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100k for prestige or 15k for state school?

geniusgengeniusgen Posts: 271Registered User Junior Member
I am scared to to get in so much debt for Emory but UGA is not would I would call my dream school. Any advice and wy would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Replies to: 100k for prestige or 15k for state school?

  • caa5042caa5042 Posts: 421. Member
    What exactly is your 'dream school'?
    and what do you want to major in?
  • geniusgengeniusgen Posts: 271Registered User Junior Member
    Emory is my dream. I want to go into business or law.
  • s'vrones'vrone Posts: 951Registered User Member
    Please don't go into so much debt!

    Where you go to business or law school is what counts. It is true that Emory has better placement than UGA, but the people who attend Emory are better students in the first place. If you continue your level of academic achievement, you will still be able to get into a good business or law school.

    You will most probably have to take out further loans to pay for grad school, so it is especially unwise to start out $100k in debt.

    I'm sorry that you have to do this. I had to turn down my dream school like so many others who just couldn't afford it, so I know exactly how it feels.
  • geniusgengeniusgen Posts: 271Registered User Junior Member
    THat is what I thought but it is just so hard to take it in. Oh what I would do to win the lottery! Or better yet, just have filthy rich parents!
  • redsilvercloudsredsilverclouds Posts: 50Registered User Junior Member
    i think we would all love to wake up tomorrow and have enough money in the bank to write a check for wherever we wanted to go. ahhh....... what a lovely thought. But i agree with the others, go to the state school. I'm in the same situation as you (I live in FL, wanted to go to Columbia, got in, but can't afford it). I'm going to the university of Florida. and the way i figure, if i made it this far on my own in a crappy high school, then a slightly lesser public university will be fine. I'll go all out for grad school. :)
  • dsmodsmo Posts: 1,749Registered User Senior Member
    Same here. Michigan over Cornell.
  • geniusgengeniusgen Posts: 271Registered User Junior Member
    glad to know that I am not the only one.
  • futuresurgeon121futuresurgeon121 Posts: 9Registered User New Member
    agreed im in the same exact position and it sucks :-/.
  • laxgirl07laxgirl07 Posts: 192Registered User Junior Member
    may be u can get a job on campus to work off some of ur tuituon?
  • s'vrones'vrone Posts: 951Registered User Member
    You can reasonably only expect to make $5,000 a year working a job on campus, which hardly makes a dent in the $100,000 the OP would be expected to fork over.

    This was posted in other threads. I just wanted to make sure people saw it since most on CC think going to your dream school is worth any sacrifice.

    MaStudent's post:


    I graduated from a private college almost 3 years ago now. This place was my dream school and despite my parents warnings about the costs, I decided to enroll anyways.

    I figured that while the costs were high (35k+), I would graduate with a well known degree from a well known college and that would get me a high paying job. 6 months after graduation I got my first student loan bill and it was scary! While most students attain an average of 20k in loans, I had racked up over 80K in 4 years.

    My FA package was small, college costs were high, and my parents could afford the difference. Today my total costs are well over 130K including interest. I wish I had gone to a cheaper, perhaps not first choice college...this way today my standard of living would be better.

    Right now I struggle between working full-time, going to grad school (for free becuase my employer fronts the bill), and figuring out to afford $500+ a month in loan bills atop of my other basic living bills.
    Remember that having that much finanical burden at 22,23 or 24 years old is too much. You will never be able to get back on your feet.
  • Dad23Dad23 Posts: 37Registered User Junior Member
    Rutgers over NYU
  • s'vrones'vrone Posts: 951Registered User Member
    Vanderbilt over MIT

    Well, Vanderbilt's not a state school, but there are quite a few state Us (Michigan!) that are on par with Vandy.
  • sheflowerssheflowers Posts: 139Registered User Junior Member
    I'm trying to decide between UVa and Rice U. Rice is costing me about $4,000 more since UVa is giving me no aid. I still haven't made a decision yet... =/
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