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Game: 5 Things You Want to Accomplish In the Next Five Years (or more)

Kiwi_NightsKiwi_Nights Posts: 243Registered User Junior Member
edited December 2009 in High School Life
I guess not really a game, but I thought it'd be interesting to see what everyone else has in mind. Please try and stay away from academic achievements. This is a thread about living.

Also, 5 is the minimum but you can include more.

In no particular order of significance:

1. Learn to play guitar adequately (so I can strum sad songs when it rains)
2. Learn to cook awesome ethnic dishes
3. Skydive
4. Cross-country road trip!
5. Get a boyfriend once I get into college :P
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Replies to: Game: 5 Things You Want to Accomplish In the Next Five Years (or more)

  • WartsandallWartsandall Posts: 14,151Registered User Member
    In no order:
    1)Learn to play the piano
    2)Travel to a different country
    3)Learn another language
    4)Become more familiar with different cultures
    5)Finally(in the +5 year category) pursue the profession of my dreams(whatever that may be, I have yet to decide):>
  • AkabaneAkabane Posts: 230- New Member
    1) Quit my CC addiction
    2) Eat famous food from every country
    3) Watch every King of the Hill episode
    4) Flip off my freshman German teacher
    5) Not fail my first year of college =)
  • tmanneopentmanneopen Posts: 1,647Registered User Senior Member
    1. Get into my dream college/do well in any college I go to
    2. Learn to play piano
    3. Start folding origami
    4. Learn how to cook
    5. Learn to love life and appreciate it more
  • Ivybound11Ivybound11 Posts: 1,724Registered User Junior Member
    1. Be excellent academically/ Be perfect overall.
    2. Get into Harvard.
    3. Don't let parents pay a single dime when I go to college.
    4. Meet SS.
    5. Learn from setbacks insted of them letting me down.

    Can I do five more, I have a long list?
  • rchhayrchhay Posts: 1,184Registered User Member
    Can I do five more, I have a long list?

    Also, 5 is the minimum but you can include more.

    So, yeah... You probably can. =P

    1. Not get a single "B."
    2. Columbia.
    3. Scholarships.
    4. Valedictorian.
    5. Fluent Spanish.

    I just realized how old I would be in 5 years. That's actually quite scary.
  • KramKram Posts: 90Registered User Junior Member
    1. Finish high school alive and first in class.
    2. Go to Yale or Oxford. Haha if I got into Oxford I might ruin the first part of number one, though. ;)
    3. Go to at least England and Spain.
    4. Get Published.
    5. Become fluent in Spanish.
  • xxrunningonemptyxxrunningonempty Posts: 2,158Registered User Senior Member

    Lol - the first one (about strumming the guitar when it rains to sad songs) made me smile. I was doing the same exact thing yesterday while it was raining w/ the lights all dim -- the best feeling I had in a long time. =D

    1) Travel the world or at least Sweden (for personal reasons...lol)
    2) See the aurora borealis
    3) Make some sort of difference in the world - start a charity or some organization geared toward helping others
    4) Hopefully find a passion that I can see in the form of a lifelong career and stick to it.
    5) Make my mom's life easier (she's been through a lot)
    6) To be perfectly human and make the most of the experiences
  • ObiwankenobiObiwankenobi Posts: 181Registered User Junior Member
    @xxrunningonempty, the Aurora Borealis is BEAUTIFUL. Though, be sure to bring a camera that works properly in cold temp, unlike me :(

    1)Get Emma Watson's autograph #1 priority! lol jk, but still one of my goals.
    2)not fail freshman year at vandy
    3)keep my scholarship
    4)break 10 minutes on my 2 mile
    5)learn to tap dance
    6)learn to ride a bike (sad that I'm 17 and can't ride a bike...)
  • AkabaneAkabane Posts: 230- New Member
    ^ Dude, I'm 17 and don't have my driver's license. That's worse =(
  • PreLives43PreLives43 Posts: 64Registered User Junior Member
    1. Get accepted to UNC and go there (Hopefully Morehead-Cain, but getting in would be good enough)
    2. Win XC State Championship (Team)
    3. Qualify for State Championships (Individually)
    4. Run a Marathon (hopefully qualify for Boston eventually, but as with #1, just running one is enough)
    5. Enjoy the rest of high school, then enjoy college.
    6. Go to the Olympics (not compete obviously lmao, I just want to go watch it)
    7. Make a difference in the world. I feel bad for copying runningonempty, but this has been my mantra for years, and I want to make it a reality.
  • 2wentyEight2wentyEight Posts: 76Registered User New Member
    1. Go to Stanford, major in CS
    2. Go to the Olympics
    3. Go to the FIFA World Cup
    4. Start own computer-building sidejob business
    5. Develop some neat computer applications
  • ProtagonizerProtagonizer Posts: 387Registered User Junior Member
    1. All As or higher to salvage my GPA.
    2. 5 in AP French and Chem
    3. Fire-breathe at Burning Man, as a "teacher" this time rather than a newbie student.
    4. NJ Chem League Champ
    5. Get the girl.
  • shuggieshuggie Posts: 34Registered User New Member
    1)Graduate High School
    2)Go to Yale
    3)See Australia
    4)Get the girl
    5)Degree in Engineering
  • UnoriginalUnoriginal Posts: 927Registered User Member
    1. Graduate high school.
    2. Go to college.
    3. See Moscow, Prague, Paris, Tokyo
    4. Learn to play piano.
    5. Get rid of anxiety.
  • CC LurkerCC Lurker Posts: 592Registered User Member
    + Find a charity I really like working for
    + Become fluent in Spanish
    + Become fluent in Chinese (I was fluent and forgot it, so it's not overkill to do it & Spanish)
    + Travel somewhere with my friends/study abroad
    + Meet lots of epic people
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