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Is it possible for someone to have a really high GPA, but very low SAT score?

kristgemkristgem Posts: 124Registered User Junior Member
edited November 2009 in High School Life
For example, can someone who have a 4.5 GPA get a 1300 on their SATs? What about if someone has a 2.0 GPA and get a 2400 on their SATs?
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Replies to: Is it possible for someone to have a really high GPA, but very low SAT score?

  • Mapleleafs26Mapleleafs26 Posts: 3,567- Junior Member
    It's definitely possible, albeit rare
  • AeroEngineer3141AeroEngineer3141 Posts: 3,607Registered User Senior Member
    The former is likelier than the latter. Both do occur.
  • ellewayelleway Posts: 254Registered User Junior Member
    "For example, can someone who have a 4.5 GPA get a 1300 on their SATs?"

    You just described my school's valedictorian from last year.

    Both are possible. You can cheat your way to high grades, but it's hard to cheat your way to a high SAT score. You can be lazy and not do the work, but that doesn't mean that person is dumb.
  • kristgemkristgem Posts: 124Registered User Junior Member
    How did your valedictorian get a low SAT score? Did they tell you?
  • CoolbrezzeCoolbrezze Posts: 5,403Registered User Senior Member
    Yes, happens all the time vice versa also.
  • Blackroses216Blackroses216 Posts: 1,326Registered User Senior Member
    Yes, my best friend (he isn't a cheater or anything) he has like one of the highest gpas at our school but has like a 1600 SAT. :/

    He doesn't want to go to a super competative school though so I guess he'll be fine.

    Oh, and I have another guy friend who's super lazy so he has like a 3.3/3.7 gpa but has the highest SAT score at our school (2340 or something.. its over 2300) and he wants to go to MIT or an ivy league.. we shall see. He said he's going to try using family misfortunes/ death as an excuse, but that happened his freshman year and really has nothing to do with his laziness.
  • ColombianxxColombianxx Posts: 12Registered User New Member
    My GPA is not that high, but its pretty good (3.8) and i only have a 1700 on my SAT
  • CinnabunsCinnabuns Posts: 55Registered User Junior Member
    Girrrl the valdicktorian at ma school this year got a 16 on da act twice! I be rollin when I find out!
  • mj rothlanmj rothlan Posts: 362Registered User Member
    called "grade inflation" and/or "cheating" and/or "overachieving"
  • archi92archi92 Posts: 688Registered User Member

    me for an example:
    GPA 4.0 (UW)
    SAT : 1760 ...
    I'm a sad person :(
  • ellewayelleway Posts: 254Registered User Junior Member
    In response to Kristgem.

    I don't know how she got a low SAT score. I don't talk to her. I don't know if she took it more than once...I don't want to judge her. My brother told me about her score. Although, I could say that she's very diligent, just not bright. Most of the kids at my school thinks grades are the only thing to worry about. So my guess is, she spend most of her time aiming for a high gpa instead of a high SAT or AP score. One of her Facebook status claimed that she got a 1 on the Apes exam, 2 on the Ap lit exam, and 1 on the Ap gov exam. At least her high GPA gave her a scholarship to a state university.
  • cjgonecjgone Posts: 1,520- Senior Member
    4.0 in easy classes does not guarentee a higher SAT score than someone with like 3.0 in challenging classes.

    Challenging oneself is a better choice to get better test scores.
  • PEQXC2012PEQXC2012 Posts: 286Registered User Junior Member
    This senior in my brother's grade who was ranked 2, always bragged how much smarter she was than him (both had 4.0s, brother was in APs, she wasn't, she had a higher GPA since school didn't weigh).

    On the S.A.T.:

    She got a 1040
    He got a 1560

    The valedictorian that year got a perfect score, this was about 6 years ago, I don't know there scores out of 2400 (Did that even exist back then)?
  • archi92archi92 Posts: 688Registered User Member
    cjone, are you referring to me?
    well - i transferred to the states the beginning of this year so i barely have time to take the APs. however, right now i'm taking 4 ap classes at school, 3 self teaching and maybe a college course at community college.
    but true, that a 3.0 on challenging courses always outweighs a 4.0 on easy courses
  • ThisCouldBeHeavnThisCouldBeHeavn Posts: 16,060- Senior Member
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