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Usnwr 2008 Not Top 20??!!

KLee0891KLee0891 Posts: 82- Junior Member
edited September 2007 in Georgetown University
how is georgetown not in the top 20 schools. how is vanderbilt and notre dame ranked higher??? i thought georgetown was good? is georgetown that bad
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Replies to: Usnwr 2008 Not Top 20??!!

  • PKswmr76PKswmr76 Posts: 1,669Registered User Senior Member
    those rankings are garbage...i advise you not to think poorly of a college just because of it's place on the USNWR list.
  • vienna manvienna man Posts: 905Registered User Member

    See the above link and then conclude for yourself whether US News is a serious publication. Georgtown has more members of the US Senate, Supreme Court Justices, sitting US Governors, and Heads of State of the world's largest nations than the top 20 liberal arts colleges in US News combined ---as just one extrapolation you can make from the above link.
  • tlaktantlaktan Posts: 2,273Registered User Senior Member
    Anyone who considers/discounts Georgetown primarily for its USNWR should probably re-evaluate their list of colleges and their reasons for applying.
  • HoyaSaxa11HoyaSaxa11 Posts: 6Registered User New Member
    A huge reason why Georgetown takes a hit in the rankings is because its endowment is less than $1 billion, which is really small for a university. USNWR makes the assumption that if schools, like Harvard and Stanford, have huge endowments, they will be more likely to spend that money on their students when many times those universities just use their endowment money to collect more money off of interest.

    I know it's hard not to look at rankings, but it really is a fruitless effort. All those schools are very good and the difference is pretty negligible. It all comes down to which school you feel you would fit best in.
  • fastfingersfastfingers Posts: 328Registered User Member
    how can you say a school is bad just because they're not top 20. Thats crazy. I guess if you want "good" schools, only schools for you is HYPS.

    and yes, Georgetown takes a hit in ranking because of no money, but do remember that theres lots of ver competitive school in the mix too. Notre dame, vandi are very competitive admissions as with other schools.
  • happycollegemomhappycollegemom Posts: 1,170Registered User Senior Member
    i think it's a shame that a magazine ( and that's really all it is ) has shaped the views of our nation regarding one's choice of college!! the word on USNews is slooowly getting out, but it's too powerful and too wealthy to get knocked down anytime soon. anyone who still thinks a school is good or not, based on USNews rankings had better research the various criteria they use...the 2 largest being endowments and...VOTES FROM FELLOW COLLEGE PRESIDENTS! THE OLD-BOY'S CLUB ROUTINE!
  • BobbyJanBobbyJan Posts: 56Registered User Junior Member
    is not only not in the top 20, but also doesn't have an international prestige as many other schools do. For example, people in China almost never heard about it although it is one of the dream schools for people in the US.
  • knightshieldknightshield Posts: 323Registered User Member
    I think it is rediculous to say that it is not a good school because it is not in the top 20. At the same time, I'm not sure that it's ranking is terribly out of place. Georgetown take a large hit from its endowment (and it is a large gap).

    The question to ask is this: which of the schools rated higher do you think Goergetown beats? The OP mentions ND and Vandy, but I would be interested to know why they should be ranked lower.

    Would it really matter if Georgetown is rated a few spots higher? No. Students choose it for its Poli Sci and IR and its capital location. A few spots may be nice, but is unnecessary.
  • vienna manvienna man Posts: 905Registered User Member
    bobby van-How can a school whose alumni include the former President of the US, the President of the European Commission(supervising all the European community nations),the President of the Philippines, the King of Jordan, the First Lady of the Ukraine, the first head of the Conservative Party of Canada, the President of Bosnia and the Chief Spokesman of the United Nations not be internationally prestigious?
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