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Winter Clothing Funds for Students from Warm Places?

lullinatalklullinatalk Posts: 591Registered User Member
edited January 2011 in Harvard University
Nearly 35,000 Apply to Harvard - NYTimes.com

"My child attended Harvard several years ago. The school’s sensitivity to the financial needs of the family surpassed all expectations... The college provided discounted tickets to campus events and also provided additional funds for winter clothing to those students who lived in warm climates."

I know it says "several years ago," but is this true? That is absolutely awesome. I would like evidence.
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Replies to: Winter Clothing Funds for Students from Warm Places?

  • Idiosyncra3yIdiosyncra3y Posts: 1,004Registered User Member
    Have heard this before.......

    The finaid these (HYP) places offer continues to wow me.
  • HatHat Posts: 708Registered User Member
    It is true. My son recieved $100 to buy winter clothes. Its a one time stipend only, you don't get it every year. Apparently set up by a donor just for this purpose. The FA Office notified my son of the stipend, he did not know about it beforehand. I'm not sure what level of FA you must be receiving to qualify, but its certainly a nice gesture.
  • nine9knivesnine9knives Posts: 155Registered User Junior Member
    Thank God. I come from Florida and never have seen snow let alone ever been in the 20s before. The cold just kills me because I guess we don't have the proper clothes down here when it gets really cold.
  • mistergmisterg Posts: 318Registered User Member
    The grant is $199, actually. It's for some students in warm climates, and some students with substantial but not-complete FA, but mainly for students with sub-$60k incomes. Both myself and a close friend from Colorado – coming from cold climates – received the grant.

    I think I used it to pay for a flight, actually.
  • jgraiderjgraider Posts: 2,845Registered User Senior Member
    I come from Florida and never have seen snow let alone ever been in the 20s before.

    That's sort of amazing
  • DwightEisenhowerDwightEisenhower Posts: 1,704Registered User Senior Member
    Thank God. I come from Florida and never have seen snow let alone ever been in the 20s before.

    The 20s? ha
  • adchangadchang Posts: 398Registered User Member
    I'm from New Orleans. Don't think I've ever seen it lower than the teens, and it's only snowed twice in 18 years. XP

    Is it really that cold at Harvard? A couple hundred bucks won't buy much in the way of clothing these days...
  • xrCalico23xrCalico23 Posts: 4,673Registered User Senior Member
    ^Erh, the money is for buying a winter coat, not for furnishing your entire wardrobe... And if the concept of being able to buy a coat for "a couple of hundred bucks" is foreign to you, I don't think you'll qualify for the fund in the first place :o.
  • adchangadchang Posts: 398Registered User Member
    Well, I'm from New Orleans. I haven't bought clothing (especially cold weather) in a looong time, as I get by with a variety of jeans, athletic pants/ shorts and club t shirts. 10 bucks a shirt, no more than 20 for a sweatshirt. I hear that brand-names are quite a bit more expensive, haha.

    I thought cold weather gear was a bit pricey? Yeah, I'm not big on shopping. Forgive my ignorance of market trends. XP
  • nine9knivesnine9knives Posts: 155Registered User Junior Member
    ^^^^ Yeah, I live on a peninsula on the peninsula of Florida. The water keeps us a little cooler in sumer and very warm in winter. I think the coldest I've ever been in is 33 ...Cant' wait for college to see some snow!...Gunna Die, though XD
  • JMMom32JMMom32 Posts: 101Registered User Junior Member
    Two of my daughter's roommates were given money for winter coats this year. They told her the fund was set up by a former Harvard student from a southern state who always felt so cold in the North. Both girls were from warm parts of the country and one had not seen snow before. I believe both girls are on significant FA. It's such a unique idea.
  • lullinatalklullinatalk Posts: 591Registered User Member
    Hahahahahaha that is so great!
  • redbug119redbug119 Posts: 872Registered User Member
    We are from Florida too and D is in school in Minnesota. We sent her with 2 coats, one that had 3 layers that can be added and subtracted as needed. She has one pair of boots and some sweaters. She had only seen snow twice before (once while driving thru upper Wisconsin in April) and once in Missouri in December. She loves it up there and has not complained about the weather once!
  • adchangadchang Posts: 398Registered User Member
    To put in perspective how much of a wimp I am, I'm cold right now. It's around 8 PM, probably around 60 degrees. XP
  • nemomnemom Posts: 1,607Registered User Senior Member
    Yes, it really does get that cold up here. We are having a unusually bad winter - about 50 inches of snow, and a couple of sub-zero days. If you are from the sunnier zones, get some winter gear. You can just wait until you are up here - we do have stores, after all.
    I would suggest: a good jacket/coat with a hood, mittens or gloves, scarf, hat, couple of wool sweaters and boots. Be sure the boots are waterproof - Harvard will clear the paths quickly, but there is always slush to contend with.
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