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Second Interview?

cicero_oratorecicero_oratore Posts: 611Registered User Member
edited March 2010 in Harvard University
I was contacted for a second harvard interview by an admissions officer... I'm not exactly sure what that means. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I guess it is good to know that I am not out of the running at this point.
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Replies to: Second Interview?

  • mminsamminsa Posts: 44Registered User Junior Member
    From what I remember, its really neither good nor bad. Like you said, the good news is that you're still in the running, which is definitely a good thing at this point. Really, second interviews are for the people they need a little more information about or have a specific question about.
  • R124687R124687 Posts: 1,513Registered User Senior Member
    Gosh, I'd THINK it sounded good.
  • smoda61smoda61 Posts: 2,012Registered User Senior Member
    Here are some threads from this time last year:


    Here is a thread that I started at the time the all the decisions came in:


    Now while I did not re-read any of these threads, what I will add to the last thread is that from our town (one that rarely has Harvard acceptances) both my daughter and her close high school friend had second interviews (though my daughter ended up with 3) with same adcom. Both were accepted. Then a couple of months ago, my daughter started dating a Harvard freshman (turns out he was briefly a CCer but not on the list in the above thread) who had a second interview with this same adcom and was obviously accepted.

    I think that in general is appears that a second interview means that you made it to the fence. They are considering admitting you so you no longer are at a 7% odds but it does not guarantee that you are getting an acceptance.

    Good luck. I hope the above was of some help.
  • fuzzyfirebunnyfuzzyfirebunny Posts: 1,365Registered User Senior Member
    ^ I agree. At least it means that you haven't been rejected yet, and at this late stage in the game, I'm sure a TON of apps are already in the reject pile..
  • cicero_oratorecicero_oratore Posts: 611Registered User Member
    I had the interview. It was much different from any regular interviews that I have had. This was much more to the point and formal. There was no back and forth conversation...just questions. I could tell that the adcom was trying to gather more information about who I am, how I think, and what I would contribute to the campus. I was a little thrown by the questions at first, since they were a bit more abstract and harder to come up with a concrete response for, but I think that I did better as the interview continued. The interviewer didn't seem as interested in talking about my extracurriculars or academics compared to other interviewers. I really hope this went well and that it reflects positively on me, but at least I know that I made it this far. It gave me a bit of confidence to know that I wasn't a reject this late in the game for a school like Harvard, which brought my hopes up a little bit for possible admission with regards to my other college apps.
  • vicariousparentvicariousparent Posts: 5,940Registered User Senior Member
    From a few experiences posted here, Harvard does seem to occasionally call an applicant in for a second, 'interrogation interview'- one that is far more evaluative than a generic alumni interview. My guess is that these might be cases where the committee is split about equally, with one or two undecided adcoms who want more information before deciding which way to vote.
  • smoda61smoda61 Posts: 2,012Registered User Senior Member
    To add to the comments, of the three individuals I personally know who had additional interviews and were admitted (daughter, HS friend & boyfriend - all of whom who had the same second interviewer) only two felt it went well. The third did not feel that the interview was a success. Apparently that was not the case since they currently are a freshman.
  • ksarmandksarmand Posts: 2,743Registered User Senior Member
    I've been contacted for a second interview as well. However, mine will be taking place in mid-March. Are they really just for more information because of a split committee, or are they because your first went terribly? Because I'm more inclined to believe the former (my first interview was horrible).
  • smoda61smoda61 Posts: 2,012Registered User Senior Member
    I think they are used to sort ANYTHING out. That could mean a bad first interview. In the case of the three freshmen I mentioned above, all had great first interviews.
  • ksarmandksarmand Posts: 2,743Registered User Senior Member
    I just noticed that I put "the former" instead of "the latter." Silly me. :3

    And thanks for the response, smoda61.
  • b'smomb'smom Posts: 712Registered User Member
    my son had second interview in Cambridge, was wait listed and then accepted.
  • DwightEisenhowerDwightEisenhower Posts: 1,704Registered User Senior Member
    I had a second interview with the admissions officer who oversaw my region. It wasn't too dissimilar to my first one, in fact I have no idea why I received it.
  • fuzzyfirebunnyfuzzyfirebunny Posts: 1,365Registered User Senior Member
    ^ Haha, and you got in :) guess it must have been good...
  • cicero_oratorecicero_oratore Posts: 611Registered User Member
    Mine was extremely different from the first. It had an entirely different focus. I believe that the general reason for a second interview is because the committee is split. This could mean they are split because certain parts of the app are great and others aren't, or the first interview was inconclusive so they do not know how to decide. I hope mine turned out all right.
  • fuzzyfirebunnyfuzzyfirebunny Posts: 1,365Registered User Senior Member
    ^ Interesting.. do you have any idea if this split is on the final vote? IE, if you do well on the interview, does that decide your ultimate fate one way or the other, or is there another round of deliberations and stuff?
    Either way... they sound good :P
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