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best schools in florida?

liv3yourlif3liv3yourlif3 Posts: 154Registered User Junior Member
edited July 2008 in High School Life
gotta get some instate schools on my safety list.
so some nice state schools? (Not UF, wayyyy too big for my taste)
and some ones you would never apply to?
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Replies to: best schools in florida?

  • jtm2292jtm2292 Posts: 262Registered User Junior Member
    fsu, um (expensive), ucf, fiu, fau, usf, uwf and the best part is, you can go there for free if you have full tuition. not room and board tho.
  • jk_91jk_91 Posts: 1,237Registered User Senior Member
    Isn't FSU like one of the biggest party schools in the country?
  • FSU MBAFSU MBA Posts: 221Registered User Junior Member
    ^^^^Every Florida school is a "Party School". Actually, UF is ranked above FSU in the party school rankings.
  • AMXAMX Posts: 240Registered User Junior Member
    I wouldn't apply to anywhere else other than UF, UM and FSU.
  • sugababi1790sugababi1790 Posts: 162Registered User Junior Member
    Well if UF is too big for her tastes then I doubt she'll want to go to FSU which is practically just as big. UM is good size wise but is also private so unless you get a nice scholarship you could be looking at quite the price tag ($35,000+/year).

    liveyourlife, could you give us some more criteria as to what your looking for?
  • liv3yourlif3liv3yourlif3 Posts: 154Registered User Junior Member
    something smaller probably,pretty,sense of community
    what do you know about UNF?

    FSU MBA, so funny and true
  • sugababi1790sugababi1790 Posts: 162Registered User Junior Member
    Eh, UNF is an alright school, but from what I hear from people who go there/went there is that it has more of a community college vibe then actual campus vibe. I would suggest looking into UCF, although it does have a large number of students the campus feels much smaller because its formatted in a circle and has no major roads running through it. It's also a very new pretty campus...I'm going there next year so any questions you have about it feel free to PM me.
  • sugababi1790sugababi1790 Posts: 162Registered User Junior Member
    Also if your looking for "small and pretty" you might want to check out Rollins in Winter Park, FL (which is right outside Orlando). It's private so it comes with the price tag...I'm not sure if your looking for public or private though.
  • liv3yourlif3liv3yourlif3 Posts: 154Registered User Junior Member
    oh probably public. i don't really want to go to a public school instate, but you know, if all else fails...
  • liv3yourlif3liv3yourlif3 Posts: 154Registered User Junior Member
    or i don't get any scholarships or something
  • sugababi1790sugababi1790 Posts: 162Registered User Junior Member
    Yea I felt the same way last year I absolutely didn't want to stay in state but I ended up at UCF and I honestly can't wait.

    What is your GPA, SAT, extracurrics? Thats a good indicator whether you'll be able to get Bright Futures or any other scholarships.
  • liv3yourlif3liv3yourlif3 Posts: 154Registered User Junior Member
    i'm a rising junior but last year i had 3.8 UW, uhh got an 1800 on the PSAT (w/o studying) umm 2 varsity sports, class president, SGA, church community service, yadda yadda yadda
  • sugababi1790sugababi1790 Posts: 162Registered User Junior Member
    Well thats pretty impressive, if you study for the SAT and maintain that GPA you honestly have a pretty good shot of getting into UF. And you would qualify for full bright futures as long as you got a 1270. But as for "safety schools" I would definitely say your in at any florida public (fsu, ucf, usf, unf) besides UF, but you have a very good chance of getting in there.

    What schools are you looking at out of state?
  • technol21technol21 Posts: 917Registered User Member
    I know of a few people going off to Rollins and FIT. I eventually opened a letter after being spammed by them in my inbox and physical mailbox. They're both not as big as the other popular state U's listed previously, but they still have some pretty good specialized programs. I think they both have rolling admissions too, so that might help if you're undecided.

    FAU and FIU are other schools similar to the bigger state schools, they're just a bit smaller. NSU is also a pretty good school, its private though, so closer to the ranks and price of UM. Most of my teachers have gotten their graduate degrees from FAU or NSU.
  • AmandaisaGatorAmandaisaGator Posts: 227Registered User Junior Member
    NEW COLLEGE in Sarasota - Florida's honor college
    it's small, public, in-state, and has a great academic reputation...BUT people there, in general, are pretty strange (think intelligent and artistic pot-smoking hippies/anarchists/goths/emo kids, etc.) worth looking into though...
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