male and while I understand that Catholics are usually conservative (at least here), does being in NYC offset that at all?
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Replies to: Fordham = Conservative?

  • Cre8tive1Cre8tive1 Posts: 1,342Registered User Senior Member
    Not neccesarily, University of San Francisco is a Jesuit Institution and it fulls of gay men, it goes school by school, at some it's not noticable, at others its a way of life.
  • sweetsaz79sweetsaz79 Posts: 311Registered User Member
    From what I'm seeing, it doesn't look stiflingly conservative. Being Jesuit, I think, doesn't mean they're conservative. I'd actually go there, it looks like a ball of fun.
  • carolyncarolyn Posts: 7,435Registered User Senior Member
    I'd go right to the source and ask a current student about the atmosphere for gays. Here's a source from the Fordham website:

    The Pride Alliance supports students as they integrate their sexual orientation into their personhood; promotes an open and tolerant environment at Fordham for people of all sexual orientations through education; support friends, family members, and other allies of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people; and is respectful of Catholic teachings on human sexuality.

    President: Michelle Broad
    Office: B-62, x4387
    E-mail: [email]FordhamPride****.com[/email]

    The Lincoln Center campus of Fordham probably is a bit less conservative than the Rose Hill campus. They have a chapter of Rainbow Alliance there, but I couldn't find a contact.


    That said, I suspect there are probably better choices for gays and lesbians than Fordham. NYU for one. Drew University in New Jersey might be a good alternative to Fordham - it's been on Princeton Review's list of gay friendly schools in the past.
  • carolyncarolyn Posts: 7,435Registered User Senior Member
    By the way, you might want to read this article, which discusses some questions gay students should ask/consider in choosing colleges. It's written for guidance counselors, but the information should be helpful to you:
  • kcirschkcirsch Posts: 2,265Registered User Senior Member
    Thank you so much for all your help! After reconsidering, I don't think Fordham would be my cup of tea, and that NYU would be more to my liking. I was just playing with the idea (thought of the school today, was wondering where it stood in the political world).

    The article you provided was very informative - yet, thankfully, I view most of their suggestions as superfluous because I am completely comfortable with who I am and that no matter what school I go to, I will make an accomodating environment for myself (plus, all the schools I'm applying to, with the exception of WUSTL and schools in my state, are in large coastal cities).
  • beautifuldaybeautifulday Posts: 98Registered User Junior Member
    Fordham has many gay students, as well as openly gay faculty and administrators. The school is more liberal than most schools outside of NY that do not have religious affiliations.

    Check out their video online: http://www.fordhamfrc.org/virtualtour.shtml
  • ceonycceonyc Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    I really believe that, in a school of several thousand people in the NYC area, you'll find people who are comfortable who you are and those that aren't... weather that's because you're gay, Republican, Italian, or a jock.

    Frankly, I think NYU is kind of expensive for the quality of education you actually get. If you're going to Stern or Tisch, it might be worth it, but for liberal arts, you'll be in huge classes with a lot of teaching assistants and adjuncts.

    As for Fordham's culture, you might check out the Lincoln Center campus, which has a higher population of gay students. Lincoln Center is kind of a neat cross between the liberal arts, personalized education you get at Fordham's Rose Hill campus, and the "cool, liberal, citified" life of NYU.
  • namastenamaste Posts: 3,027Registered User Senior Member
    yeah it's actually fine at most of those jesuit colleges... except BC
  • makammakam Posts: 162Registered User Junior Member
    kcirsch, I've visited Fordham recently and would definately recommend the Lincoln Center campus. Right in the city and bustling with ALL kinds of people. Very cool. The Rose Hill campus is in the Bronx and about a half hour away from downtown. It was very nice but not that city campus flavor. What do you want to study????
  • kcirschkcirsch Posts: 2,265Registered User Senior Member
    I would be in the Media Studies department.
  • makammakam Posts: 162Registered User Junior Member
    I am too! My first choice is Emerson in Boston. I love that school. Great downtown urban location, wonderful facilities, interesting students. Believe me as a liberal gay male you would be in the majority not the minority there. If you are checking out NYU maybe you should give Marymount Manhattan a look as a safety, I think it would be a good fit also.
  • kcirschkcirsch Posts: 2,265Registered User Senior Member
    Thanks so much! I am actually visiting NYU next week WOOHOO!! I am also considering applying to Emerson (the real major I want is Advertising) but they don't have an undergrad Marketing major which is kinda something else I might be interested in. What do you want to study? Schools I am looking at include UT, USC, BU, Emerson, NYU, American, UNC, Northeastern, SMU (home city/safety), and maybe Columbia or Brown for EXTREME reach.
  • makammakam Posts: 162Registered User Junior Member
    Maybe I'll be meeting up with you in school. I'm applying to Emerson, Northeastern, BU, Fordham-Lincoln Ctr, Suffolk and American. I'm going to get my degree in communications with my major in multimedia/media studies. Let us know how you make out at NYU. I love the school but it doesnt have exactly what I'm looking for.
  • kcirschkcirsch Posts: 2,265Registered User Senior Member
    PM me with your AIM info.
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