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Why am I becoming so lazy with schoolwork lately?

leadlolleadlol Posts: 494Registered User Member
edited March 2010 in High School Life
Like, nowadays, I don't even feel like doing homework, whereas last semester, I felt this necessary urge to complete my homework and study, last semester. I'm still a junior. :/

I haven't even read one page of the new chapter in Pageant this week. Grr. :(

How can I deal with this constant laziness and procrastination? How do I get the drive to do schoolwork again?
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Replies to: Why am I becoming so lazy with schoolwork lately?

  • HarveyLewisHarveyLewis Posts: 2,200Registered User Junior Member
    Clearly you aren't a senior. Because if you are a senior and you aren't being lazy, there is probably something seriously wrong with you.
    Unhelpful? I'm a senior, I don't have to be helpful! :P
  • applicannotapplicannot Posts: 4,366Registered User Senior Member
    I've had senioritis since ninth grade. You just push through.
  • sciencefrenchiesciencefrenchie Posts: 646Registered User Member
    leadlol - I know EXACTLY how you feel. I've been slacking off so much lately...

    Here's the thing, though. At the beginning of my school years is when I do the most work. By the end, I do maybe 2 hours a night (which is probably about a third of what I should be doing). Somehow, I get my best grades at the end of the year.

    It's my only hope...
  • SadHippoSadHippo Posts: 486Registered User Member
    The biggest reason for laziness is lack of motivation. If you don't feel like it is worth it to try harder in school or don't know where good grades will get you, then you don't feel like trying hard enough. Also, if you have been been bored or depressed recently and have not had many things to do for fun, that may lead to not trying as hard in school. Maybe you are/have been doing assignments because you felt like you were forced to to (because of parents or something) and not because you want to knowing it will be good for you. Usually with happiness you can work harder...
  • bumblebumble Posts: 700Registered User Member
    i generally work against a cosine curve. the second semester/ end of 2nd quarter to end of 3rd quarter is always my worst. then i pull it up super high-- and somehow can't manage to maintain it at an A+ but it ends up being decent by the end of the year.

    senioritus has def. got the best of me this year ;D
  • BurrrnsBurrrns Posts: 138Registered User Junior Member
    Originally posted by applicannot
    I've had senioritis since ninth grade. You just push through.

    Ditto, except I haven't excelled at senioritis as much as you have. (Referring to Stanford '14.... Wow...)

    Leadlol, you've probably burned out. This usually happens when you push yourself a bit too much, but not for the right reasons. When the motivation wears off, you're left mentally exhausted...

    Maybe you should balance work/relaxing time. What is the ideal amount of study time per week for YOU? Try to achieve that amount of time, if not more. And this is also as important: after you've set aside some time to do work, set aside some time to relax periodically in order to "recharge" and see the light of day. Keeps motivation up.

    btw i always thought it should have been called "seniorosis". I mean, "senioritis"=the senior is inflamed. "seniorosis"= the illness of being a senior.
  • leadlolleadlol Posts: 494Registered User Member

    Any other ideas, suggestions...? Surely I'm not the only one who has gone through this? lol
  • desi_chickdesi_chick Posts: 1,692Registered User Senior Member
    Advice? Don't be lazy, it's gonna hit you later.
  • ollegerolleger Posts: 1,567Registered User Senior Member
    ^ I am just going through it. Idk we had Spring week this week, Spring break in next next week. March Madness. Basically 0 motivation to do work. On top of that most of my grades are secured As so like I just DGAF now. AND we are having the best weather in months!! How in the world can we NOT be lazy? Guess we caught a case of seinoritis early huh? I guess it happens when you have classes with them.
  • ns2583ns2583 Posts: 242Registered User Junior Member
    Knowing spring break is 2 weeks away is just making me feel like such a lazy couch potato.. it doesn't help that I can only ever work after 10pm...
  • WartsandallWartsandall Posts: 14,151Registered User Member
    You should look at the articles on Study Hacks. I've found them to be beneficial.
  • glassesarechicglassesarechic Posts: 5,487Registered User Senior Member
    ^major, major ditto
  • dropDEADdropDEAD Posts: 80Registered User Junior Member
    I won't even be able to relax on Spring Break -_-
    I have an AP Psych outline and an English paper to do -__-
  • InvoyableInvoyable Posts: 3,582Registered User Senior Member
    I've had it for the longest time, just couldn't bring myself to study or do any labor work.

    It's kinda meh because I actually don't hate academics or anything like that, understanding and learning some concepts is decent and whatnot, but I just can't work or do some tedious memorization, and as a result screw up my grades that are moreorless a measure of my achievement rather than aptitude.
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