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If I sign up as a engineering major, but I didn't take Physics AP...

ivers0nivers0n Posts: 410- Junior Member
edited May 2009 in High School Life
Will that look bad?

I am thinking of majoring in engineering, I'm taking Calc AB this year, and Calc BC next year, as well as APES and Psych AP..

People are always telling me, "Dude, you're good at math" Not to gloat or anything. I'd say I'm pretty good at math, but I'm LAZY. That's the main reason why I wouldn't want to tkae Physics(that and the 2+ hours of homework they get nightly)

I signed up for APES as my science for senior year, and not Physics AP, do you think I made the right decision? Let's assume I go in as an engineering major.
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Replies to: If I sign up as a engineering major, but I didn't take Physics AP...

  • tehcakeisaLIEtehcakeisaLIE Posts: 266- Junior Member
    i would take physics....apes is a joke..or so ive heard
  • Ren the SAT'erRen the SAT'er Posts: 2,303Registered User Senior Member
    take physics.. u can always take APES exam on ur own. its not hard to self study..

    physics. trust me.
  • siglio21siglio21 Posts: 2,678Registered User Senior Member
    it doesn't matter, college admissions-wise, unless the engineering school is impacted or you have to apply separately to get into the school
  • kb09026kb09026 Posts: 318Registered User Member
    If you're lazy now, why do you want to go into one of the most time-intensive majors in college?
  • MillancadMillancad Posts: 5,941Registered User Senior Member
    If you're taking Calc BC and you've already taken Calc AB, and you are as good at math as you believe yourself to be, you won't need to exert yourself *that* much in Physics.
  • kotokoto Posts: 384Registered User Member
    If you're lazy now, why do you want to go into one of the most time-intensive majors in college?
    hahaha, agreed.

    but you will need to do calculus-based physics for engineering eventually anyway. I didn't take ap physics this year, I took ap chemistry, but I was fine admissions-wise. (got into Carnegie Mellon University for chemE.)

    I honestly have no idea what APES is, though.
  • RacinReaverRacinReaver Posts: 6,608Registered User Senior Member
    If you're too lazy for AP Physics then I'd hate to see what'll happen when you take it for the first time in college.
  • CheddarcheeseCheddarcheese Posts: 80Registered User Junior Member
    Nope, they actually kick you out of any collegiate Physics program, if you haven't taken AP Physics. True story.
  • AeroEngineer3141AeroEngineer3141 Posts: 3,607Registered User Senior Member
    Like other people said, I would worry more about your laziness.

    If you don't want to do a simple two hours of homework, for a subject engineering heavily relies on, you won't be able to keep up with the workload.
  • jpljpl Posts: 164Registered User Junior Member
    engineering is perfect match for lazy people because its all about making life easier

    unless your too lazy then your screwed lol :P
  • Coolman7992Coolman7992 Posts: 70Registered User Junior Member
    I don't mean to hijack this thread... But I have a similar situation..

    I am thinking about biomedical engineering or possibly astrology (not completely sure) and I know there are some heavy physics in those majors. I am going to be a senior next year and am signed up for APES. I have already taken biology, honors chem, honors physics, AP chem, AP bio. I can take mechanics next year but I decided to take APES.... The main reason I didnt take mechanics as a junior this year is because I am only taking precalc H as a senior and am taking alg 2 H this year so that wouldnt be possible. I dont wanna take it next year because it is mainly a junior course. Sorry for my hijacking and wall of text, but it didnt make sense to start a new thread about the same thing.
  • RacinReaverRacinReaver Posts: 6,608Registered User Senior Member
    There might be some trig or geometry in astrology, though I don't think there will be a ton of physics.
  • FindAPlaceFindAPlace Posts: 4,706Registered User Senior Member

    Which AP Physics does your HS offer, B or C? B covers just mechanics, where C does that plus electricity/magnetism. C is considered to be the harder of the two versions, usually because of the E & M but from the CC thread from this year's AP test, there were some "pure evil" FRQs on the mechanics test. My S agreed. He's a junior and likes physics so kind of took things out of sequence, and will do AP Chem next year. I'm hoping this will be easier, although the teacher isn't know to be as good as the physics teacher, unfortunately.

    APES is AP Environmental Science.
  • Coolman7992Coolman7992 Posts: 70Registered User Junior Member
    My school has two C courses. mechanics mainly for juniors, and E&M for seniors. Because of my math level I couldnt take mechanics as a junior, but I have taken honors physics and other science APs. So, if I applied to a good engineering school, would they understand my situation?
  • BatlloBatllo Posts: 3,047- Senior Member
    Coolman7992-You mean astronomy. Very different from astrology-better learn the difference.
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