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If you can't get into a university, what do you do?

LonghornChickLonghornChick Posts: 51Registered User Junior Member
Okay so for the past month i've been freaking out about college. i have a 98% chance of being top 10 but i'm still worried.
If i'm not in top 10 i'm worried I wont get into any schools....
So lets say i don't get into any schools. hypothetically speaking.
So i go to my local community college and bust my butt. Will that help get me into a univ.?? Will the univ. still look at sat scores since I would be transferring from a CC?
please help
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Replies to: If you can't get into a university, what do you do?

  • warrenhuiwarrenhui Posts: 135Registered User Junior Member
    everyone can get into uni. there are unis with 100% accepte rate LOL
    what are u even on about... if ur top 10%
    yes CC would work.. but seriously...
  • LonghornChickLonghornChick Posts: 51Registered User Junior Member
    no I'm not top 10 I'm just pretty sure I will be.
    I'm just trying to cover all possible scenerios
  • robinsuesandersrobinsuesanders Posts: 485Registered User Member
    So i go to my local community college and bust my butt. Will that help get me into a univ.?? Will the univ. still look at sat scores since I would be transferring from a CC?

    Busting your butt and getting good grades at a CC can help get you into a university---particularly if the state U has an articulation agreement with the CC. Talk to the CC and ask "Where do your students transfer to?" Talk to the university you want to transfer to and ask, "What should I take and what should I know if I want to transfer from [specific] CC?"

    As to the SAT scores---that may depend on when you transfer. Some four year schools may still want an SAT score if you're transferring with less than XX credit hours, where XX can vary from university to university. Some may want an SAT score if you didn't graduate with an Associate's Degree (2 year degree) at the CC. Many univeristies won't require the SAT if you've completed a full year of college elsewhere---including a CC.
  • shewasshewas Posts: 183Registered User Junior Member
    Just make sure to apply to a state school that has a high acceptance rate and you'll be fine. :P
  • gadadgadad Posts: 7,758Registered User Senior Member
    LonghornChick - What you do is to look for some colleges that might be a reach for your GPA and standardized test scores, some colleges that would be right on target for them, and some at which your admission would be a safe bet. Plan to apply to two or three reach schools, two or three target schools, and a couple of safeties, at least one of which should be a financial safety as well (one at which you are certain you'll be admitted AND certain that it will be affordable). Don't be influenced by the hand-wringing of some CC prospective students who fret over whether a single "B" will end their college dreams - your stats are well above the average in the U.S., and you'd probably be able to get into at least 3/4 of American colleges and universities. If your financial need is compelling, you should be able to receive the financial aid you'll need to make some of those acceptances do-able.
  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Posts: 76,654Registered User Senior Member
    The OP stats are not that high. She goes to some kind of non-traditional public school. It sounds like it is some kind of school for kids who need to "catch up" academic wise. Her GPA is now about a 3.3 at this special school.

    So, being in the top 10% at this non-traditional school is not like being in the top 10% at a regular public school for admission purposes at nationwide schools. However, for Texas admissions, it will still count.

    She has another major issue. Even if she were to be accepted by UT because of the 10% rule, it's unknown to her whether UT is a full need school. If it's not, then she'll be in trouble money-wise.
  • LonghornChickLonghornChick Posts: 51Registered User Junior Member
    it is not to catch up academic wise. It's to make up for credits i missed while out of school sick. and I have my transcript which consist of A's and B's and only a few below this. my GPA is an 85.5 idk what that is.
    And this school is an accredited school so why isn't like being at a regular public school. it's not my fault I'm smarter than the rest of the kids and they are way below average.
  • 000ace000000ace000 Posts: 511Registered User Member
    in that case, as long as you apply to reasonable safeties, you will get into at least one university.
  • LonghornChickLonghornChick Posts: 51Registered User Junior Member
    :) thanks everyone
  • sgdudesgdude Posts: 121Registered User Junior Member
    is the op from texas? if so, if you dont make top 10%, you can cap (go to utsa or any other ut satellite for a year, get a 3.2, and be at UT automatically in 1 year), im pretty sure they let anyone do this (or at least almost anyone)...or Texas State or Texas Tech...I'm sure you can get into 1 university, and a decent one, too. Maybe Give A&M a shot too (if you are a UT fan though you might not be for that, I know I wouldn't go) or even LSU, they are pretty generous with scholarships and as long as you got a 3.0 and 22ACT you are in.
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