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Freshman girl + senior boy

KissMeKateKissMeKate Posts: 1,241Registered User Member
edited November 2006 in High School Life
What do you think? People can do what they want and once in a while there's an exception, but for the most part I think that any senior guy that goes out with a freshman girl is a loser. This is coming from a freshman. Hey, there's senior guys I think are cute, I mean I'm not three, but comparing freshmen with seniors, they're... different and "stuff." kthnxbye.
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Replies to: Freshman girl + senior boy

  • Jman2306Jman2306 Posts: 2,489Registered User Senior Member
    I don't know about that. They would only be about 3-4 years apart. I know a girl at my school who is extremely smart (14 year old sophomore), but is dating a senior. They look fitting; you wouldn't know that they were 3 grade levels apart. I don't really see it as wrong.
  • icierairicierair Posts: 312Registered User Member
    That happened at my school. The girl is now a junior and the guy goes to a local college so they are still together (they started going out her freshman year and now she is a junior)
    I'm supposed to be a sophmore and my boyfriend is supposed to be a senior and we're fine
  • MandoliveMandolive Posts: 332Registered User Member
    I see soph-senior couples but I never saw frosh-senior ones. I'm a sophomore guy and I was with a senior girl for a while.

    But yes, the prospect of seeing freshman-senior couples seems very odd (but it depends on people so whatever makes you happy..)
  • chickenboi8008chickenboi8008 Posts: 2,500Registered User Senior Member
    in high school thats weerd but like in real life, like if a 26 year old dated a 22 year old, its not bad
    i wonder y tho
  • MandoliveMandolive Posts: 332Registered User Member
    Proportions? The longer you live life, the more insignificant that little gap between ages becomes.
    14 to 18 is weird, when 31 to 35 is socially acceptable.
  • Xe_Ln_Ag_AXe_Ln_Ag_A Posts: 646Registered User Member
    at my school that would considered pedophilish.
    most freshman girls are just taken advantage of by the upperclassmen. unfortunate but true.
  • citygirlsmomcitygirlsmom Posts: 13,158- Senior Member
    what my Ds say, a soph and a sr, is that when a sr guy goes out with a freshman girl it is seen that no one closer to his age will have much to do with him, because of having a bad rep, being a player, being just too immature, and that is even more so when it happens early in the school year- they are not saying that is always true, but the relationships aren't taken seriouslly, and more often then not, the perceptions are true

    one guy dumped his GF (both srs) and he started going out with a Frosh he barely knew, who was so similar to EX-GF, it was creeping people out, he dumped new GF to get back with Ex...just tacky in the eyes of his classmates

    to start going after frosh, well, frosh girls are warned by their older friends that generally, the sr guys that go after the new girls are looking for notches, not all, but the ones that swoop in the 1st month or two often are
  • MasterusMasterus Posts: 1,296. Senior Member
    The School investigates though in order to make sure there's no sexual activities.
  • schriztoschrizto Posts: 4,099Registered User Senior Member
    The School investigates though in order to make sure there's no sexual activities.

    lol . . . maybe they do that at your school. I doubt most schools can fully prevent it from happening.

    but if students go out with each other, that doesn't necessarily mean they have sexual activity.
  • Jonathan1Jonathan1 Posts: 5,744Registered User Senior Member
    Freshman girl + senior boy

    = bad idea.
  • snoopyiscoolsnoopyiscool Posts: 18,082Registered User Senior Member
    Kinda weird, but whatever floats your boat.
  • frenchvanilla233frenchvanilla233 Posts: 377Registered User Member
    I think a boy would do it if he was desperate, or really wanted some action....
  • betterdaysbetterdays Posts: 83Registered User Junior Member
    I think it's kind of weird, but it could always be worse. I knew a guy who was a senior last year and was dating an eighth grader. That was just creepy.
  • Anonymous91Anonymous91 Posts: 1,008Registered User Senior Member
    if the senior was 18, and they had sex, it would be rape. And second of all, imo a 14 yr old (or 15) does not look right with a 17-18 year old. Physically, there is a drastic difference btwn freshmen and seniors (especially for boys since they mature later than girls).
  • H20PoloerH20Poloer Posts: 409Registered User Member
    i'm not so sure. 3 years in age is not drastic at all, it only gets magnified in high school due to the progression of grades; however, i find girls to be more mature (mentally and physically) than guys (generalization). Two of my friends are dating freshman girls and I hang out with freshman girls a lot because of swimming. I hate it how if a senior guy dates a freshman girl she is automatically a slut and he is a loser/looking for some. Whatever, I can see both sides but the class of 2010 is hot.
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