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Algebra 1 - Shameful in the 9th grade?

PreppyDude123PreppyDude123 Posts: 327Registered User Member
edited May 2013 in High School Life
So I was doing Geometry but my teacher was really mean and didn't teach well, I had a few bad tests too, so now she thinks I should move to Algebra 1. She went and complained to my counsellor and now I'm in Algebra 1. Is it bad to do Algebra 1 in the ninth grade? Does it look bad to colleges?

Also, is it possible to do an online Geometry course and go to Algebra 2 next year, like it was originally planned for me before?
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Replies to: Algebra 1 - Shameful in the 9th grade?

  • TheEllister2007TheEllister2007 Posts: 109Registered User Junior Member
    I actually took Algebra 1 my freshman year. I had taken it in eighth grade, but didn't feel comfortable with the material. The semester after, I went to the Honors sequence. I'm a senior now in AP Calc. It only looks bad if you stay in the lower-level math sequence. Can you double-up next year or something?
  • PreppyDude123PreppyDude123 Posts: 327Registered User Member
    Yeah, my counsellor's making me double up in Geometry and Algebra 2 next year, but I was thinking it'd be smarter if I did Geometry online next semester along with Algebra 1 at school, so I can do Algebra 2 next year. Doubling up next year could work too, but that's too much of a workload.
  • PreppyDude123PreppyDude123 Posts: 327Registered User Member
    bump bump bump
  • machinimamachinima Posts: 117Registered User Junior Member
    Florida virtual school. Just go there to take a geometry class. And trust me, I understand your pain of a bad teacher, especially a geometry teacher.... **** couldn't bump my 88% to a 90% since I was sick in school and couldn't give him my parent signatures (he required us to do parent signatures since he didn't believe that we could study with out parent supervision...)
  • TheASPTheASP Posts: 349User Awaiting Email Confirmation Member
    Um, OUCH. I took Algebra 1 my freshman year and there's nothing wrong with me, believe it or not. It IS a freshman class. It's totally fine.
  • CSIHSISCSIHSIS Posts: 3,413Registered User Senior Member
    From what I remember Geometry really had nothing to do with Algebra 2 so taking them at the same time is okay.
  • DancingKDancingK Posts: 263Registered User Junior Member
    There's a bit of correlation between the two classes when you're solving for dimensions of shapes in algebra 2. I know I frequently use terms and formulas I learned in geometry in algebra 2. I guess it would be possible to take both at the same time, but I'd recommend doing geometry over the summer instead so you can catch up that way.
  • TigerbTigerb Posts: 317Registered User Junior Member
    In our school you took Algebra I before you took Geometry. I took it in the 9th grade as well.
  • honestysuxhonestysux Posts: 36Registered User New Member
    Does it look bad to colleges?

    Well yeah, what kind of idiot takes Algebra I in the 9th grade? What the hell do you study in middle school, if you're not doing algebra?

    Where I went to high school, the lowest-tier students took geometry...but even there you have to wonder what they were doing before eighth grade. Middle school really is an "intellectual wasteland."
  • smwhtslghtlydzedsmwhtslghtlydzed Posts: 1,556Registered User Senior Member
    I can't tell if the above user is being serious, but in any case just ignore that. At some schools most 9th graders do take geo, but at many schools algebra 1 is the norm. It would probably look better to be a year ahead, but they're hardly going to hold it against you for being in the normal sequence, especially if you're in honors courses in other subjects.
  • UFOninjaUFOninja Posts: 273Registered User Junior Member
    It's no big deal, the majority of people take Algebra I in 9th grade. Seriously, it's totally normal. When I entered high school, I went straight into Algebra II. I was the only freshman in the class, and I believe there were maybe 2-3 sophomores. The majority of people were juniors, meaning they would have taken Algebra I as a freshman and geometry as a sophomore. So yeah, it's pretty normal; I wouldn't stress about it if I were you :)

    P.S. Before you go cramming during the summer, please remember that you will end up completing much higher math during high school if you go into Algebra II next year. This can be a good or bad thing depending on your situation; if you plan on doing something with math (like engineering) I'm sure that AP Calc. will really pay off. If you totally suck at math (especially word problems) and you have no choice but to take calc. your senior year, it might be best to stick with Geometry next year.
  • PreppyDude123PreppyDude123 Posts: 327Registered User Member
    @UFOninja, I was gonna start doing Geometry online next semester along with Algebra 1 at school. It's a 32 week course so I should be done by the start of summer in June. I can slow it down or speed it up, I can work at my own pace. I do not intend on doing anything with math, but I don't suck at it. I'm just more of a social-science/humanities type of person.
  • honestysuxhonestysux Posts: 36Registered User New Member
    Average people take Algebra I in 9th grade. Good schools don't take average people.

    Just kidding. Or am I?
  • rucar12rucar12 Posts: 25Registered User New Member
    yes dude just drop out and get your GED, or go to online school

    are you serious? I took algebra 1 in 9th grade, still didnt stop harvard/mit from sending me letters or me getting a 2390 on the SAT.
  • typeakidtypeakid Posts: 440Registered User Member
    About doubling up, I think you will be fine as I was fine taking ALG 2 before geometry and others on the site are vice versa. You'll be fine, don't worry!

    If it is to be, it is up to me.....
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