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How bad is a WF on the transcript

zxzz74zxzz74 Posts: 234Registered User Junior Member
edited January 2007 in Graduate School

this is chemistry minor biology student and I aspire to pursue higher degree in the united states or uk " am intl student"

due to personal really tough circum. am thinking about dropping my "calculus and analytical geometry II" course not to have a drop in my gpa

my gpa ranges from 3.85-3.89 and am fighting for the 3.9

other aspects on my future application will hopefully be now wow but fairly good

How bad is the effect of this WF on my life considering that dropping this course now will guarntee me an A+ in the other four courses ?

please any advice
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Replies to: How bad is a WF on the transcript

  • zxzz74zxzz74 Posts: 234Registered User Junior Member
    not wow *

    wrote the post in a hurry .. excuse the obvious bad english
  • werd814werd814 Posts: 1,090Registered User Senior Member
    how bad do you think your calc and analytical geom course is? I'd say stay with whatever your actual gpa would be including the calc course because (1) grad schools will see a WF as at most a C and (2) the difference between a 3.9 and a 3.85 is probably not going to make or break an acceptance.

  • dudelovedudelove Posts: 6Registered User New Member
    On that same note,

    If you've failed a couple of classes, is that a deathblow to your chances? What if the course is completely irrelevant to the field of study one intends to pursue?
  • zxzz74zxzz74 Posts: 234Registered User Junior Member
    so are you saying forget about the WF .. ??

    even if having it will guarntee me an A in the future ?
  • WilliamCWilliamC Posts: 785Registered User Member
    Its not the end of the world, provided you re-take and do well. That said, you might want to ask yourself why, as someone planning graduate study in a science, you did poorly in what is a pretty basic math class.

    As Werd says, a .05 difference in GPA won't make the slightest difference in your chances. Much more important to grad school applications will be research, LORs and SOP.

    Check out the posts of molliebatmit for the real, current, truth about whats going on in the hard sciences admissions.
  • apumicapumic Posts: 1,529Registered User Senior Member
    As a general rule, from talking to Admission depts in the past, anything above a C is almost always better than a W or WF -- EVEN if you retake the course!

    Think about it from the view of an admissions selection committee. What would you assume was the student's grade when s/he decided to withdraw midsemester? A D... an F? Yeah... they're thinking the same thing!
  • elizabethelizabeth Posts: 221Registered User Junior Member
    Do NOT get a WF!!!
  • davidng1davidng1 Posts: 161Registered User Junior Member
    Do your best on your course and don't drop it.
  • tenisghstenisghs Posts: 3,955Registered User Senior Member
    Sorry for hijacking someone else's thread.

    Is is better to get a W, avoid a drop in the GPA and retake the course or get a D and retake the course?
  • elizabethelizabeth Posts: 221Registered User Junior Member
    It's better to get a W (not a WF) than a D.
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