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Should you be allowed to wear hats in school?

runningwriterrunningwriter Posts: 367Registered User Junior Member
edited October 2008 in High School Life
I've always wondered why we aren't allowed to wear hats in school.

Is it a religious matter? Like a sign of being disrespectful? In a public school, where there are many kinds of religions and ethnicities, is it right to impose a single one a such a diverse group?

What are your thoughts?
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Replies to: Should you be allowed to wear hats in school?

  • MoodretsMoodrets Posts: 1,497Registered User Senior Member
    I think it's because they can be used to display gain affiliation, or that they can be distracting, or that you can hide contraband and stuff in them.

    I dunno, it's a silly rule, but I don't really care enough one way or the other to bother challenging/supporting it. :]
  • HereToSucceed92HereToSucceed92 Posts: 407Registered User Member
    Im feel the same way that moodrets does. I don't really care all that much. But at my school you can pay a dollar to wear a hat on Fridays...
  • MoodretsMoodrets Posts: 1,497Registered User Senior Member
    Haha, my school does the same thing, only with jeans, lol.

    On the rare occasion we can pay to wear a jersey instead of the normal collared shirt, too!
  • SharkObsessedSharkObsessed Posts: 350Registered User Member
    My school doesn't allow it because we have a lot of gangs and most of the people used hats to identify themselves as to which gang they belong to. I don't mind it at all because it lessens the inter-gang fights at my school. Only time I got annoyed was when they wouldn't let me wear the bright blue berret (sp?) that my sister got me when she went to France. It's not like a brightly colored berret would symbolize a gang, but whatever.
  • INVENIAMVIAMINVENIAMVIAM Posts: 3,790Registered User Senior Member
    Berets are SO cute, lol I would wear them all the time, but our school says no hats as well. :[
  • somnisomni Posts: 1,185Registered User Senior Member
    I didn't know that rule was still in effect. We stopped that after elementary schools around here. We don't really have gangs around here, though.
  • JBVirtuosoJBVirtuoso Posts: 4,579Registered User Senior Member
    My school is really old-fashioned, so that's probably why they don't allow hats. Back in the day, people weren't supposed to wear hats in buildings.
  • MelancholyDaneMelancholyDane Posts: 643Registered User Member
    Have there been any studies linking the banning of hat-wearing with any decline in gang violence?
  • runningwriterrunningwriter Posts: 367Registered User Junior Member
    In areas where there are absolutely no gang violence, or gangs at all, why do they still have the rule?
  • AeroEngineer3141AeroEngineer3141 Posts: 3,607Registered User Senior Member
    I think that it's just a general rule regarding buildings. Some people take off their hats when entering a building as a sign of respect.
  • Calenito93Calenito93 Posts: 4Registered User New Member
    I think that this idea is really weird, why does the school care if you use hats, maybe they are distracing or something, but it is not the schools matter if you use hats. And contraband, well i dont think that people are going to hide things on their hats, but who knows. Maybe the school doesnt like them because you are not respecting the school uniform, and the hat is not part of the school uniform but i think that they dont really disturb anyone and that they should be permitted.
  • InvoyableInvoyable Posts: 3,582Registered User Senior Member
    Some teachers don't care. I'll walk in with the craziest hat backwards like a total G and she could care less.

    Of course the rule is retarded, but then that's how many school rules are..
  • WishWashWishWash Posts: 658Registered User Member
    They think we're gonna hide hand grenades and bottles of toxic chemicals under them.
    C'mon, seriously...
  • herestothenightsherestothenights Posts: 361Registered User Junior Member
    i don't really get why we can't wear hats. my school is really rural and we definetly have no gangs. and my school is freezing so some people wear winter hats or earmuffs and they still make them take those off.
  • karajanhrakarajanhra Posts: 550Registered User Member
    No. It's a sign of respect, and hats can spread head lice. Also, if you're sitting behind a tall guy/girl wearing a hat, it makes it harder to see past him/her.
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