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Worst Grade Ever

2-iron2-iron Posts: 847Registered User Member
edited December 2009 in High School Life
Okay...we're all good students on this forum.

That doesn't mean we don't screw up.

What are the worst grades you recall getting of significance? No, missing a homework, for example, worth .1% of your grade, is not significant. Missing all of your homeworks in a quarter is.

- 9th Grade Research Paper:

The assignment was to defend America's entry into World War I. Instead of your standard thesis, first support, second support-type paper, I did a more narrative take on Woodrow Wilson and World War I...it consisted of eleven or so smaller body paragraphs and reading it sounded more like a documentary than a persuasive paper.

I spent a lot of time on it and was RIDICULOUSLY proud of it...and my very closed-minded history teacher gave me a 56 on it.

- 9th Grade DNA Lab:

Had to construct a model of DNA. Ten percent of the grade was creativity/artistry...so I decided that while everyone else used clay or K'Nex, I would use twizzlers, marshmallows, and skittles...really bad idea...it was HORRIBLE and I got a D

-This year, I've avoided all D's and F's, save for one:

In Business and Politics Honors, your quiz grade total counts as 25% of your grade, projects are 50% and homework is 25%.

All but one of my grades are PERFECT 100's, except for one quiz I took. It was only 12 questions long and came as a bit of surprise to me.

I got a 7/12 on that quiz. It's the only quiz we've taken so far, so it counts as 25% of my grade. So, my grade is a 92 instead of a 100. Bummer!
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Replies to: Worst Grade Ever

  • IlDesiIlDesi Posts: 392Registered User Member
    I think mine would be in English Lit. Honors:

    We had an in-class essay on Pride and Prejudice and I didn't read the book so I got a 60/100...
    I ended up getting a 73% in the class that quarter but I got a 92% the next quarter to balance it out =)
  • Flare12345neoFlare12345neo Posts: 826User Awaiting Email Confirmation Member
    I worked RIDICULOUSLY hard on an essay for AP World History, and ended up getting a 1/9 on it. :(
  • 2-iron2-iron Posts: 847Registered User Member

    You remind me of the OTHER D I got this year.

    I hate AP essays. The 1-9 scale leaves a lot of gray area, for some reason.

    Second week of school or so, we have to write a timed essay in class comparing three translations of Beowulf...ugh...I was baffled and had no clue how to compare them. I got a 3/9 on it...something equivalent to a 65.

    Most of the time when I get bad grades it's because I didn't study or I didn't work hard or because I forgot to write my name or something stupid. This time, I was clueless.

    I never felt so stupid/incompetent in my life.
  • MegaVortex7MegaVortex7 Posts: 874Registered User Member
    In sixth grade I got a 40/100 on a test, lol.

    This year I've done pretty bad in math. This marking period I got a 7/15 on a quiz and a 69/100 on a test...
  • Flare12345neoFlare12345neo Posts: 826User Awaiting Email Confirmation Member
    yeah those stupid 9 point scales seem so arbitrary.
    My ap essay grades are like this (in order that i received them): 4, 8, 7, 8, 1, 5, 8 >.<
  • kjcastillo1990kjcastillo1990 Posts: 422Registered User Member
    Lowest grade that I've ever gotten this year: 52 on a pop quiz in AP Lit...I didn't read the book.

    Lowest grade I've ever gotten in high school: I got only 2 questions right on a 7 question quiz, but my math teacher was nice enough to give me a 50.
    yeah those stupid 9 point scales seem so arbitrary.
    My ap essay grades are like this (in order that i received them): 4, 8, 7, 8, 1, 5, 8 >.<

    You got a 1? yikes. AP teachers are harsher than the graders for the AP Exam. They give you a 3 if you at least had a thesis paragraph :-P
  • Flare12345neoFlare12345neo Posts: 826User Awaiting Email Confirmation Member
    haha yeah i was pretty devastated when i got that 1.
  • jcll2002jcll2002 Posts: 1,159Registered User Senior Member
    71/100 on english final freshman year (not that bad of a grade, just 30% of my grade)

    The occasional F on a test. You know, the standard.
  • southeasttitansoutheasttitan Posts: 1,928Registered User Senior Member
    My school is ridiculously easy...I got a C on a biology test freshman year and a B+ on an AP English paper...and that's aout this :/
  • quaerequaere Posts: 1,264Registered User Senior Member
    67 on a Geometry test freshman year. And a B- on my first ever high school science project, which had me scandalized until the teacher gave me a reality check.
  • alamodealamode Posts: 2,063Registered User Senior Member
    I got a 1/3 on a pop quiz but i don't think that counts since it was like 3 questions. lmao

    ummm. i got a 53 on a math test a couple of weeks ago. seriously i had no clue what i was doing and i was supposed to go to extra help the day before but we had a snow day and my teacher was a beeyotch about it.
  • A-CardA-Card Posts: 786Registered User Member
    on a physics multiplw choice exam i got a .75/12 this year lol. I ened up getting a 66% aftr curve. Atleast i did decent on the fr on that test. BTW it was this year in ap physics.
  • HalieHalie Posts: 575Registered User Member
    I got a 16% on a quiz about The Wall by Sartre b/c I didn't read the story.
  • aigiqinfaigiqinf Posts: 4,032Registered User Senior Member
    I got a 78 quiz average in world history honors... for last 9 weeks

    We had three quizzes in total, and I didn't know we had to read one night, I missed class one time, and the other one week had like 5 weeks after we read the chapter.
    (Ironically I had a 100 on all 11 tests, including the midterm, given out.)
  • hpa10hpa10 Posts: 1,906Registered User Senior Member
    i got a 34% on a alg. 2 quiz last semester. It was fine though, I knew i bombed it from the moment i saw the type of questions on it. I didn't study for it though, so i guess thats the reason why i got that grade.
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