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Astro662Astro662 Posts: 24Registered User New Member
edited October 2010 in Harvard University
WHICH IS BETTER................. Academics? Sports? Location? Social scene? Rep?
Forget the rankings, among students only....I would go to one of the UC's such as Berkeley, Ucla or UCSD....but i'ma west coast student so i'm wondering if any east coast students would think the UC system could compare to the Ivy's or will its academics have a rep comparable to the Ivy's in 10 years.
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Replies to: UC vs IVY LEAGUE

  • barfdog17barfdog17 Posts: 249Registered User Junior Member
    Ivy > UC. I live in Fremont, CA and I'm saying this. Academics: It all depends on what you're looking for, UC's tend to have a broad spectrum of things as do Ivies but at Berkley the average freshman class is a 500 person lecture. My math teacher told me his linear algebra class had 900 people in it.

    Sports: Unless you look at The Game or the Harvard-Cornell hockey rivalry there are only a few other sports focuses whereas the UC's are pretty into it with the PAC10 and all.
    Location: I personally love California, but I also love Boston and most of New England. All college towns are different, all college towns are the same. Dinner...Ill postmore later
  • hereiamhereiam Posts: 259Registered User Junior Member

    ucs cant even come close to the ivys.
  • californiakidcaliforniakid Posts: 328- Member
    I've lived in the Bay Area my whole life...My high school is practically a feeder school to UCB. Go there if you want a cheap instate tuition with a good overall education. But it's public--the classes at each UC are exactly the same...there's no difference between Organic Chemistry at UCSD versus at UCB. And the class size is ridiculous. 6,000? I would feel lost. Oh and the bureaucracy is supposed to be horrible.

    But who can really say. Some of my friends are picking UCB over schools like Penn, Cornell, Columbia, Georgetown, and Princeton. Mostly because of Berkeley's strong engineering program.
  • candlizecandlize Posts: 713Registered User Member
    I dunno...
    I know a few people who picked UCs over schools like Swarthmore, Cornell, but that's because the UCs are such a bargain for in-state students. The main drawback I see with UCs are their ridiculous size... I have a friend who did not go to Berkeley after he sat in on a calculus class that had over 500 students.

    I also prefer private universities tenfold over public universities for some of the reasons californiakid stated.

    I personally also prefer the atmosphere of the east coast, but I'm biased... I picked Harvard.
  • sakkysakky Posts: 14,759- Senior Member
    I think that Berkeley compares well with some of the "lower" Ivies such as Cornell. If I was an in-state student, and I wasn't getting any substantial financial aid from any of my choices, I would probably pick Berkeley over a lower Ivy, primariliy for the cost.
  • hjacjswohjacjswo Posts: 81Registered User Junior Member
    wattt r ukidding
    i think none of the public schools are as good as any ivy in terms of overall general education.
  • sakkysakky Posts: 14,759- Senior Member
    That may be so, but the fact is, the UC's are dirt cheap for state residents. That's a pretty big deal for a lot of people.
  • DRabDRab Posts: 6,104Registered User Senior Member
    i think none of the public schools are as good as any ivy in terms of overall general education.

    I've heard some Harvad students complain about the common core. Brown lacks any structured curriculum. What are you saying, exactly? What is within the "overall general" education?
  • yale08yale08 Posts: 70- Junior Member
    The instate cost is a great selling point for the UC's, and the education is fairly good as far as public schools go (you'll find ridiculously large classes at every public school). However, I don't know what kind of alumni connections the UC's offer...even the "lower" Ivies have an incredibly strong alumni network spread throughout the country. I guess it depends on what you want from your college.
  • DRabDRab Posts: 6,104Registered User Senior Member
    Wait, am I to understand that Harvard lacks any ridiculously large classes?
  • studentforeverstudentforever Posts: 119Registered User Junior Member
    Harvard probably does, but obviously not as much as the UC's. Let's face it: they're public schools...I don't see how you can compare them to the Ivy League Universities. In response to the OP's question, I live on the East Coast, and the UC's really aren't too well known. I guess the instate advantage is a big hook for the west coast kids.
  • DRabDRab Posts: 6,104Registered User Senior Member
    Probably does? Does. As does yale, cornell, you name it. Yes, UCs have it more, but it's ridiculous, annoying, and false when people at places like Harvard and Stanford claim these classes essentially do not exist, and characterize public schools as having almost every class as one of these.

    I think many east coasters know Berkeley, and many UCLA. *shrug*
  • Joker123Joker123 Posts: 176Registered User Junior Member
    Come on now, let's keep the arguments G rated.
  • Astro662Astro662 Posts: 24Registered User New Member
    Well thanks for the advice, I think i'ma stay in cali just because the Weather, and of course i'm not to big with "hockey rivalries". I would rather see a Stanford vs. Berekely or UCLA vs. USC football game... but if i had to pick an Ivy i would pick Columbia Penn or Princeton. I hear out here in the cali that Stanford is better academically then Harvard, but i guess thats just opinons. I just think the UC's are really "underrated" JUST because they are public.....
  • UCLAriUCLAri Posts: 14,728Super Moderator Senior Member
    *As DO yale, cornell, you name it.

    Sigh, I guess that's what a public education gives a student. Incorrect Grammar101. Class size: 6000.

    ZOMG! One minor grammatical error is totally indicative of someone's intellect! And one student is totally indicative of EVERY student at a university.

    By the way, amiga, you ought to check your stats. Turns out those huge class sizes aren't really that huge.


    But don't let facts get in the way of a good argument.
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