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Teachers' Names

IceQubeIceQube Posts: 3,187Registered User Senior Member
edited November 2012 in High School Life
Do you call your teachers by their first names?

If not, how do you address your teachers?



Last name only?

Middle name?

Pet name? (e.g. "boo")
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Replies to: Teachers' Names

  • FantasyVesperiaFantasyVesperia Posts: 2,618Registered User Senior Member
    I only call my teachers by thie first name if I have a really, really, really, really close relationship with them. But with any other teacher, I say Mrs/Ms/Mr....whatever.
  • SiriussSiriuss Posts: 229Registered User Junior Member
    My band teacher is just their last name but all of my others are Mrs/Mr/Ms. I probably won't even use their names on most days though. So it isn't something that is often an issue (when someone says who do you have for maths I say 'Smith' but if I'm calling for the teacher I'd say 'Mr.Smith')
  • CE527MCE527M Posts: 4,986Registered User Senior Member
    Last year, I called my science teacher by his last name, everyone did. Other than that, Mr./Mrs./Miss _________(Fill in with name).
  • afrojackafrojack Posts: 210Registered User Junior Member
    Last name only usually :)
  • SerenityJadeSerenityJade Posts: 1,226Registered User Senior Member
    We get reprimanded for calling one of our teachers without using Mr. in front of it. We just laugh. Though when talking about him, we always use just the last name. I've never called a teacher by their first name.

    But I have a habit of saying "Hey Teacher-person" to call my teachers' attention...
  • pandamicpandamic Posts: 408Registered User Junior Member
    For close teachers, I just say their last name without a Mr,Mrs,etc. The rest are Mr/Ms and then last name. I've never called a teacher by their first name!
  • ArtsyGirl13ArtsyGirl13 Posts: 2,986Registered User Senior Member
    I'm exactly the same as Pandamic...
  • Sophia7XSophia7X Posts: 338Registered User Member
    Always Mr or Mrs _____ when directly talking to that teacher. I feel weird if I don't. When I know him/her well, I occasionally use a shortened version of their last name or a nickname. But when I'm mentioning a teacher to another teacher, I sometimes only use the last name.
  • goodnoodlegoodnoodle Posts: 1,532Registered User Senior Member
    When talking about teachers I only use the last name. Ill sometimes do that talking to them unless they're unfriendly or have specified to use mr or mrs before the name. Also at my school the word Mrs does not exist in our vocab. For women it's always Ms.
  • GoodACTorGoodACTor Posts: 699Registered User Member
    I call two of my teachers by their middle names but otherwise I just say mrs/mr
  • aomameaomame Posts: 125Registered User New Member

    Captain and Chief (in JROTC) are just Captain and Chief.
    I call my Spanish Cinema teacher Senor.
    I've never-not called an English teacher by just their last name (no Mr./Mrs. attached).
    My pre-calc teacher is just Mr. Last Name.
    My government teacher got married this summer but I had her before, so I try to use her new name but sometimes I use her old last name.
    And we call my gender studies teacher whatever we want, except by just her first name. So I call her by her two last names (she also got married), and like 4 other nicknames. She was horrified to learn earlier today that outside of class we call her by just her first name and my classmates have multiple Twitter hashtags to talk about her and the funny/quotable things she says.

  • PeterAPPeterAP Posts: 156Registered User Junior Member
    "yo hoover"

    or "that boy smith be teachin it out"

    or "yo tiernau getcha a.. ova here"

    Lol, I address my teachers by mr./ms.- ln
  • microphakia976microphakia976 Posts: 814Registered User Member
    ^ interesting

  • DescuffDescuff Posts: 4,031Registered User Senior Member
    Well For me I don't call any teacher by first name. However there are some teachers who prefer to be called a certain way. One teacher at my school is called "goku" because of his "yellow" hair (don't be fooled he look nothing like the guy). My english teacher want every one to call her Mrs. Sick (because her full last name is hard for people to say).

    However I calls all female teachers "Ms. (last name)" for no real reason at despite whether they are married or not. I call some teachers by there last name only but it rare.
  • 1Rachel941Rachel94 Posts: 2,116Registered User Senior Member
    Just last names. No mr/mrs/ms
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