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top 15 most prestigious universities

bball87bball87 Posts: 2,529- Senior Member
take your turn, need to add some excitment to these boards.
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Replies to: top 15 most prestigious universities

  • im_blueim_blue Posts: 2,142Registered User Senior Member
    I would put the following in the top 16: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Columbia, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Brown, Dartmouth, Penn, Chicago, Northwestern, Berkeley, and Cornell.
  • semiserioussemiserious Posts: 736Registered User Member
    I would remove Chicago from the above list and replace it with Vanderbilt.

    I might also replace Cornell and Berkeley with Williams and Amherst.
  • tkm256tkm256 Posts: 1,847Registered User Senior Member
    Williams and Amherst aren't universities. We can do a most prestigious LAC list, though.
  • SAT=MyKryptoniteSAT=MyKryptonite Posts: 248Registered User Junior Member
  • semiserioussemiserious Posts: 736Registered User Member
    Ah, I misread. I stand by my Vandy/Chicago switch, though.
  • im_blueim_blue Posts: 2,142Registered User Senior Member
    You cannot be serious. Chicago is a great academic institution, and schools like Emory and Vanderbilt are just pretenders.
  • semiserioussemiserious Posts: 736Registered User Member
    Hardly. Chicago is the land of social misfits and square pegs. Vanderbilt is the place for the kids who do it all--people who excel at being both intelligent AND personable, quite a valuable skill.
  • tranmantranman Posts: 164Registered User Junior Member
    "Square pegs do not a bad school make." - Unknown
  • semiserioussemiserious Posts: 736Registered User Member
    Besides, this thread is about prestige, not actual academic quality--plenty of people can tell you that MANY institutions far outshine Harvard's undergrad department, but nobody's going to try to tell you that Harvard isn't one of the most prestigious.

    Chicago has virtually zero name recognition among the general public. Vanderbilt is the "Harvard of the South".
  • Sdma89Sdma89 Posts: 558Registered User Member
    There are plenty of prestigious universities. The most prestigious domestically are probably all 8 of the Ivy League Institutions, Stanford, Duke, Northwestern, the University of Chicago, the University of California-Berkeley, John Hopkins University, MIT, and Cal Tech. This is just what I perceive.
  • SebmaFSX_53SebmaFSX_53 Posts: 569Registered User Member
    in so specific order:

    Polytechnique in france...if anyone knows about the french higher education system you will kno that this school is unfreakingbeleivalby hard 2 get into

    Zurich (Switzerland)
  • im_blueim_blue Posts: 2,142Registered User Senior Member
    Sorry, Duke is the Harvard of the South, not Vandy. Chicago has much more prestigious professional and graduate schools, and no one has heard of Vandy undergrad outside of the south, either.
  • kross_addictedkross_addicted Posts: 89Registered User Junior Member
    If Vanderbilt is so prestigious then how come I just heard of it not that long ago?

    To me prestigious equals a "house hold" name.
  • meateater0387meateater0387 Posts: 401Registered User Member
    Vanderbilt is definetly a household name, however duke is definetly "the harvard of the north" although I prefer to call harvard the "duke of the north"
  • tranmantranman Posts: 164Registered User Junior Member
    wait. what? my feeble mind is confused. if duke is the harvard of the north, then where's harvard?


    i would certainly agree that duke is in the top 25 list, but i disagree with vanderbilt being there; it is very prestigious in the south, but it has a severely regional appeal.

    Oh, and Polytechnique is DEFINENTLY not ranking near harvard/oxford. the two schools are so far ahead in prestige its almost not funny.

    regionally, i don't know, but international, no way. think about the population of asia, to whom harvard is the shangri-la of college educations.
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