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Harvard Acceptance Letters

afflatusafflatus Posts: 13Registered User New Member
edited February 2011 in Harvard University
I have learned that a few people have received "likely" letters from Harvard-- indicating essentially that they got in-- already. Does anyone have any more information about this?
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Replies to: Harvard Acceptance Letters

  • zoreo09zoreo09 Posts: 72Registered User Junior Member
  • PoisonousPoisonous Posts: 580Registered User Member
    A few outstanding applicants, usually atheletes, are sent letters indicating their acceptance. This is to court the applicants from going elsewhere. Most students that are accepted do not receive a likely letter, and Harvard rarely sends them out.
  • mommermommer Posts: 16Registered User New Member
    I heard last week that someone got a letter of acceptance by fed ex. I have been trying to figure if it its true or not. They are not an athlete. I thought its April 1 period. Has anyone heard of anyone getting in yet RD?
  • danr74danr74 Posts: 177Registered User Junior Member
    they may have gotten a likely letter...but they couldnt have gotten an official acceptance letter yet. look through the rest of the harvard forums theres tons of threads talking about likely letters
  • kineticfrenetickineticfrenetic Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    afflatus, what were the students' stats?
  • 2013Harvard2013Harvard Posts: 27Registered User New Member
    When they send out likely letters the office of admissions calls the student and informs them that they have received a likely letter. In addition the student receives a letter a few days latter inidicating "...the Admissions Committee has asked me to inform you that we will offer you a formal letter of admissions to the Class of 2013 on March thirt-first."
  • amplifiar842amplifiar842 Posts: 707Registered User Member
    Haha. "Rarely" nothing! My year (last year) they sent out almost 250! To athletes.

    Freakin' athletes....
  • T26E4T26E4 Posts: 21,857Registered User Senior Member
    amp: don't be a hater. Recruited athletes face more deadlines and big pressure from other schools who can make substantial offers (scholarship, preferred housing, etc.) on earlier dates that H just can not match -- other than with a likely letter.
  • amplifiar842amplifiar842 Posts: 707Registered User Member
    I'm just annoyed with the recruiting processes at most schools, anyway. Duke, for instance, will let athletes in as long as they have a 900 or 1000 or something like that on their SATs. Harvard does it, too. A boy from my city who had ONE AP class on his transcript, average SAT scores, a C average, and very few extra curriculars apart from his sport signed with Harvard and is there now for sports only.

    They haven't necessarily earned their places at the school, academically, and it isn't really fair to all the kids who work much harder.

    The purpose of a university is to get a degree. Sports...activities...clubs: they're all secondary.
  • No2EULANo2EULA Posts: 365. Member
    ^ But think of how much they contribute to diversity!

  • carsonnecarsonne Posts: 220Registered User Junior Member
    Isn't diversity a wonderful concept?
  • ObiwankenobiObiwankenobi Posts: 181Registered User Junior Member
    don't hate on athletes. have you ever had to run 10 miles a day for crosscountry? sprint up and down bleachers until your legs feel like jelly and you lungs are about to explode? have you ever tried benching 250 pounds (and this is light), squatting 350 pounds, and running w/ a helmet on when the heat index is at 115 degrees for football? I'm not saying you don't have a point saying we athletes have way lower standards academically. But you have no idea what we have to do to our bodies physically. I have ran until i threw up and my coach forced me to run more. I have had 10 concussions, broke my fingers 5 times, my arms 3 times, and had knee surgery for football. I've been on the track, football, and crosscountry team at my school for 4 years and i've ranked as top 20 in state in track-1600m and crosscountry. Yet, not even a CRAP-ASS school bothered to recruit me. What I'm saying is being a recruited athlete is not even a bit easy.
  • Millerl1teMillerl1te Posts: 725Registered User Member
    so have i. college is for getting an education and a degree though. Not for sports. Sports only bring in money. That's why colleges do all this recruiting. But It kind of bothers me that amazing applicants get denied because their spots get taken by athletes who really shouldn't be there academically. It's not fair. They don't contribute (imo) anything different in terms of diversity because there will already be athletes with great stats, etc. So I dont get it.
  • No2EULANo2EULA Posts: 365. Member
    "I'm not saying you don't have a point saying we athletes have way lower standards academically."

    That's the entire point, brah. We're upset that academic institutions relax admissions for non academic things.
  • ObiwankenobiObiwankenobi Posts: 181Registered User Junior Member
    well, there's no college out there just for athletes. We have to go to the same colleges you do. Plus, if harvard has high academic institutions for athletes, its sports teams would be abysmal. their football/basketball teams already suck. I'm sure there are people out there would goes to college to hole up in their dorm and study, but I'm thinking the true college experience involves school spirit. Plus there are athletes out there who are smart. The person who interviewed me was linebacker for Harvard. He was recruited for athletics, but he also graduated with honors. I'm an athlete and I'm not stupid. I'm saying if you want something to complain about, why not the people who got in because their parents donated a large sum of money. They don't add to diversity or school spirit.
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