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What motivates you to try in school?

BazzleBazzle Posts: 106Registered User Junior Member
edited March 2011 in High School Life
Really.... why do you try (if you do, of course)?

I'm only a junior, but ever since last year, I've found that I really just don't care. I mean, getting into the college that I want to is still there as somewhat of a motivation, but it's the only thing that's keeping me afloat.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy learning, but not the things that we learn in school. I'd rather be researching other things that, while still educational, pertain more to what I want to do in life.
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Replies to: What motivates you to try in school?

  • ilikeUWilikeUW Posts: 1,127Registered User Member
    I'm a senior and have already been accepted to a few places... Only thing that motivates me is my goal to not do badly in any classes. And because my parents are still on my ass about grades even though it's second semester of senior year.
  • Jman13325Jman13325 Posts: 148Registered User Junior Member
    the only thing that motivates me is potentially going to nyu. that is the only light in the tunnel. if i were to find out today that i would not even qualify as an applicant i would not be in school tommorow.

    i have no other inspirations, or aspirations other then nyu
  • BazzleBazzle Posts: 106Registered User Junior Member
    Wow, I seriously didn't see the other thread on this. I guess if a mod comes around, delete this?
  • cjgonecjgone Posts: 1,520- Senior Member
    I became motivated because I hate seeing other people do better than me; find someone whose doing well but is a prick, then kick their ass on every test just to prove you are better than them. Every assignment is mocking your intellect, so you need to put them in their place. Everyone and everything is competition.
  • MarinebioSaxMarinebioSax Posts: 2,854- Member
    I agree with Jman.
    The only thing that motivates me is potentially going to USC/other schools in California.
  • noimaginationnoimagination Posts: 7,054Registered User Senior Member
    I would prefer to avoid C's because I don't want to get rescinded.

    EDIT: Also, I want an A in AP Physics because I like that class.

    However, I don't try. I may need to start in order to hold B's in AP Lit and AP French.
  • futureboarderfutureboarder Posts: 162Registered User Junior Member
    I'm not in high school yet, but what really motivates me is the chance of opportunities ahead (i.e. boarding school). My parents have told me that if I do not get the grades, then I will not go because of the cost, therefore I make sure that I work hard. Really, for me, I find it is a bit about competition and making sure that I am always in the top 1/3 of the class. But, now and then, I try to live in the present and really learn. It is a habit of determination that I have, but when I am not determined enough, I have learned that procrastinating is only my way of digging a deeper grave.
    Life lesson: NEVER PROCRASTINATE!!!

    In the end, what motivates me completely is a real passion for the material. Sorry if that is not helpful!
  • jasonleb1jasonleb1 Posts: 721Registered User Member
    I want to go to Brown. And be a doctor.
  • SaugusSaugus Posts: 3,896Registered User Senior Member
    I've stopped trying.
  • WarpedSethWarpedSeth Posts: 49Registered User Junior Member
    I think it's just a drive for success. Ever since I've been a kid, not going to college wasn't an option. I can't let my parents down. But they've never pushed me. Just instilled it in me.
  • timeb0mbtimeb0mb Posts: 117Registered User Junior Member
    Honest answer, my parents.

    I hate it when they're disappointed in me for getting a bad grade. I've always been an A/B student and when I got a C one time(which is fine for some people, but I don't like it too much) they were really disappointed. And I hate disappointing them, especially when I know I could have done better.
  • bookworm522bookworm522 Posts: 472Registered User Member
    The self satisfaction of getting good grades. I get no rewards whatsoever for good grades, I just feel good about having them. And, of course, yea getting into college.
  • BillyMcBillyMc Posts: 7,753. Senior Member
    I choose my classes, I should do well in the classes I want to take. It helps when I want to learn the material (most classes).
  • rrcjmcandlessrrcjmcandless Posts: 490Registered User Member
    I just don't wanna go to our state school, where practically 50% of my high school goes after they graduate. Plus, I don't want to disappoint my parents. And yes, I wanna learn, but the desire to learn doesn't motivate me to stay up until 2 a.m. doing homework or studying for a test. I mean yes, it motivates me to read the lesson and listen in class and sometimes do the homework, but honestly, not more than that.
  • lollobrigidalollobrigida Posts: 55Registered User Junior Member
    I want my first love to regret dumping me.
    So far, so good. :p

    But more seriously, I just want a lot of experiences and opportunities I won't have if I stay where I am. Doing well will get me out of this useless town.
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