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Likely Letters

THEbombTHEbomb Posts: 39Registered User Junior Member
edited March 2013 in Dartmouth College
Has anyone received a likely letter yet?
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Replies to: Likely Letters

  • sybbie719sybbie719 Posts: 18,516Super Moderator Senior Member
    They will probably start in february. Don't be shaken if you don't receive a LL as the majority of the admitted class will not receive a likely letter.
  • drgreenheaddrgreenhead Posts: 121Registered User Junior Member
    What is likely letter ?
  • rishav17rishav17 Posts: 1,237Registered User Senior Member
    ^ Likely letters are letters(or emails) which colleges send out to the top 1% of their applicant pool(mostly recruited athletes with stellar stats, Intn'l award winners with stellar stats, etc.). These are sent out in early February, just to get the applicant to be *more* inclined towards that college/university. They usually say something like "We cannot guarantee anything, but you are a highly qualified applicant and come March - you should receive an acceptance from
    University. Hope to see you ....".
  • AboutTheSameAboutTheSame Posts: 1,775Registered User Senior Member
    The phrasing is (or was):

    Dear []: Greetings from Dartmouth.... My purpose in writing is very simple--we have reviewed your application and think you are an outstanding prospect for Dartmouth.... There is no question that when we mail our final decisions at the end of March, you will be offered admission to the college.... [Other details omitted].
  • rishav17rishav17 Posts: 1,237Registered User Senior Member
    ^ Ya that!

    I just tried recollecting it! ~ Had seen it on another post!

    Anyway - fact is 95% of admitted students won't get one!! :p
  • barvoetsbarvoets Posts: 366Registered User Member
    @AboutTheSame, is that the letter you recieved already this year? Or just a sample one...
  • ConsolationConsolation Posts: 18,861Registered User Senior Member
    risha, your math seems to be off. :) If they were reserved for the "top 1%"--whatever that means--that would mean that 99% would not get them.

    It seems likely to me that the order in which apps are read has something to do with it. They send out likelies in a few waves. There have been kids who got likelies here who did not, at least according to the info they gave us, seem more qualified than many others who did not get one. I would assume that they take a look through the special piles first--URMs, for example--and send likelies to the high-statted URMs that all of the top schools are competing to recruit.
  • AboutTheSameAboutTheSame Posts: 1,775Registered User Senior Member

    It's portions of the letter my 13 received in February 2009. Did not read like a form letter, but I doubt the pieces I posted vary much from year to year. It was a very friendly letter that set the tone for a good relationship with the college -- for parents and student. It ended (more less) "So, go relax, read a good book, and enjoy your senior year!"
  • rishav17rishav17 Posts: 1,237Registered User Senior Member
    ^ @consolation -- The two posts were un-related really. I meant to say that ~1% of applicant pool gets likely letters. And that 1% is roughly 5% of the no. of admitted students. So 95% of students who get admitted don't get likely letters!! (Or 99% of the applicant pool doesn't get likely letters)
    These numbers are rough approximated figures really - not indicative of anything. Didn't really take much notice of the math!:p

    And I agree with the "special files" idea. As I said, it is mostly the athletic recruits or URMs or 2400s/800s/4.0s who seem to get likely letters. In that case ~ the colleges probably sort out applications before looking through them. Just speculation though!
  • barvoetsbarvoets Posts: 366Registered User Member
  • THEbombTHEbomb Posts: 39Registered User Junior Member
    In the past two years, likely letters were sent out on respectively, the 30th and 31st of January. I wonder what is going on this year.
  • barvoetsbarvoets Posts: 366Registered User Member
    I doubt they would sent out likely letters to deferred ED candidates right...?
  • THEbombTHEbomb Posts: 39Registered User Junior Member
    Yeah I dont think they send any to deferred ED applicants.
  • shelly318shelly318 Posts: 156Registered User Junior Member
    I feel like this year it might be a bit later, due to the extended deadline from Jan 1 to Jan 15.
  • THEbombTHEbomb Posts: 39Registered User Junior Member
    That is a very likely scenario. We can't do anything but wait. The pain of waiting.
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