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200 hours of volunteer work per year?

supsup Posts: 1,322Registered User Senior Member
edited June 2005 in High School Life
I heard that most people who got into an Ivy-League did around 200 hours of volunteer work each year...is this true?

Also, what are all of you doing for volunteer work? (not including those that involve clubs)
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Replies to: 200 hours of volunteer work per year?

  • staticsoliloquystaticsoliloquy Posts: 1,496Registered User Senior Member
    i did around 300 hrs in...8 months. it's not impossible.
  • iwantfoodiwantfood Posts: 579. Member
    I'm getting 75 hours in 2 weeks this summer...so I guess it's possible to get 300 hours just during the summer :o
  • poison.ivypoison.ivy Posts: 496Registered User Member
    i got 60 in one week.
  • EnjoiEnjoi Posts: 242. Junior Member
    i did 2000 in 1.5 years
  • glucose101glucose101 Posts: 5,264Registered User Senior Member
    Yall are insane! Go get a job...!
  • EnjoiEnjoi Posts: 242. Junior Member
    haha, helping others aint insane my friend. Its a passion...
  • Becky12Becky12 Posts: 54Registered User Junior Member
    i actually don't sleep, so i have 23482038920 hours of service to disabled children and old people
  • supsup Posts: 1,322Registered User Senior Member
    what else have you people done? besides go do an elderly house
  • cowgirlatheartcowgirlatheart Posts: 855Registered User Member
    I understand how people can do a lot of volunteering if it is their "major" EC. What I don't get is how people can say they are in all APs/IB, they rank #3 in the country on every damn science contest, have won music awards, founded 3 clubs, are valedictorian, are class president and still manage to volunteer 200+ hours a year (not including summer). And I thought I was busy.

    Back on topic. For volunteering I do a number of events (yearly ones)... like my community's Greek Festival (I am Greek!), the city Youth Week, etc. Also I am a school "Rowdy" which means I am on hand for freshman orientation, arts nights, interviews, registration, etc. There are random other things during the year when I have time. It all adds up.
  • staticsoliloquystaticsoliloquy Posts: 1,496Registered User Senior Member
    to "cowgirlatheart"...that's what make them different from everyone else. that's what gets them into top colleges. if everyone could do that, then it wouldn't be so special anymore now would it?

    from Disney's Incredibles: "Because when everyone is incredible, no one is."
  • fhshortie08fhshortie08 Posts: 744Registered User Member
    lol, nicely put, staticsoliloquy :) [that movie was suprisingly good]

    anways, i suppose i did around 200 hours for IB
    i volunteered at:
    + the local Foodbank
    + the SPCA (animal shelter if ya don't know what that is)
    + local events like parades
    + public radio and tv stations by answering the phone for pledges
    + the Bay, helping to clean the area
    + middle schools - assisting the field hockey team
    + a senior citizen holiday ball
    + my old elementary school - help set up and run the fall festival

    eh that's all i can think of at the moment...oh yeah i'm not going to an Ivy League school so I'm not sure if that's true or not.
  • SwordMaidenSwordMaiden Posts: 253Registered User Junior Member
    Its very possible...im getting about 35 a week during the summer...by the end of the summer, ill have acccumulated almost 300 hrs...so yea, its very possible
  • cowgirlatheartcowgirlatheart Posts: 855Registered User Member
    I agree with you, but I don't dwell on those people.
    Everyone has something that makes them different than everybody else, including you and me ;) It's important to focus on your passions.
    Just because we're not superhuman doesn't mean we won't get into the best schools. Not everybody is like that, which is why it's important to have faith in life.
  • oasisoasis Posts: 2,069Registered User Senior Member
    Volunteering should be based on a passion to help; that should be one's first and foremost concern of doing volunteer work. Hours, honors, and college applications come far later. Forcing oneself to do 2000+ hours just to get into HYPSM will reward one with only needless pain and suffering.
  • supsup Posts: 1,322Registered User Senior Member
    Nobody really does volunteer work for passion. Just ask yourself, would you really spend a couple hundred hours a year if you got nothing out of it?
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