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Quarter grades

goodnoodlegoodnoodle Posts: 1,532Registered User Senior Member
edited November 2012 in High School Life
So most people's quarters have ended. What were your grades
Chemistry honors B+ 87.7
English Hon II A 92.4
Ap Euro A+ 97.7
USB A+ 97
Precalc Hon B 85.7
Spanish II A 93
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Replies to: Quarter grades

  • myoliewufan1995myoliewufan1995 Posts: 209Registered User Junior Member
    Algebra II: A
    Tutor Lab: A
    AP Lang: B-
    Honors Chem: A
    AP Bio: A
    US History: A
    Mandarin 2: A
  • superstarlalasuperstarlala Posts: 1,586Registered User Senior Member
    Precal Hon- 89.6 A
    AP Chem - 89.5 A (pushed up)
    IB History - 77.4 C :'(
    IB English - 81.7 B
    IB French - 88.6 B
    IB Film - 82.3 B
  • kypdurronkypdurron Posts: 2,234Registered User Senior Member
    Algebra 2: A
    Geometry: A
    Chemistry: A
    AP Gov: A
    AP Lit: A-
    Theology: A
    Honors History:A
    Spanish II: A-
  • KingAuroraKingAurora Posts: 71Registered User Junior Member
    AP Physics C - 99%
    AP Chemistry - 98%
    AP Chinese - 101%
    AP Latin Virgil - 97%
    AP Biology - 102% (joke class)
    AP Government & Politics- 97%
    AP Macro/Macro - 99%

    After school:
    Multivariable Calculus at local college - 95% (slacking, I know)
    Linear Algebra - 98%
  • kypdurronkypdurron Posts: 2,234Registered User Senior Member
    ^Please tell me your eaither a Senior or a ****, cause if not i am banging my head against a brick wall
  • 1Rachel941Rachel94 Posts: 2,116Registered User Senior Member
    AP Bio is a joke class? How do you have straight As with a schedule like that? I don't even know how that's real.

    So mine are
    AP Lit: B
    Econ Honors: B
    College Sociology: B
    College Health: A
    Anatomy Hon: A
    Calc Hon: A
  • goodnoodlegoodnoodle Posts: 1,532Registered User Senior Member
    I'm almost completely sure he's a ****.

    I need to get my Bs up to As before the semester thou
  • FantasyVesperiaFantasyVesperia Posts: 2,618Registered User Senior Member
    AP Biology - 86%
    AP Chemistry - 85%
    American Studies II - 93%
    Latin I - 96%
  • SwinterSwinter Posts: 1,062Registered User Senior Member
    H Algebra 2 - 97.47
    H Biology - 94.18
    H English 9 - 98.84
    H World History - 100.2
    French 1 - 99.24
    TV Production - 97.12
  • Sophia7XSophia7X Posts: 338Registered User Member
    Foods - 100 (lol because who can really get less than an 100 unless you're the type of person who burns toast)
    Bio AP - 97.5
    World History AP - 91.46
    Calc BC - 93.65
    Physics I - 102.67
    AP English - 97

    also, wth, is it even possible to take 3 science ap's concurrently?
  • RhebarRhebar Posts: 167Registered User Junior Member
    AP Bio - 93.1 A
    AP Stats - 98 A
    AP Calc - 91.4 B (Really hope I can pull this up before semester ends...)
    AP Chem - 100 A
    AP Gov - 94.8 A
    AP Lit - 92.5 A (Will probably drop down to a B)
    H Humanities - 98 A
  • myoliewufan1995myoliewufan1995 Posts: 209Registered User Junior Member
    Just curious to know, at what time do you people go to bed? If your bedtime is before 12, how do all of you manage to get over 95% in all your frickin classes?

    Have a nice day
  • Sophia7XSophia7X Posts: 338Registered User Member
    I sleep at 10 to 11 PM lol. I never have stayed up late studying for classes... I just listen attentively in class and ask questions whenever I'm confused. This saves a lot of time at home so you don't have to wait until the last day to finally understand a concept before a test. Try to get it the first time.

    The only classes I really have to study for is Bio and World History because they require memorization. And like 10 minutes for Calc if I have to memorize some formulas or something.
  • rykun97rykun97 Posts: 58Registered User Junior Member
    Biology - 93%
    Geometry -93%
    Health/PE - 95%
    English - 92%

    I'm a little disappointed with my grades, but I never used to do my homework either. So far I've been doing pretty good with getting in done though.
  • BeaverFootballBeaverFootball Posts: 12Registered User New Member
    AP Calc AB- 98%
    AP Physics- 99%
    Honors English(Wasn't going to take an AP English senior year)- 98%
    Home ec ( I know)- 100%
    AP Euro 98%
    Soc( needed a class for first half of year)
    Spanish IV- 98%
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