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Is AP US History THAT hard?

Trackkid93Trackkid93 Posts: 71Registered User Junior Member
edited July 2009 in High School Life
Okay, well next year as a sophmore I can either take Honors US History or AP US History. I was just wondering how hard AP US actually is, in terms of homework/work and how hard it is to get good grades. I know this varies according to which school one attends, but I just want to get a general idea regarding the difficulty of this course.
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Replies to: Is AP US History THAT hard?

  • BubbleTea<3BubbleTea<3 Posts: 120Registered User Junior Member
    It's hard to say. There was a lot of work involved, but it wasn't actually DIFFICULT work. I dunno...in my class, there were some people who were "naturally" good at APUSH and aced all the tests...and there were people who studied for a week for each exam and got F's on all of them. It really depends on what you're good at.

    Regardless, everyone (even those that got mediocre grades) really enjoyed the course. It's considered one of the most interesting at my school because the teacher is phenomenal. Sometimes, it's not the class that matters, but the instructor. It'd probably be better to ask some juniors and seniors at your school what they thought of the course.
  • you'llsee...you'llsee... Posts: 4,535Registered User Senior Member

    i have 4 chapter outlines, 2 essays, and a dbq all due this friday...
  • A-CardA-Card Posts: 786Registered User Member
    Its pretty hard. I recomend you to take it soph year if your are ever planning on taking it, since most people have easier soph. schedules. Thus you will be able to devote a lil bit more time to study for the class.
  • Mike41691Mike41691 Posts: 3,501Registered User Junior Member
    I agree with BubbleTea. The work you'll do isn't really difficult, it's just tedious and there's a ton of it.
  • azeriazeri Posts: 38Registered User Junior Member
    My teacher assigns no more work than any of my other classes, and curves like crazy.
    And almost all of his students pass the AP test.
  • skpskp Posts: 602Registered User Member
    I personally thought the AP US Hist. exam easier than any other AP exam I've taken.
  • BubbleTea<3BubbleTea<3 Posts: 120Registered User Junior Member
    I'm willing to bet, too, that regular US will be even more tedious. For instance, last year, the regular history students had to reword and illustrate the Constitution...and that's all they did for ~ 2 months. Quite a few people who had been scared to take APUSH before ended up transferring because the regular class was just too incredibly dull.
  • Sligh_AnarchistSligh_Anarchist Posts: 2,193Editor Senior Member
    My AP US History course last semester was fairly easy about tedious busy work. Sure, we had essays and DBQs to do every once in a while, but it was more along the lines of, "You had better read this section of the Pageant before this exam!" There were no "assigned" readings; you either read or you didn't. If you didn't read something, such as Pageant, AMSCO, et cetera, you just failed the exam and life went on. I would say the responsibility was more on par with college courses. Most AP courses want to act like college courses, but they assign too much busy work. College courses don't assign busy work, so AP courses should be the same. However, this is high school we are talking about. Most people aren't ready for that kind of responsibility.
  • bigreddawgiebigreddawgie Posts: 2,141Registered User Senior Member
    that class is a joke.
  • jcll2002jcll2002 Posts: 1,159Registered User Senior Member
    2 people in 3 classes of APUSH @ my school have As. I have the highest grade in my class @ 86%.
  • hollyerthollyert Posts: 801Registered User Member
    We have no HW whatsoever for APUSH but a lot of reading every weekend that we're responsible for.

    It depends on the teacher, if they're that irritating mommy type that gives quizzes and worksheets and group projects and all that lameness, or if they really leave it up to you to study, prepare, and discuss.
  • hpa10hpa10 Posts: 1,906Registered User Senior Member
    ^ I have that irritating mommy type of teacher. The class is not really hard, but it's just so annoying.
  • westsidewolf1989westsidewolf1989 Posts: 1,251Registered User Senior Member
    APUSH is a joke... you can get a 5 just by reading online notes.
  • Mike41691Mike41691 Posts: 3,501Registered User Junior Member
    I have the most irritating mommy type of teacher. She makes us use her system of notes that contains three different colors of pens and two different colors of highlighters. We have 1.5-2hrs of notes per night and she checks them everyday.
  • proletariat2proletariat2 Posts: 3,519Registered User Senior Member
    It's not really hard, but it's a lot of work. For my class, every two week constitutes a unit. In each unit, we have to outline two chapters (about 25 pages each; outlines are usually about 6 pages together) of our textbook, do a couple 8 x 11s (basically page-long summaries of outside material), define about 90 terms, and answer a few questions related to the unit in a half-page each. Occassionally there'll be an essay. About 16 hours altogether, and this is relatively low. Many teachers at other schools will give double that amount.
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