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Latest Biomedical Engineering Rankings

AbN610AbN610 Posts: 142Registered User Junior Member
edited December 2011 in Engineering Majors
Does anyone know the latest US News Rankings for Biomedical Engineering programs? I would appreciate it if you can post the top 50 here. I am looking for Rutgers University-New Brunswick in particular. Thanks a lot.
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Replies to: Latest Biomedical Engineering Rankings

  • AbN610AbN610 Posts: 142Registered User Junior Member
  • aswat12389aswat12389 Posts: 296Registered User Junior Member
    Bump Bump!
  • JMAN1211JMAN1211 Posts: 263Registered User Junior Member
    1. Johns Hopkins University (Whiting) (MD) 4.7
    2. University of California–San Diego (Jacobs) 4.6
    3. Georgia Institute of Technology 4.5
    4. University of Washington 4.4
    5. Duke University (NC) 4.2
    University of Pennsylvania 4.2
    7. Boston University 4.1
    8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 4.0
    9. Case Western Reserve University (OH) 3.9
    10. Rice University (Brown) (TX) 3.8
    University of Michigan–Ann Arbor 3.8
    12. Northwestern University (McCormick) (IL) 3.6
    University of Virginia 3.6
    14. University of California–Berkeley † 3.5
    University of Pittsburgh 3.5
    Washington University in St. Louis (Sever) 3.5
    17. Columbia University (Fu Foundation) (NY) 3.4
    18. Stanford University (CA) 3.3
    University of Texas–Austin 3.3
    University of Utah 3.3
    21. University of California–Davis 3.2
    Vanderbilt University (TN) 3.2
    23. Pennsylvania State University–University Park 3.1
    24. Arizona State University (Fulton) 3.0
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY) 3.0
    University of Minnesota–Twin Cities 3.0
    University of Wisconsin–Madison 3.0
    28. Cornell University (NY) 2.9
    University of Southern California (Viterbi) 2.9
    30. California Institute of Technology 2.8
    Carnegie Mellon University (PA) 2.8
    Drexel University (PA) 2.8
    Rutgers State University–New Brunswick (NJ) 2.8
    Tulane University (LA) 2.8
    University of Rochester (NY) 2.8
    36. Purdue University–West Lafayette (IN) 2.7
    SUNY–Stony Brook 2.7
    Texas A&M University–College Station (Look) 2.7
    39. CUNY–City College 2.6
    Marquette University (WI) 2.6
    University of California–Irvine (Samueli) 2.6
    42. Clemson University (SC) 2.5
    University of Alabama–Birmingham 2.5
    University of California–Los Angeles (Samueli) 2.5
    University of Iowa 2.5
    Yale University (CT) 2.5
  • AbN610AbN610 Posts: 142Registered User Junior Member
    Thanks alot, are these the 2006 US News Rankings?
  • im_blueim_blue Posts: 2,142Registered User Senior Member
    These are the 2007 US News graduate rankings.
  • AbN610AbN610 Posts: 142Registered User Junior Member
    Would you happen to know the latest undergraduate rankings for Biomedical Engineering? What is Rutgers rank on the undergraduate rankings?
  • fruitloops89fruitloops89 Posts: 68Registered User Junior Member
    Yea I'm also interested in the ranking of UNDERgrad. BME rankings. Does anyone know?
  • GandhijiGandhiji Posts: 713Registered User Member
    I too would like to know
  • mjk88mjk88 Posts: 22Registered User New Member
    Can somebody please comment on some of the undergraduate programs in bio or biomed engineering at some of these schools. I am particularly interested in Duke, Stanford, UPenn, Cornell, and Wash U. I would also like to know how strong their other engineering areas are in case i hate BME or BioE and want to study EE or ME for example.
  • pippyvanpippyvan Posts: 37Registered User Junior Member
    a lot of universities do not have undergrad BME as a major. Rather, they have BME as a minor or concentration. So keep that in mind if you dont' see your school in the undergrad rankings
  • SlorgSlorg Posts: 2,009Registered User Senior Member
    For undergrad, I think JHU is #1, and UCSD and Duke are #2 and #3.
  • tivesrxtivesrx Posts: 651Registered User Member
    How did you find out 2007 already. It doesnt come out till the 18th
  • superwizardsuperwizard Posts: 1,251Registered User Senior Member
    not the graduate rankings only the undergrad. The grad ones are out already.
  • ScarletPrideScarletPride Posts: 14Registered User New Member
    OVERALL UNDERGRADUATE RANKING - Rutgers from what I've recently heard did not change position on the US News ranking from 2006 to 2007. It remains 60. However, do keep in mind that many of the programs at Rutgers such as Philosophy, History, Political Science, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences etc etc are all ranked very high even in comparison to many "higher ranked" schools. Unfortunately, US News bases 25 perent of their "rankings" on peer review and another percentage on "endowment". Explains part of the reason why some of the top schools never ever change.
  • Natalia2005Natalia2005 Posts: 21Registered User New Member
    Does anyone have access to the online premium rankings? Could someone post the full top 10 list for 2007 biomedical engineering rankings? Thank you very much!
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