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Which is the better language to learn, German or French?

ColodiaColodia Posts: 138Registered User Junior Member
edited June 2007 in High School Life
I figure I need to learn one or the other after finishing up learning Spanish in college. I just can't decide which to learn. I'm interested in both languages, definitely.

What does the internet think?
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Replies to: Which is the better language to learn, German or French?

  • SungchulSungchul Posts: 1,498Registered User Senior Member
    It'd be easier to learn French after taking sSpanish. Since they're both Romance langauge, you can have fun finding cognates!
  • JakorJakor Posts: 914Registered User Member
    I would take German just to get to know both sides of the English language (Germanic and Romantic influences). Plus, they have WAY better rock...
  • yeahallieyeahallie Posts: 1,232Registered User Senior Member
    German is much more difficult than Spanish, and I would assume that French would be easier to learn for you since you've taken Spanish. I've taken four semesters of Spanish, but I've found that I love German. So...go for German! lol
  • AnniushkaAnniushka Posts: 739Registered User Member
    Well... I'm under the impression that more Germans speak English than do French people... and definitely more countries speak French than German (swaths of Africa and Canada in addition to France itself, for instance)... so if it's your goal to travel, French would be far more useful.

    I actually learned more about the English language from French than from Spanish; I've never studied German, though, so I can't provide that perspective. It would be interesting to learn a Germanic language. Then again, German isn't all that pretty-sounding, compared to French. Depends on your tastes, of course, though. :p

    French was very interesting and easy for me after extensive study of the Spanish language. As Sungchul mentioned, the cognates are fun to identify--with the added benefit of more English-French cognates, due to the Norman influence on England way back when.

    So... that's what this corner of the internet has to say. But hey, if you're interested in them both, you'll be happy learning either one... and there's nothing stopping you from someday going back and learning the other. There are tons of language schools in Europe where you can take immersion classes and such, and it's great fun. :)
  • LesOsLesOs Posts: 4,545Registered User Senior Member
    I agree. French is used far more throughout the world. In addition, you'll be more likely to stick with French and actually gain a strong grasp on it. I'm the opposite of you- I'm taking AP French next year, and I'm teaching myself Spanish now. It's incredibly easy, so I'd imagine that the reverse is just as simple. I love French, and it's a very beautiful language that is fun to learn as well.
  • deceptacondeceptacon Posts: 172Registered User Junior Member
    "Plus, they have WAY better rock..."

    Pfft. I'm quite happy with my Carla Bruni and Yelle, merci beaucoup. ;)
  • swim2daendswim2daend Posts: 2,497Registered User Senior Member
    FRENCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! French is BY FAR the coolest language ever existed!!! I love french (of course I can never remember when to you the imparfait lol).
  • KaznackKaznack Posts: 1,985Registered User Senior Member
    If you can't decide between either, try a different one like Japanese or something.
  • karen61990karen61990 Posts: 1,599Registered User Senior Member
    I couldn't decide either, so I took both.
  • MBPMBP Posts: 2,509Registered User Senior Member
    Learn German. French is too popular for no reason. It's like a bad fad (a fad that's lasted for centuries...)
  • KaznackKaznack Posts: 1,985Registered User Senior Member
    German rock is fad that's lasted for too long...
  • SungchulSungchul Posts: 1,498Registered User Senior Member
    MBP, the reason for it's popularity in the past (and now even) is for many of the same reasons that English is becoming a global language. To say that it's just a fad is just... plum crazy.
  • iamapeachiamapeach Posts: 1,607Registered User Junior Member
    French, bien sur!!! c'est une tres belle langue.
  • chocolatelover03chocolatelover03 Posts: 1,386Registered User Senior Member
    Well, French and Spanish are very similar, and my French teacher didn't take any Spanish classes, but since the languages are so simliar, he can get by when it comes to speaking Spanish.
  • MBPMBP Posts: 2,509Registered User Senior Member
    Okay, maybe you guys didn't pick up on the SARCASM of me calling it a fad (which i thought i pointed out with the 'fad that's lasted centuries' comment).

    I just personally don't like French or France. That's a personal thing, and I can't really explain it, but my comment was pretty much calling it stupid, which would also be an ignorant statement. i was kidding, sheesh.

    still, take german. french is stupid
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