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Is Cornell the easiest IVY to get into?

junior889junior889 Posts: 70Registered User Junior Member
edited October 2009 in Cornell University
Is it true Cornell is the easiest IVY to get into? Whats the second easiest IVY?
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Replies to: Is Cornell the easiest IVY to get into?

  • bball87bball87 Posts: 2,529- Senior Member
    why is this always asked

    u want an answer

    MAYBE, will tommorow rain (maybe)

    the only thing that isn't a maybe, is ur question, it is an absolute

    it is an absolutely retarded question
  • ACornellAACornellA Posts: 335Registered User Member
    A friend of mine was accepted to Dartmouth but was rejected from Cornell...what does that tell you?
  • vicissitudesvicissitudes Posts: 3,498Registered User Senior Member
    It tells us that different admissions committees look for different things, but in general Cornell is easiest to get into.

    Yes it's because of its large size. And yes it has many programs that are best in the Ivy League including engineering, etc. But it IS the easiest to get into in general. It's okay to say that. It doesn't mar the reputation of the school, unless the audience is misinformed and judges a school based on selectivity only.
  • envelopesenvelopes Posts: 178Registered User Junior Member

    The easiest? A public Ivy. The second easiest? Another public Ivy. So in your case, I would suggest applying/going to a public Ivy. :P

    But seriously. Should you really base where you want to go to college on the premise of a school's... Ivy-ness?

    Yes, I know that all of these Ivies are "among the most prestigious and selective schools in the U.S., they consistently place close to the top of college and university rankings; they rank within the top one percent of the world's academic institutions in terms of financial endowment; they attract top-tier students and faculty..." (Wiki's Ivy League article). But are they easy to get into?! And which is the easiest to get into?! You can NOT put an order on that! Furthermore, adding in those adcom decisions completely throws that off as well. (You may want to take a look at this thread: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?t=174290 , and read an article like this: http://www.scfun.net/sceduc-cl-newsweek.pdf ) So unless you are beyond brilliant (few of us are, mind you), all Ivies are hard to get into.
  • RainingAgainRainingAgain Posts: 699Registered User Member
    If you have to ask, you probably aren't bright enough.
  • sashimi46sashimi46 Posts: 482Registered User Member
    i have a friend who got in yale and princeton but was rejected from cornell
  • soccer0407soccer0407 Posts: 128Registered User Junior Member
    wow, nice list of public ivies. I can think of about 5 that can be considered "public ivies" in my book
  • CeramoCeramo Posts: 69Registered User Junior Member
    Statistically, Cornell is the easiest of the eight Ivies. But people often get rejected from Cornell and accepted to other Ivies. Also, it depends on which school within Cornell you're applying to.
  • pvodenskipvodenski Posts: 139Registered User Junior Member
    it's the hardest ivy to get out of
    what does that tell you about the academics?

    some people value things besides selectivity in determining what an easy ivy is
  • AASSDDFFAASSDDFF Posts: 163Registered User Junior Member
    ROFL! You guys scared him away. . .
  • AJKatesAJKates Posts: 726Registered User Member
    At my HS, I was the only one accepted to cornell out of more than 20. Kids that were flat out rejected include 2 that went to princeton, 1 that went to wharton at Penn, and 1 that went to columbia.
  • MOTOPHOTOMOTOPHOTO Posts: 109Registered User Junior Member
    it is very easy for cornell or darmouth columbia or penn to sort out applicants who will also get in hyp. if you givr such guys admission then they do not come, your yirld sucks. best thing is to either wait list these guys or reject it out right.
    there are no point in becoming safty for these kids. Millburn high in nj( top public school in nj) had data by decile for 200 kids in 2004. they do not have that on website any more. But it was wonderful data;
    Top 10%: brown, pton, Duke columbia michigan penn yale harvard
    top 10-20% col, penn, williams, pton, penn,rutgers(1) mit
    20-30% cornell, cmu, lehigh, georgetown,

    So every school knows where their sweet spot is.
  • macalesterhopefulmacalesterhopeful Posts: 125Registered User Junior Member
    ahh. these people make me so MAD. all the ivies have different personalities, if you will, and different atmospheres. people who pick schools based on their ivy status need to be shot. they're. not. all. the. same.
  • red08cured08cu Posts: 14Registered User New Member
    You can't generalize anything about getting into Cornell. There are several different schools within this university and admissions stats and qualities that admins look for in kids may vary quite a bit from school to school. I know for a fact that at least in certain schools such as human ecology, the admissions staff works very hard to ensure that the students they admit have ideals and goals in line with that of the college and their major. It really depends.
  • rajagsrajags Posts: 2Registered User New Member
    I see that you're allowed to apply to just one college at Cornell. I am assuming that A&S has the max number of seats for admissions. Would anyone know if any one of these are easier/harder to get into relative to each other? Thanks.
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