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When taking calc as a senior was actually considered "smart"

Sophia7XSophia7X Posts: 338Registered User Member
edited January 2013 in High School Life
Now, at my school, there are freshmen and sophomores taking calc BC. I still remember when you were considered smart when you took calc as a senior! We now offer calc III, what. Anyone else's school seems to be rising in standards?
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Replies to: When taking calc as a senior was actually considered "smart"

  • goodnoodlegoodnoodle Posts: 1,532Registered User Senior Member
    Not really. We had a rise and dip. Class of 2012 were so smart. One of my friends took AB sophomore year (which is huge here) and a bunch took it junior year. Class of 13 had one person take it junior year. 2014 has none. Our class 2015 will have 9 (me) people taking AB next year. It has a lot to do with what was available to each class though.
  • ks699322ks699322 Posts: 18Registered User New Member
    Yes! I know freshmen in IB HL math year one and AB or BC calc. It's ridiculous that taking IB HL as a junior I feel behind these kids.
  • FantasyVesperiaFantasyVesperia Posts: 2,618Registered User Senior Member
    Yeah, a lot of students are taking Calculus III now. It's amazing.
  • HollowSunsetsHollowSunsets Posts: 149Registered User Junior Member
    I agree with you on this.
    When I started out in high school, being two years ahead in math was considered SMART.
    Our school resisted students who tried to get ahead and wouldn't allow anyone to double up on classes if they already were a year or two ahead and wouldn't allow students to be more than two years ahead.
    Now they're FINALLY letting up and it's far, far, FAR too late for the rest of us and we have freshmen and sophomores who are three, four, five even SIX years ahead in math than the rest of the school.
    And I'm just a puny two years ahead and there's nothing I can do about it.
  • 1Rachel941Rachel94 Posts: 2,116Registered User Senior Member
    At my school, ~30 of 500 seniors take calc. 10 take AP. My school's standards haven't changed much. Most kids stop at Alg 2 (if they make it there. A lot take remedial math. I don't really know what that's called.)
  • TinnyTTinnyT Posts: 1,676Registered User Senior Member
    Not sure about Calc III, but AP Calc AB/BC is being taken by juniors and seniors. I feel so behind though because I'm a junior taking Algebra 2/Trig.
  • halcyonheatherhalcyonheather Posts: 8,465Registered User Senior Member
    Not really. We only have one regular non-honors non-AP calculus class.
  • SerenityJadeSerenityJade Posts: 1,226Registered User Senior Member
    I don't even know the math classes offered at my high school...
  • NiteLiteNiteLite Posts: 109Registered User New Member
    There was a 7th grader at my school last year taking alg2/trig... He'll be done with calc before I am...
  • kimmylouiekimmylouie Posts: 1,451Registered User Senior Member
    Half the middle school come to the high school to take classes.

    And you know.. most of them are really stupid..

    Thank goodness they haven't reached AP calc AB this year.
  • CE527MCE527M Posts: 4,986Registered User Senior Member
    I know of maybe one or two sophomores taking Calc I and that`s because they`re in a special gifted program. There are some Juniors who take Calc, and then Seniors. And the occasional junior taking AP Calc.
  • MIThopeful16MIThopeful16 Posts: 7,539Registered User Senior Member
    To be perfectly honest, the idea of being "behind" because you're not in Calc I/II/III/AB/BC /IB Math HL/SL at grade X is really pointless. Does it help and look nice? It does. Does it set you back? Hardly. For example at my Uni, there are people who've gone up to Analysis I and II, and people who've taken multivar. We still start at the same place, we'll still end up needing similar requirements.
  • kypdurronkypdurron Posts: 2,234Registered User Senior Member
    To add on what MIT Hopeful said,

    A public High near here brags how around 3% of their Students take Linear Algebra every year. I think they have around 15% of Seniors taking BC, CC math, and Linear. However, almost 3/4ths of all college bound seniors (other words Top 40%) have to remidal maths in college
  • FastNeutrinoFastNeutrino Posts: 831Registered User Member
    About 40 of 580 seniors in my class are in Calc BC/Multivariable Calc this year (start with BC topics like parametrics, polar, and series, and go into topics like partial derivatives and double/triple integrals). So about 6% or 7% of the class is on the most advanced track the school offers.
    So about that many people took Calc AB junior year as well... that's two years of calculus going into high school. Still no linear algebra or differential equations though. I kind of wish they made Calc BC a whole year class and Multivariable Calculus a whole year (maybe with some differential equations)... but oh well.
  • mibsprincessmibsprincess Posts: 172Registered User Junior Member
    Our school doesn't have much of an advanced selection. For AP we have statistics, Calculas 2, and Math, and I think only one class is held in each. Our class sizes are from around 275 - 450 students. I guess there is a big difference in all the schools. I'm not too bad in math but not great either. Now, I do have a cousin (my dad's cousin actually) who is really good at math. He is a professor and has a part of algebra named after him.
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