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Rate the schedule above you

MinnesotaguyMinnesotaguy Posts: 237- Junior Member
edited January 2014 in High School Life
On a difficulty scale, 1-least impressive 10-most impressive. I've lurked here for a while and I see all these 'is this a good schedule?' threads and figured this would be useful.
I'll start (ignoring non-academic electives):


Honors Chem
Honors English
AP World
Algebra 2
Honors spanish 3
Psychology (pre-req for AP psych)
Have at it! I think it should also be noted that AP world is the only AP available to sophomores, and I also took AP Human last year (which was the only AP available for freshmen).
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Replies to: Rate the schedule above you

  • Golf308Golf308 Posts: 225Registered User Junior Member
    That schedule is perfect if you ask me. It seems rather rigorous. I would give it around an 8 or 9 on the difficulty scale.

    Religion- Christian Person (I go to a catholic school so it is required)
    Sociology (Dual Credit)
    Accounting (DC)
    Comp 102 (DC)

    My school does not offer any AP's for seniors. I also opted not to take calculus because I want to go into Poli Sci and I was told that statistics would be a good class to take.
  • seancarpenterseancarpenter Posts: 605Registered User Member

    AP English Lit
    AP Physics C
    AP Biology
    AP Chemistry
    AP Chinese
    AP French lit
    AP 3-D Art
    Chamber Orchestra
    Linear Algebra
    +self studying AP Stats, AP Latin, and AP World History
  • ryanxingryanxing Posts: 1,330Registered User Senior Member
    ^ That's suspicious since AP French Lit does not exist anymore, but I would give that schedule a 10.

    AP Calculus BC
    AP English Literature
    AP Physics B
    AP Microeconomics (Fall)
    Honors Government (Spring)
    AP Statistics
    French 3
    AP French (self-study)
    AP U.S. Gov & Pol (self-study)
    AP Physics C: Mechanics (self-study)
    AP Physics C: E & M (self-study)
    General Biology (Dual Enrollment - Fall)
    Astronomy (Dual Enrollment - Spring)
    Japanese 1 (Dual Enrollment - Spring)

    In addition to studying for the Science Olympiad.

    Yes, I'm somewhat crazy.
  • DharmaInitiativeDharmaInitiative Posts: 1Registered User New Member

    1. AP English 12
    2. IB European History/Econ/Gov
    3. AP Biology
    4. AP Calculus AB
    5. AP French 4
    6. IB Theory of Knowledge
    7. School newspaper
  • seancarpenterseancarpenter Posts: 605Registered User Member
    You need at least 3 more APs
  • musicallylatinmusicallylatin Posts: 3,814Registered User Senior Member
    lol... I'm a slacker on CC standards. With major senioritis. My second semester schedule thus far looks like:

    AP English
    Foods and Nutrition
    Study Hall
    Late Start (No first period on B days)
    AP Micro Econ
    AP Gov.
    Teacher's Assistant
    and an online creative writing course. lol
  • thenerdyjewthenerdyjew Posts: 423Registered User Member
    Honors Biology
    Honors English 1-2
    Honors Algebra 3-4 (or Honors Algebra 2)
    Spanish 5-6 (or Spanish 3) (no honors offered)
    Digital Media 1 first semester, Health education second semester
  • littledotlittledot Posts: 206Registered User Junior Member
    I would say you're a math/science person!

    AP Psych
    AP Stat
    Honors French II
    Honors Senior English
    TA German II (Honors credit)
    Words Without Borders - Non-western lit
    300-level German class at a local liberal arts school
  • BigKevBigKev Posts: 982Registered User Member
    10. Languages are hard.

    AP Eng. Lit.
    AP Psych
    AP Chem
    Financial Management
    Differential Equations at LAC
  • SaugusSaugus Posts: 3,896Registered User Senior Member


    AP Biology
    AP Environmental Science
    AP English Language and Composition
    AP US History
    AP Macro (Fall) and AP Micro (Spring)
    Honors Pre-Calc
  • JacobtessJacobtess Posts: 191- Junior Member

    Hey there. Sophomore here :) I go to a Jewish/liberal arts/science school. It's relatively competitive, and gets handfuls into Penn, Columbia and a few into HYP.

    Honors Talmud/Jewish Logic
    Honors Jewish Law
    SAT II Modern Hebrew course
    Honors Biblical Studies
    Honors Spanish 2
    Honors English Lang. & Lit.
    Accelerated Geometry
    Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry
    AP World History
    Honors Chemistry w/ AP enrichment
    Honors Global History &Human Geo.
    Intro to Geometry on AoPS

    I work about 3-5 hours each night depending on swim practice and other EC's.
  • confettiflagsconfettiflags Posts: 86Registered User Junior Member
    8 or 9. That's a LOT of classes you're taking - how many periods a day do you have?

    Junior, public school in the South.

    AP Calculus BC
    AP Chemistry
    AP U.S. History
    AP English Comp
    French IV Honors
    Physics Honors
  • conscience444conscience444 Posts: 97Registered User Junior Member
    Definitely more rigorous than my junior year
    Senior accepted to UChicago
    AP French
    AP Calc AB
    AP Euro
    Honors English
    Honors Physics
    Honors Orchestra
    That's it, I have a mandatory full year gym block
  • JacobtessJacobtess Posts: 191- Junior Member
    I agree, but surprisingly it diminished as you progress in HS. About 13, I think, not sure. Yours seems way rigorous though.
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