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Lowest and Highest GPA You Ever Heard Of?

MetalMeatwadMetalMeatwad Posts: 961Registered User Member
edited July 2009 in High School Life
In my Spanish Class Last Year. She failed 9th Grade twice in High School. She's a white girl who's kinda hot, but acts and dresses like she's Black. Numerous Suspensions.
Some Girl last year Who Goes to an IB High School Close to Mine has a whopping 8.8 GPA, highest in the County and like 2nd Best In the County Ever?
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Replies to: Lowest and Highest GPA You Ever Heard Of?

  • lantzklantzk Posts: 353Registered User Member
    As if those on CC actually need an ego boost...
  • locknlockn Posts: 3,033Registered User Senior Member
    I have a 3.3. Shameful, I know.
  • lantzklantzk Posts: 353Registered User Member
    OH, well now that you've changed it to include the highest gpas I can confidently say that this does not change my opinion about this thread. Sheesh, can't we at least pretend to be thoughtful and intelligent?
  • froshfrosh Posts: 25Registered User New Member
    lowest 1.2 - kid who just sleeps in every class...
    highest 4.576 - full scholarship to Harvard from my school

    its impossible to get 8.8....
  • MetalMeatwadMetalMeatwad Posts: 961Registered User Member
    In My County it's possible.....
  • MetalMeatwadMetalMeatwad Posts: 961Registered User Member
    Also, sorry it was a 8.6800 just checked.
  • Secret Asian ManSecret Asian Man Posts: 2,497Registered User Senior Member
    Well obviously the highest would vary depending on the way things were weighted... quite a few students had a 6.0 last semester which is the highest possible. Cumulative, probably around 5.3 or 5.4 for the valedictorian.

    Lowest, there was a kid in IB who failed four classes, then dropped out. Smart guy, just didn't work. Probably around 0.8 or 0.9.
  • JamesJrJamesJr Posts: 330Registered User Member
    In some state they have GPAs up to 12. When I was visiting UNC the admissions guy asked what the highest GPA was at our school...Then he was like...no one from some-state must be here because they are always the highest!
  • Secret Asian ManSecret Asian Man Posts: 2,497Registered User Senior Member
    MetalMeatwad how does the weighting system work in your county?
  • jazrie481jazrie481 Posts: 818- Member
    Lowest: 0.5 (on a 4.0 scale)
    Highest: 4.0
  • MetalMeatwadMetalMeatwad Posts: 961Registered User Member
    .08 Added to your Unweighted for AP (Each Semester)
    .04 For Honors
    None for Regular Obviously
    Not sure About Dual Enrollment, but probably like an AP Class

    The highest at my school last year was a 6.12 GPA, this year it's a 6.7 GPA I think, but usually it's in the lower 6's. The 8.7 GPA Person from a high school near me I'm talking about has the 2nd highest GPA ever in the history of our county, or may be the highest, not sure. She attends Harvard.
  • raideraderaiderade Posts: 2,499- Senior Member
    ^based on your gpa weighting system, it would be impossible to get above 4.08 cumulative because say here are your grades
    AP A+ - 4.08
    AP A+ - 4.08
    AP A+ - 4.08
    Avg: 4.08
    unless your saying that for each ap class you take, .08 is just taked onto your semester GPA without being averaged with your other classes
    but then with that logic, wouldn't it mean that to get the extra 2.12 points, you'd need to take (13.25 AP classes (2.12/.08 then divide by 2) while maintaining straight A+, which I guess would be possible but pretty tricky.
    I'm confused and am procrastinating studying ap euro
  • dunbardunbar Posts: 1,376Registered User Senior Member
    Weighted GPAs don't mean anything because different schools have different weighting systems. At my school, for instance, it would impossible to get any higher than a 104/100 weighted GPA even if one got a 100 in every AP class offered.
  • Gryffon5147Gryffon5147 Posts: 3,765Registered User Senior Member
    0.00... I can't believe you guys don't see these. They must actually try not to fail...
  • MetalMeatwadMetalMeatwad Posts: 961Registered User Member
    Lets say someone takes 18 Honors Courses in High School and 11 AP's., and a 4.0 UW.
    1.44 + 1.76 For Honors and AP's added to the UW and get a 7.2 GPA!
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