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My parents think I'm stupid because I did bad on the SAT

ntktopntktop Posts: 91- New Member
edited March 2010 in High School Life
My parents think I'm stupid because I only got a 1950 on the SAT. I did alright on the math and writing sections (high 600's) but I messed up on the reading section with a 580. And because my parents compared my scores with my other friends who got 2200+, they are calling me stupid. And now apparently my grandfather was told as well and he's even complaining about my score saying how stupid I am because I can't pass a "simple" test according to him.

This is so annoying, and I'm Asian which makes it even worse. And it's like my parents aren't even confident in my intelligence. First they think I'm dumb, and then after their friends come over and see some of my work (I build web applications) they say I'm really smart. And only then do my parents say that I'm smart and praise me. It's so god-damn annoying.

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Replies to: My parents think I'm stupid because I did bad on the SAT

  • BeautifulnightsBeautifulnights Posts: 648Registered User Member
    awww im sowwy :( feel better!
  • WhanWhan Posts: 822Registered User Junior Member
    Eh, Asian parents... What can ya do?
  • MIThopeful16MIThopeful16 Posts: 7,539Registered User Senior Member
    I read the first paragraph and thought, must be Asian. That really sucks. Well, remember that college is for you, not for them. And intelligence, regardless if we have the IQ, is not really quantifiable.
  • KnowledgeInChaosKnowledgeInChaos Posts: 76Registered User Junior Member
    Eh... Asian comparison syndrome in parents sucks.

    There's no real way to cope with it, but I usually just start listing off all of the ways why my parents are wrong as they begin the critique train. I mean, I get why they do what they do (after all, wanting your kid to succeed isn't a bad thing), but sometimes they just don't get other perspectives.
  • schoolisfunschoolisfun Posts: 1,238- Senior Member
    Don't worry about it too much, assuming this is your first SAT, practice a lot and take it again, you'll do better and feel good too :)
  • thisgirlisaGthisgirlisaG Posts: 1,338- Senior Member
    my parents, too, kid. my parents, too. & i'm not even asian : P
  • herestothenightsherestothenights Posts: 361Registered User Junior Member
    i'm sorry! don't believe them when they say you're stupid though--you're not at all! 1950 is not a terrible score at all
  • kwukwu Posts: 4,759Registered User Senior Member
    I think they mean you're "stupid" in the sense that you're foolish not to take the SAT seriously, given how important it is in college admissions.

    Not preparing for one of the most important exams in your life is very "stupid."
  • pierrechnpierrechn Posts: 1,505- Senior Member
    your score is not bad at all, but asians in general are usually very very very smart. Asian parents are very hard on their kids, but your score is good it will get you in a good school
  • pierrechnpierrechn Posts: 1,505- Senior Member
    with your score i probably wouldnt even retake it unless i was trying to get in an IVY league school
  • BatlloBatllo Posts: 3,047- Senior Member
    Now they will complain about you to all their friends, family, whoever will listen.
    Better get a thick skin, it's going to be a bumpy landing.
  • jerrry4445jerrry4445 Posts: 2,741Registered User Senior Member
    make your parents do the SAT. If they score low, rub that 1950 in their faces.

    Besides, 1950 isn't that bad. It is above average and i believe it's above the 80th percentile.
  • fairy_dreamsfairy_dreams Posts: 3,377Registered User Senior Member
    Have you tried taking the ACT?

    Lots of people do significantly better. It's worth a shot. I found it ridiculously easier than the SAT.
  • HopefulEagle86HopefulEagle86 Posts: 1,380- Member
    Besides, 1950 isn't that bad. It is above average and i believe it's above the 80th percentile.

    Uh, no. Actually it's in the 91th percentile. It's way above average compared to an 80th percentile. http://professionals.collegeboard.com/profdownload/sat_percentile_ranks_composite_cr_m_w.pdf

    A 1950 is a very high score, but if you can do better, I would suggest you retake it to see if you can get a 2000 or higher. If you want to attend a top 15 school with a 1900+ score, it's possible, but req. charm & luck. Some of those kids have done it before.
  • jgraiderjgraider Posts: 2,845Registered User Senior Member
    Well, I guess its time to accept the truth and just move on. You're stupid, what can you do about it?
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