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Banning Backpacks

raideraderaiderade Posts: 2,499- Senior Member
edited October 2008 in High School Life
My school recently decided to ban backpacks for use during school hours (aka you can use them to bring books to and from school). All lockers are on the first floor and our school has four floors. I talked to the dean of students about it and she said, well it's bad for your back and it's a fire hazard so she proposed I use a shoulder bag?!?! Other then the fact that a side bag is definitely worse for your back than a backpack what other info can I use when I go to fight her?
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Replies to: Banning Backpacks

  • highopeshighopes Posts: 1,581Registered User Senior Member
    I haven't used a backpack since, like, fifth grade.

    Then again, my school is one floor. I usually just carry a big stack of all the day's books around, no problem there.
  • INVENIAMVIAMINVENIAMVIAM Posts: 3,790Registered User Senior Member
    Tell her that it's her fault when you're late to EVERY class next week [as you will be ;D] because you had to go to your locker in between each class, which is something you MUST to because carrying more than one book would strain your back! Oh noz!
  • Yeti CrabYeti Crab Posts: 405Registered User Junior Member
    Backpacks are made of more flammable material than shoulder bags? :/ I don't see people carrying one while using a Bunsen burner either.

    You can say that rolling bags are a real pain to lug up 4 stories. And trip people in crowded hallways. And that it will be her fault when you have to carry your books in your arms and spill them everywhere. :D
  • WishWashWishWash Posts: 658Registered User Member
    My school did this this year too. But we've been putting up with it since the beginning.

    What most people do is go around before first period and drop their books off at all of their classes so that they will be there waiting for them when they get to that class. Then after seventh period, they go back to all their classes and pick up the books that they need for homework, and leave the unneeded ones in the classroom.

    Also, try sharing a locker with some friends if their lockers are more on the way to your classes.

    Didn't they lengthen you passing time after doing this? Because if they didn't they're insanely retarded.
  • 2legit2quit2legit2quit Posts: 309Registered User Junior Member
    It all sort of made sense to me...until I read that your dean reccommended shoulder bags.
    Exactly the same as backbacks but with one less strap, still a fire hazard, and still harmful for your back.
    Often times I feel like stupidity of this sort can not be overcome.
    I'm sure the massive amounts of traffic caused by students needed to go up and down the stairs inbetween every class to get to their locker is just as much of a fire hazard too. Geesh.
  • MelancholyDaneMelancholyDane Posts: 643Registered User Member
    If you're popular enough, stage a protest. If you can get enough people to "accidentally" drop their huge piles of things in crucial choke points like intersections and staircases during the heavy-traffic parts of the school day and then scramble to pick them up, you can seriously disrupt traffic and really p.iss a lot of people off, and the admins might just crack under the pressure of the student body. Even if it doesn't work, you'll get severe bamf points for having pulled something like that off, and it's not as though you can be punished for dropping your things because you have nothing to carry them in.

    My first suggestion would have been to use logic and reason, but it seems like that isn't going to work here.
  • musicallylatinmusicallylatin Posts: 3,814Registered User Senior Member
    My school has close to the same policy except ALL bags are banned, purses, backpacks, messenger bags, you name it, it's band.

    I get the reasons for my school to enforce it, but regardless I think the people who came up with it obviously didn't have textbook heavy course loads in high school. My locker is up stairs (two story school) in the far corner. I have one class up stairs on the other side of the floor from my locker. I have three of my classes in completely different buildings across campus (are campus is spread out), three classes down stairs, and one in the "fine arts" building. I normally lug all of my textbooks with me, along with my binders that are required for certain classes. It makes it really difficult to get around.

    don't enjoy it to say the least.
  • InvoyableInvoyable Posts: 3,582Registered User Senior Member
    Banning Backpacks? LOL
  • 2legit2quit2legit2quit Posts: 309Registered User Junior Member
    All I know is, if my school banned every type of bag the girls would not be very happy when that time of the month came around.
  • Gryffon5147Gryffon5147 Posts: 3,765Registered User Senior Member
    I really don't understand.

    Why would they ban backpacks at school? That's the silliest thing I've heard... Will someone explain why?
  • RacinReaverRacinReaver Posts: 6,608Registered User Senior Member
    Man, my high school banned backpacks back in the mid-90s. Back then it was because we had bomb threats about once a quarter, so they didn't want people carrying junk around with them all day.
  • dramakitty92428dramakitty92428 Posts: 676Registered User Member
    The annoyances of today's beurocracy...when will it end??
    My school has a pool and a swim class, and no one is allowed to wear beige swimsuits because some girl did last year and the assistant principal saw her from far away and thought she was naked.
    I'm dead serious.
  • raideraderaiderade Posts: 2,499- Senior Member
    Thanks for the suggestions guys. Our dean tells us we're about the last school in the country that hasn't had backpacks banned yet but that's obviously a lie.
  • angelican0tangelican0t Posts: 147Registered User Junior Member
    How bizarre- we aren't allowed backpacks in the hall or in class but when we're so crowded (we're really, really crowded even now without backpacks) and only have two floors I can understand it. but 4 floors?! I would definitely do something about it.
  • Gryffon5147Gryffon5147 Posts: 3,765Registered User Senior Member
    Huh... I didn't understand there was even a concept of banning backpacks. We take them whereever we go in my school(and my district). And we have lockers and everything is ground level...
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