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The Early Action/Decision Waiting Thread

CSIHSISCSIHSIS Posts: 3,413Registered User Senior Member
edited November 2012 in High School Life
Sent in my Georgetown application today...

Now what?
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Replies to: The Early Action/Decision Waiting Thread

  • iluvbooks94iluvbooks94 Posts: 1,009Registered User Senior Member
    Wait a torturous month or so. :(
  • RhebarRhebar Posts: 167Registered User Junior Member
    Avoid senioritis at all costs.
  • Niquii77Niquii77 Posts: 9,999Registered User Senior Member
    Avoid it? I've had it since the second month of school.
    #noshame #senioritisKILLS #nottwitter
  • CSIHSISCSIHSIS Posts: 3,413Registered User Senior Member
    I can't tell if I have it or not... I may be exhibiting some symptoms, namely that for AP Bio, which I detest, I simply don't CARE about trying too hard, and I do a lot of my homework in school the day it's due.

    But I mean like I still have all 90s so whatever.

    If I magically get in EA, with my 100.47 average from fresh-junior and then I send in my mid year report and I have mid-high 80s in some classes and low-mid-high 90s in the rest, need I worry? The thought of having an offer "rescinded" is CRAY SCARY.

    Georgetown - I just noticed that they updated the student profile for last year and the acceptance rate was way down and I felt like throwing up, and my ACT (32) is in the lower half of their range, so naturally I plan to get REJECTED. Even though everyone EA gets deferred, I feel like it'll be so bad they make an exception. But when I finished my essay about the international event, I felt this lump in my heart and was like, "Wow, I can do this."

    It will only make the deferral and eventual rejection sting more </3
  • 1Rachel941Rachel94 Posts: 2,116Registered User Senior Member
    Now we wait. I'll know about every school before Christmas. I submitted my Brandeis ED app today. I still have to do the supplement, send in transcripts and test scores, and get everything else (secondary school report, and rec) by next Thursday.

    I have a question though. Does everything have to be postmarked by the deadline, or do they have to physically receive the information by the deadline?
  • 1Rachel941Rachel94 Posts: 2,116Registered User Senior Member
    CSIHSIS, don't feel bad. I'm not even in the range for Brandeis, haha. I'm not planning on an acceptance. If I get in it'll just be a very pleasant surprise.
  • CSIHSISCSIHSIS Posts: 3,413Registered User Senior Member
    I'm pretty sure it's the postmark deadline.
  • FastNeutrinoFastNeutrino Posts: 831Registered User Member
    Meh, I'm more worried about teacher recommendations and transcripts getting to schools on time. MIT hasn't processed any of them yet, but the stuff was sent a week or so ago, so I'll try not to have heart failure.
  • CSIHSISCSIHSIS Posts: 3,413Registered User Senior Member
    Georgetown, as far as I know, doesn't actually confirm that it gets anything. My entire package (recs, transcript, etc) was mailed like 3 weeks ago.
  • foxtailsfoxtails Posts: 195Registered User Junior Member
    Waiting is the worst! But at least we will know whether we got in (and whether we need to start doing all our other college apps) in less than 1.5 months :)
  • pinklemonadeNEpinklemonadeNE Posts: 56Registered User Junior Member
    What kind of sucks is that you have to do most of your other apps ANYWAYS. I hear back from my schools around the 15th, and my next round of apps (about 10) are due January 1st. 15 days sadly isn't enough for 10 quality applications, so I'll be doing them regardless.
  • iluvbooks94iluvbooks94 Posts: 1,009Registered User Senior Member
    I called my EA school and they said they're a week to 10 days behind processing applications.
  • Cheer007Cheer007 Posts: 301Registered User Junior Member
    Waiting on my SCEA school. Impatiently, I might add though. It kills.
  • harborcealharborceal Posts: 379Registered User Member
    Hey everyone! Waiting on Stanford SCEA :) I'll be doing all of my apps anyway... sigh... but I've only got like 8 left?? and lots of room for crossover essays. I've liked this process so far. I worked REALLY hard on my SCEA app, though, so it feels like my pace has kind of died down. However, school/my ECs have REALLY picked up. I guess it balances out.
  • emberjedemberjed Posts: 1,367Registered User Senior Member
    I've applied to three schools, all under Early Action.

    Does anyone actually get a decision significantly before the date when the college says it will give a decision?
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