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Day of College Admissions Results...

canwegoshoppingcanwegoshopping Posts: 1Registered User New Member
edited November 2012 in High School Life
Judgement Day is December 15th for most of us, which is, unfortunately, a Saturday this year. I know I'm not going to be able to focus on anything that day, if I can even make it to that day without going crazy.

So what are you guys doing that day? Drunken paddleboating? Skydiving? I'm thinking of getting together with the other Ivy-hopefuls from my school to make it through the day. Any suggestions on how to make the day bearable would be extremely appreciated, as well as how to cope with a deferral/decline. We live in the metro DC region if that helps!
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Replies to: Day of College Admissions Results...

  • runallday4runallday4 Posts: 713Registered User Member
    Gosh, we still have 35 more days to wait. Just today I started getting really impatient. I've been stuck on CC for the past 2 hours and now I have such a head ache.
  • cc123sbcc123sb Posts: 455Registered User Member
    I'm thinking of getting together with the other Ivy-hopefuls from my school to make it through the day.

    Doesn't sound like a good idea. What happens when some of you get in and some of you don't?
  • Wolverine86Wolverine86 Posts: 2,024Registered User Senior Member
    Drunken skydiving? :)
  • foxtailsfoxtails Posts: 195Registered User Junior Member
    I think most early notifications tend to happen a bit earlier than the Dec. 15 deadline... Last year, Penn and Brown both released decisions on Dec. 9th at 5PM and 3PM EST respectively.
  • DescuffDescuff Posts: 4,031Registered User Senior Member
    uhh. Why is some people admissions days on the 15th and which colleges are giving out admissions decision?
  • ArtsyGirl13ArtsyGirl13 Posts: 2,986Registered User Senior Member
    December 15th is in decision day for early decision applicants. Good luck guys (I will be in the same situation next year)!
  • letsgoflyakiteletsgoflyakite Posts: 22Registered User New Member
    "Doesn't sound like a good idea. What happens when some of you get in and some of you don't?"

    Sorry I don't know how to get the quote box.

    It's inevitable that some of us will get in and some (actually probably most, realistically speaking) of us won't. But I think we're all mature enough that we can handle whatever the results are. I'm assuming that I won't get in (not that I have low self-esteem--just don't want to get my hopes up), so I would like to have someone to cry together with if the rejection comes.
  • aomameaomame Posts: 125Registered User New Member
    December 15th?

    It's the day before the start of the great Chrismukkah celebration, so i'll be baking and decorating and playing dreidel...
  • CantConcentrateCantConcentrate Posts: 2,552Registered User Senior Member
    Strange... Yale's is December 14th.
  • Sophia7XSophia7X Posts: 338Registered User Member
    Only 35 days??
    Wow time goes by quick.

    Before we know it, it'll be December 15th...
  • intparentintparent Posts: 23,579Registered User Senior Member
    University of Chicago gave out EA decisions earlier than their official date of 12/15 last year. Just saying, you can start stressing and hitting refresh every 10 seconds about a week earlier. :) Seriously, if you look through the forums for whatever school you are interested in out here on College Confidential, you should be able to see when ED or EA results started to show up last year. Giving you a clue regarding when to start looking this year...
  • captainofjokerscaptainofjokers Posts: 2Registered User New Member
    I love how no one directly answered the question. On December 15, I will be bungee jumping. There's a good idea. Also, a good thing to do before admission decisions come out is watch the Old Spice commercials over and over until your confidence skyrockets and you don't care where you get in, because anything is possible if your man smells like Old Spice.
  • harborcealharborceal Posts: 379Registered User Member
    I'm going to go out and ride my horse... calms me down and centers me. Then I'll check! But I bet mine will come out before the 15th... that's been the pattern.
  • kikikaylenkikikaylen Posts: 196Registered User Junior Member
    Doing whatever else I would plan on doing that day regardless, while holding my breath and intermittently refreshing my Internet browser anxiously.
  • HoloceneHolocene Posts: 601Registered User Member
    I am planning on living my normal daily life because I really have no idea when the decision will come. Last year Stanford was Dec. 9, but with the hurricane some things got delayed so it could be as late as the 14th this year. When I see the email, I am going to do everything in my power to get home ASAP and open it alone in my room. I will probably cry either way so I want privacy. Heh.
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