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Where will you be? What will you do?

thomaschauthomaschau Posts: 510Registered User Member
edited December 2004 in Columbia University
Lets assume you get accepted

Where will you be when you find out? What will you do when you find out?

I imagine myself either in the school library or at home at my computer when I find out. If in the library, I'll click and see it and then sit in shock and then completely spaz out and start screaming like a maniac and go tell everyone around me, then run up to the senior hallway and tell everyone and flail all over the place cheering and falling over on the floor.

If at home, I'll run to the kitchen to tell my parents and hug them and run out for a celebratory dinner.. the next day we'll drive to Columbia and buy tons of sweatshirts, tshirts, mugs, etc.
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Replies to: Where will you be? What will you do?

  • kissoffxokissoffxo Posts: 215Registered User Junior Member
    Home on the computer, reloading my e-mail page starting at 4:30. IfIf I get accepted I will scream and dance around in my underpants. Call my friends/boyfriend.. MAKE them buy me ice cream!!! SCREAM!!
  • im_collegeboundim_collegebound Posts: 315Registered User Member
    430? i thot it was 3. i think ill check here before i check my email. just so i dont check n its not even there yet and i make myself go crazee. i will be right here in my study room. my family will not be home but ill call them up one by one and scream in their ear if im accepted..i will go upstairs and sleep if im rejected or deferred. then i will wake up an hour later and actually start doing my other apps. o God pleasee dont reject or defer me
  • insntynonchalaninsntynonchalan Posts: 337Registered User Member
    run out into the hallway ( i go to boarding school ) and scream "I GOT INTO COLUMBIA" until everyone comes out of their rooms and is like shut up you freak...lol

    and then call my mom..

    and then call my bf...

    and then call the planet...
  • DelfireDelfire Posts: 650Registered User Member
    LOL, VERY similar to mine...

    Except my plan involves more pointing-fingers-at-people and saying "Haw-Haw! I got in and you didn't"

    lol, jk
  • rushinrunnerrushinrunner Posts: 79Registered User Junior Member
    I'm gonna be at home and I'll do pretty much the same stuff as you guys^

    But also I'm gonna wear my Columbia sweaters to school everyday for about a month.
  • smithksmithk Posts: 1,282Registered User Senior Member
    I will be in my school computer lab hopefully, and if I get in, I will tell my friends around me, and then u guys on CC!!
  • gl0rygl0ry Posts: 178Registered User Junior Member
    I like this thread...so hopeful (albeit illusional )

    Can't imagine exactly how I'll respond to the contents of the email...

    but one thing is for sure - i'll burst into tears either way.
  • jskim3487jskim3487 Posts: 253Registered User Junior Member
    i'll probably be at my home....if i get in..i'll be completely shocked and burst into tears and thank god thousand times..(i'm not even that devoted..but i'll thank him anyways!) and call my parents and scream with joy..and call my grandma in Korea (even though it will be like 4:00am) and scream with joy..and probably cry, too..and come to this board and post that i got in...and send a thank you e-mail to my interviewer (she was really nice)..and then call all of my friends and buy them dinner..the next day, i'll take a subway to Columbia and buy all the clothes (i visited twice but i didn't have guts to buy their shirts..i didn't want to wear them. what if i don't get in??) and dye my hair blue..on Sunday, i'll go to church and donate all my money and thank god again..i didn't go to church for like 3 months..and i'm ashamed to show up now..but if i get in, i'll go!!
  • rp123rp123 Posts: 155Registered User Junior Member
    I will be at home!! THe bad thing is that my house will be full of relatives for the weekend, so I can't breakdown if I don't get in....haha

    If I GET in, I will break down too!!!! I will go to temple! I will hang up that acceptance letter on my fridge.

    does anyone else get less optimistic as DDAY approaches?
  • anxious1anxious1 Posts: 150Registered User Junior Member
    I will be at a debate tournament. First, I will thank God. Then, I will scream and shout and tell all the people on my team (and even those who were not). I would cry. Then I would call my mom and grandma.
    Lord, please let me (and everyone else on CC) get in....
  • thomaschauthomaschau Posts: 510Registered User Member
    My mom is so confident that she speaks to my dad as if I were already accepted...
    To my dad, she says: "This saturday, you're going to drive Thomas to Columbia and we're going to buy some sweatshirts and mugs..."

    Crazy lady. Overconfidence = bad!!
  • jskim3487jskim3487 Posts: 253Registered User Junior Member
    if i get in, i'll wash the feet of the admission officers...
  • Carrera_GTCarrera_GT Posts: 767Registered User Member
    If I am at home, I will go crazy...

    If I am at school, I will keep my exitement to myself. Its not like my friends who were rejected or deffered need someone juping up and down screaming because he got in.

    Anyways, my plan for that day and the next day (regardless if I get in or not) is as follows:
    Fri: Watch Oceans 12
    Sat: Ring the bell for the Salvation Army, and go to Del Friscos with my family for dinner.
  • misscompetentmisscompetent Posts: 187Registered User Junior Member
    well i have spare last period friday so i won't be at school so i don't have to deal with crazy people. but I will go buy something!! yay! then partyweeekend.
  • silver_wavezsilver_wavez Posts: 2,722Registered User Senior Member
    i'll find out in the wee hours of the saturday morning between 4am and 6am..

    i'll be with some friends.. anticipating the great decision..
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