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Tutors!!! How much do you charge?

i_losei_lose Posts: 589Registered User Member
edited June 2015 in High School Life
I got a job as a private tutor. I haven't tutored for money before, so I'm unsure of how much I should ask for. How much do the rest of you guys make (when you first started)?
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Replies to: Tutors!!! How much do you charge?

  • rExRuN467rExRuN467 Posts: 1,215Registered User Senior Member
    well..i charged 10 bux an hour. And i thought that was good money. i still tutor but now charge 15 bux. I know i know, you guys are like, WHAT DA HELL>?! 15 measly dollars for an hour of tutoring?!...well I live in Koreatown in Los Angeles..and all you koreans know how korean moms seek out good deals.
  • TamiTami Posts: 548Registered User Member
    $12/hr for Trig/Geometry. $15/hr for Biology/Chemistry = handouts...copies..etc.

    For me.
  • sarorahsarorah Posts: 5,767- Senior Member
    My tutor charges me 20 bucks per hour. But he's a good tutor, he has a Ph.D in math.
  • korinfoxkorinfox Posts: 154Registered User Junior Member
    $20 and that's for when I tutor BC Calc, AP Physics, AP Chem and the such. Around where I am the usual adult tutor is $80 an hour so $20 is a good deal for a student who is less removed from the material.
  • MC_njMC_nj Posts: 28Registered User New Member
    15/hr for math
    20/hr for any ap science

    Check around where you live and what parents seem willing to pay. If parents are willing to go $45+ for a "real" tutor, then cut down to a third of that. Prove yourself with one student, and the word will spread.

    p.s. I'm actually very cheap for my area and I've never raised my costs. Plus, in my humble opinion, I think my time and effort is worth every penny. :P
  • AlessandroAlessandro Posts: 90Registered User Junior Member
    I tutor in the "Math Center" for my school. I get paid $7.30/hour and it is free to the students. I suppose if it was private, I would charge around $10-12/hour.
  • juzam_djinnjuzam_djinn Posts: 656Registered User Member
    10 bucks/hour for spanish
  • cujoe169cujoe169 Posts: 3,318Registered User Senior Member
    free... i volunteer it looks better
  • sarorahsarorah Posts: 5,767- Senior Member
    Go cujoe :)
  • x___infatuationx___infatuation Posts: 320Registered User Junior Member
    I've been volunteer tutoring since 5th grade and now my learner is a 5th grader reading at a 7th grade level because of me. I'm proud :-). Sadly, I'm graduating 8th grade soon and I'm moving so I'll never see her again...

    ...Anyway, my friend's tutor charges 60 dollars an hour. And I get paid 20 dollars an hour...and I'm in 8th grade.
  • danielsjangdanielsjang Posts: 760Registered User Member
    okay. I think i'm okay at teaching math/sciences, so I'm interested in this. (i'm a junior now, moving on to senior).
    First of all, how did you advertise yourself? Did you go to younger people (i'm assuming) and asked "do you want to get tutored?" or post flyers (if so, where?) or door-to-door for tutoring (-_-a) or...?
    Thanks a bunch!
  • x___infatuationx___infatuation Posts: 320Registered User Junior Member
    I get referred by my elementary school teachers...
    Also, there may be tutoring programs in your community?
  • i_losei_lose Posts: 589Registered User Member
    I don't know...I've been an obscure tutor. I've been tutoring on and off as community service, starting in 5th grade with math. For the past two years, I've just helped out random people who've asked me and I've formally tutored at the local tutoring school/club thing in just about everything. My friend asked me if I wanted the job since she's going off to college...
  • rexerrexer Posts: 149Registered User Junior Member
    how did you guys get your job? $15 per hour for teaching???!!!! *drools and melts down on floor*
  • dazedandconfused88dazedandconfused88 Posts: 157Registered User Junior Member
    I tutor 9th grade math for 20$ an hour
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