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What's more important to you, your AP average or your AP score?

preamble1776preamble1776 Posts: 4,651Registered User Senior Member
edited November 2012 in High School Life
Would you rather breeze through an AP class and maintain high A's, thus boosting your GPA, yet fail the exam once you realize that your teacher didn't actually teach at all - (I feel like I will meet this fate with AP Environmental... considering that we're spending all of this week watching a movie...) and find yourself with a big fat 1. (Or 2.)
Would you rather really struggle with your grades in a class (let's say, there's no extra credit, curving, or make ups) and end up with low C's - but the exam is a piece of cake since your teacher worked you so hard. Your GPA might not be in the best of shape, but at least you got that delicious college credit.

lol. delicious.

Anywho, I'm not too sure either of these are completely possible - but let's say they are, which one would you rather experience.
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Replies to: What's more important to you, your AP average or your AP score?

  • Niquii77Niquii77 Posts: 9,999Registered User Senior Member
    1st scenario. I passed the class. Why would I care about that exam?

    I've failed an exam (scored a 2). It wasn't because I didn't know the information like the 1st scenario is about, but mainly because I stopped chairing halfway trough the exam and slept. #noshame I got an A for the entire year, it didn't cost me anything, and I got out of school for the entire day. I didn't mind failing.
  • preamble1776preamble1776 Posts: 4,651Registered User Senior Member
    I'm really banking on the whole "APES is the joke of the AP world." thing to help me through the exam, I mean, I know kids who are taking AP Chem, and they're taking the APES exam, because it's apparently "common sense." Hm. We shall see. LOL.
  • Dan2014Dan2014 Posts: 352Registered User Member
    The second option is my life this year. So I'll see how that goes. #JuniorYearKillsMe

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  • Niquii77Niquii77 Posts: 9,999Registered User Senior Member
    I took the APES exam and it wasn't "common sense" to me, although I passed. I don't recall like the whole "APES is a joke" thing, but, hey, what can you do?
  • ArtsyGirl13ArtsyGirl13 Posts: 2,986Registered User Senior Member
    1st option, mainly because the schools I am looking at don't look at AP scores when admitting students and I could care less about getting to skip a few pre-requisetes. That being said in real life I am somewhere in the middle. I have an A in both of my AP classes, one I don't work for (though the teacher is known for producing 4s and 5s/it is my best subject/we will see), the other is a pain, not even sure if I am being prepared for the AP exam, oh well.
  • FollowTheReaperFollowTheReaper Posts: 509Registered User Member
    2nd option. I passed the test. I don't have to worry about that class ever again. I just saved money. My sole purpose for taking the class is achieved. Colleges are mad? They can stay mad.
  • jsk4everjsk4ever Posts: 205Registered User Junior Member
    Most schools don't require that you send AP scores anyways, at least not the ones I'm considering applying to. GPA, on the other hand, is obviously an important factor to admissions. Why would I prioritize my AP score over that? Besides, my school doesn't do the whole weighted thing so APs do not boost my overall grade.
  • CollegiateDreamsCollegiateDreams Posts: 980Registered User Member
    Obviously the first option. GPA is way more important than AP scores in the admission process.

    However, if the options were:
    1) Easy A, but 1 or 2 on the exam
    2) Struggle to get an A, but 4 or 5 on the exam
    ...I would definitely choose option 2.
  • goodnoodlegoodnoodle Posts: 1,532Registered User Senior Member
    Easy A.......
  • chewydogchewydog Posts: 770Registered User Member
    For some reason, after reading the OP's blurb, all I could think of was the commercial for old El Paso taco shells where the little girl says, "Why not both?"

    My 2 cents: APES was a really easy class for me. I missed nearly 2 weeks consecutively of that class at one point because of athletics, and still managed to get As. I don't know what witchcraft the teacher did though, because I'm pretty sure his AP average is just shy of 4 and I got a 5 on that exam. The test definitely was science mixed in with common sense IMHO.
  • Niquii77Niquii77 Posts: 9,999Registered User Senior Member
    She doesn't say "Why not both?" She says "Por que no los dos?"
  • chewydogchewydog Posts: 770Registered User Member
    Haha you're probably right Niquii. I remember the general meaning but not the language she spoke in since I'm decent at Spanish.
  • 1Rachel941Rachel94 Posts: 2,116Registered User Senior Member
    I prefer the first one. I got nothing but A's in APWH, but failed miserably. It boosted my GPA/class rank.

    The 2nd would occur if I took AP Bio. Not even the valedictorian could get higher than a C. That should tell you something. The teacher's passing rate is at 80% though. I'd never take AP Bio at my school.
  • kypdurronkypdurron Posts: 2,234Registered User Senior Member
    I would take 2nd
  • halcyonheatherhalcyonheather Posts: 8,465Registered User Senior Member
    I'd rather do bad on the exam.
    If I got C's in the class I'd lose all my confidence and do badly on the exam because of that, even if I knew the material.
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