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Harvard Waitlist Stats?

kimisizerkimisizer Posts: 222Registered User Junior Member
edited May 2012 in Harvard University
I know Harvard does not publish its waitlist data but does anyone have a valid approximation of the percentage that get accepted off of it? Or anyone who has gotten off it?

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Replies to: Harvard Waitlist Stats?

  • gibbygibby Posts: 8,900Registered User Senior Member
    The Crimson's guess is that Harvard waitlists about as many students as Yale and Princeton. See: Decisions on Hold: Examining the Waitlist | News | The Harvard Crimson
  • HannaHanna Posts: 13,166Registered User Senior Member
    It varies a great deal from year to year, so even if statistics existed, they would tell you almost nothing about what Harvard will do this year.
  • Ana1Ana1 Posts: 416Registered User Member
    We have the same question every other day.http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/harvard-university/1325512-predict-harvard-waitlist.html

    If people used the search option, they will find the statistical analysis that other posters have done and the discussions surround the probabilities.
  • etondadetondad Posts: 1,120Registered User Senior Member
    I had a WL'er PM me about what to do and in his email he stated that-- his counsellor had gotten a call from an Ad Com officer this week. The Ad Com officer supposedly--supposedly--told his counselor that they expected to go fairly deep into WL bc they were so conservative in their initial acceptances-- she said more than 100-- BUT--BUT--I have no idea of the truth of this either in what was told the WL'er or if the WL'er was reporting things truthfully to me.
    FWIW--In a bit more than a week, all will be known as to yield anyway...
  • Ana1Ana1 Posts: 416Registered User Member
    Would Ad Com officers dealing with WL last week or Visitas? They were so busy that they had started dealing with non-urgent emails only late afternoon on Monday. So take it with a grain of salt.
  • etondadetondad Posts: 1,120Registered User Senior Member
    They are doing both.

    They may not respond to emails coming in until now, but they are starting to think about who they want. Also the Office starts getting some sense from prior years' data during April where their yield may fall--at UChi they have already taken people off the WL and it isn't even notification day--not many, but some...

    At Harvard, they do start reaching out to those with whom they have interest before May 1--I know because my son had such a call when he was on the WL and he was --no surprise-- taken in the first tranche in May.

    Again-- I have no idea about what was told me by this Pm'er but it could be plausible.
  • Ana1Ana1 Posts: 416Registered User Member
    UChicago starts taking people off the WL in mid April every year. With an ~40% yield, it has to move aggressively. This year Harvard has the new wrinkle of the EA.
  • kimisizerkimisizer Posts: 222Registered User Junior Member
    Does anyone know the email we send our updates to?

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  • texaspgtexaspg Posts: 16,003Super Moderator Senior Member
    You may submit materials by email to fileroom@fas.harvard.edu, by fax to 617-496-3229, or by post to the address listed below.

    If you choose to submit by email, please note that we do not open attachments. All information must appear in the body of the email, and your subject line should read: Additions to Application.


    Records Room Staff
    Harvard College Admissions
    86 Brattle Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138
  • SPCH54SPCH54 Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    As of now, there are 1,494 members in the Facebook group of "Harvard University Class of 2016".
  • Ana1Ana1 Posts: 416Registered User Member
    Just do not dream that this translates to 167 slots out of the WL!
  • Cubsfan15Cubsfan15 Posts: 137Registered User Junior Member
    And just because there are 1,494 members does not mean that 1,494 slot have been taken. I know people who were undecided who joined mutliple groups.
  • Ana1Ana1 Posts: 416Registered User Member
    You know that they are going to go now and google every single person in that 1494 list, even befriend them and ask! I had thought about it but did not want to mention.
  • detoididetoidi Posts: 193Registered User Junior Member
    Not all of them decided to go. I know some people in there but opt somewhere else
  • texaspgtexaspg Posts: 16,003Super Moderator Senior Member
    People join several groups to friend other possible students. You may find the same person in multiple college 2016 groups.
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