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Average IQ at Harvard?

ivyfanaticivyfanatic Posts: 6Registered User New Member
edited May 2012 in Harvard University
What's the average IQs of Harvard students do you reckon?

I predict around 140-150...... It is my aspiration to go to Harvard or other Ivy league colleges, but I don't think I would have the IQ of around that lol

Does IQ matter do you think?
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Replies to: Average IQ at Harvard?

  • ParaPara Posts: 302Registered User Junior Member
    I figure around 75.032. I reckon they fare better over there than the rest of society.
  • Kirei na Neko KuKirei na Neko Ku Posts: 268Registered User Junior Member
    How can you measure intelligence? IQ is flawed.
  • beprepnbeprepn Posts: 829Registered User Member
    IQ is 15 points a standard deviation and the SATs are 100 points. A 145 is then 3 standard deviations and would correspond in rarity to an 800. Since the SAT is not an IQ test and since the average score at Harvard is less than 800, I would guess that 140 to 150 is quite a bit too high.
  • Gold Heart ThiefGold Heart Thief Posts: 108Registered User Junior Member
    I thought the SAT people denied virtually any correlation with IQ and their test.
  • The Ace is BackThe Ace is Back Posts: 797Registered User Member
    The SAT is a ****ing joke. The essay is the most absurd idea I've ever come across.. no wonder there's no correlation.
  • ultimatemathultimatemath Posts: 255Registered User Junior Member
    There used to be days when SAT had IQ-based questions.

    not any more.
  • HannaHanna Posts: 13,156Registered User Senior Member
    >the SAT people denied virtually any correlation with IQ and their test.

    They can deny this all they want. Ask a research psychologist -- the correlation is still very high. That doesn't tell you anything about the value of either score, of course, but there's a strong correlation.
  • cc77cccc77cc Posts: 84Registered User Junior Member
    I really don't know if there is. I don't think it takes a genious to answer those SAT questions, just motivation and perseverence to prep for the test.

    My sis is a 4th year PhD psychology student at a top program so I'll ask her.
  • HannaHanna Posts: 13,156Registered User Senior Member
    >I don't think it takes a genious to answer those SAT questions

    It doesn't take a genius to answer the questions on an IQ test, either.
  • cc77cccc77cc Posts: 84Registered User Junior Member
    Some are pretty difficult.

    My sis and I have similar IQs. I, however, scored a 2320 on my SAT while she got an 1180. Does this mean I'm any smarter? Nope. It just means I prepared more.
  • tokenadulttokenadult Posts: 17,472Super Moderator Senior Member
    Two quick points:

    IQ scores are not a "measurement" of anything.

    Two mental ability tests that correlate very highly in the order by which they sort test-takers will still, at best, only predict a RANGE of scores on one test for any given score on the other test.

    Some Harvard students surely post high IQ scores, and some post merely above-average IQ scores. We haven't specified which brand name of IQ test we are talking about here, nor has anyone referred to any actual empirical data about IQ tests (so named) themselves, rather than referring to other mental ability tests.

    For much more, see


    Bottom line: the average IQ at Harvard is irrelevant to any concern of any serious applicant.
  • crimsondreamscrimsondreams Posts: 388Registered User Member
    mine is a 159, but that's like, really, like, bad right?
  • AureliusAurelius Posts: 585Registered User Member
    An IQ of any number does not mean anything unless the standard deviation is known.
  • runningncircles1runningncircles1 Posts: 1,856Registered User Senior Member
    I loved the IQ test. It said I was a friggin genius. 167 somehow

    My SAT score, on the otherhand, was 1910. Not really low, but it doesn't correlate with my IQ score. *shrugs*
  • ultimatemathultimatemath Posts: 255Registered User Junior Member
    IQ tests have different scales, and yes, the mean (usually 100) and the standard dev should be known.
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