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Why do guys beat up girls?

mcb52mcb52 Posts: 1,485Registered User Member
edited February 2009 in High School Life
I know a girl who's gotten beat up twice by a guy already, and she's not even in an abusive relationship with anyone. Is there some characteristic of some girls that makes guys think it's ok to get physical with them?
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Replies to: Why do guys beat up girls?

  • goldenratiophigoldenratiophi Posts: 1,149Registered User Member
    I don't know either. I would never even think of raising my hand to a girl. (Or almost anyone for that matter.)
  • Dawnie MinDawnie Min Posts: 236- Junior Member
    it's because of the dopamine and serotonin pathways in their brains
  • Claire1016Claire1016 Posts: 1,088Registered User Member
    I've never really heard about any guys just randomly beating up girls.... but I do know a girl whose boyfriend hit her. It's messed up.
  • smarteeangel101smarteeangel101 Posts: 830- Member

    anyways, it's a control thing for those guys. they look for girls who would be easy to control, at least for a while.

    rihanna :(
  • rachael525rachael525 Posts: 1,499- Member
    ^ Chris Brown now = epic fail. :(
  • Claire1016Claire1016 Posts: 1,088Registered User Member
    I meant that when guys hit girls 99% of the time its because they're in an abusive relationship.

    I think it's a control thing too, but some girls don't realize verbal abuse is just as bad.
  • powerbombpowerbomb Posts: 3,364Registered User Senior Member
    speaking of chris brown and rihanna, does anybody know why it happened? I heard rihanna gave chris brown STDs or something....haha...
  • mcb52mcb52 Posts: 1,485Registered User Member
    What about random instances when a girl would be hanging out with a guy and then a physical scuffle results... Play fighting between guys I suppose would be relatively more normal, but for guys to try play-fighting with girls? Eh...that just seems weird.
  • iEatReedsiEatReeds Posts: 599Registered User Junior Member
    Despite the whole 'feminism/women want equal rights' mumbojumbo some guys dish out...

    If he hits a girl - he has lost ALL previously-attractive qualities.
  • smarteeangel101smarteeangel101 Posts: 830- Member
    oh lol sorry claire. i meant the ^ to post #2 but then u posted before me :)
    & i think that std thing was just a rumor. but even if it's true, totally agreed with ieatreeds' last line.
  • King818King818 Posts: 349Registered User Junior Member
    I wonder why girls think it's perfectly OK to hit guys?
  • Secret Asian ManSecret Asian Man Posts: 2,497Registered User Senior Member
    So why is it ok for females to slap males whenever they want?
  • mcb52mcb52 Posts: 1,485Registered User Member
    ^ because they don't/won't hit hard enough to hurt you [in the acceptable cases]
  • tomjonesisthemantomjonesistheman Posts: 2,978Registered User Senior Member
    it stems from the fact that females are better talkers than males. girls talk more, and say much more. they voice their thoughts aloud more efficiently. guys aren't usually as talkative and emotional. they can't fight back with words. thus, they resort to physical fighting.

    call me a girl, but personally, i would never raise a fist to anyone, not even a guy who's beating me up. i would take it, like a man. i don't believe in fighting. only in passive talk. hugs.
  • iEatReedsiEatReeds Posts: 599Registered User Junior Member
    ^ "only in passive talk. hugs."

    Aw. :B
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