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Is NSHSS real?

searcher77searcher77 Posts: 13Registered User New Member
edited July 2012 in High School Life
I got this letter in the mail today from the National Society of High School Scholars... I've never heard of this organization, is it a real thing? I know it's not the same as National Honors Society, and they are also asking $60 to sign up. I don't want to pay money if it is just a scam. Has anyone entered this and had good experiences or it helped them to get into college?
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Replies to: Is NSHSS real?

  • 1Rachel941Rachel94 Posts: 2,116Registered User Senior Member
    No. My brother is a high school drop-out and got that letter. There have been several posts like this in the last couple of day.
  • Devonte32896Devonte32896 Posts: 311Registered User Member
  • NobodyButHectorNobodyButHector Posts: 63Registered User Junior Member
    I got the same letter, and was wondering the same thing...
  • NSHSS01NSHSS01 Posts: 15. New Member
    Actually, NSHSS is a private membership organization which honors outstanding high school students who excel academically. By becoming a member of NSHSS, students gain opportunities to connect with colleges and universities through member events and college fairs, to apply for exclusive scholarships, to take advantage of partner discounts and to get involved in educational programs and build their r
  • kathryn6422kathryn6422 Posts: 472Registered User Junior Member
    No offense but when your username is 'NSHSS01', obviously you aren't going to say anything possibly negative about it, so your information loses credibility.
  • NSHSS01NSHSS01 Posts: 15. New Member
    NSHSS01 is an approved username for use by NSHSS. We truly believe in our organization and its mission, which is to to recognize academic excellence and to encourage members to apply their unique talents, vision, and potential for the betterment of themselves and the world. By posting, we hope to provide verifiable information about our organization to further reasonable discussion.
  • JHUorDUKEJHUorDUKE Posts: 183- New Member
  • alwaysleahalwaysleah Posts: 2,737Registered User Senior Member
    NSHSS is real, but it is a complete waste of money.

    Search google and CC and you will find multiple threads with people debunking rumors that NSHSS has any use. It doesn't. Don't waste your 60 bucks, and don't put it on your college app.
  • NSHSS01NSHSS01 Posts: 15. New Member
    NSHSS is affiliated with counselor associations, scholarship programs, higher education institutions and international school associations. Our partners include the National Society for the Gifted and Talented, and the National Association for College Admissions Counseling. Also, certain universities collaborate with NSHSS; these include Purdue University, Spelman College, and Virginia State University. These institutions of higher learning, as well as universities that exhibit at our college fairs, recognize the quality and excellence of NSHSS members.
  • IvygolferIvygolfer Posts: 528Registered User Member
    It is a scam. Throw away your letter and advise other to do so as well.
  • JHUorDUKEJHUorDUKE Posts: 183- New Member
    Its a way for colleges to see if you are a tryhard. Putting it on your college app is an automatic rejection.
  • DrBillDrBill Posts: 0Registered User New Member
    I'm asking the same question about validity because my daughter just finished sophomore yr. w/ a 3.98 g.p.a. so more review is necessary.
  • bjkmombjkmom Posts: 2,808Registered User Senior Member
    edited June 2015
    It is NOT affiliated with the National Honor Society.

    The NHS coordinator at your school did NOT nominate names. (I'm NHS moderator.)

    The Guidance counselor at your school did NOT nominate names.

    Your child's Math/ English/ History/ Spanish/whatever teacher did NOT nominate names.

    Is it "valid"?? Sure. It exists.

    But I strongly advise the kids at my school to ignore any communications concerning honor societies that do not come from our school, on our letterhead, with the signature of a member of the faculty/administration.

    Those college fairs, those scholarships, that access to colleges-- all are yours through google. There's no need to pay a $60 fee to access any of them.

    We will determine NHS membership in the fall. It will not cost anything to join. It's based on grades, on activity involvement, on character.
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