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How Can Colleges Get Your Attention?

Alright, students, weigh in. How can colleges get your attention? ... is there some social media outreach that would work to get you to notice a certain college?

NYTimes: Power Shifting from Institutions to Students

Rising tuition costs and eager recruiting by colleges is creating a "customer" mentality among students.

Started in Parents Forum by Roger_Dooley

Debating the Value of Math

"Andrew Hacker, an outspoken critic of mandatory algebra education, is asked to defend his contentions at the National Museum of Mathematics." …

Started in Parents Forum by Dave_Berry

How Australian Universities Edge Out Ivy League

"Australia offers a quality education at a lower cost and graduates can stay up to 4 years after their degree." …

Started in Study Abroad by Dave_Berry

The Disappearing Humanities Jobs

New analysis shows dramatic decreases in open positions for professors. Health professions faculty jobs, once equal in number to those in humanities, now far outnumber them.

Started in Parents Forum by Zinhead

What College Did the Most Prestigious Person You Know Go to?

Using your preferred version of prestigious, let us know what college (or maybe no college at all) did the most prestigious person you personally know go to.

Started in Parents Forum by palm715

Millennials Get Real About Moving Back in with the 'rents

"The empty nests are filling up. A report released last week finds that living at home with parents is, for the first time in recorded history, the most common living arrangement among Americans ages 18-34." ...

Started in Parent Cafe by Dave_Berry

Many Millennials Expect to Work until They Die

"Faced with big piles of student debt, pricey housing, and sluggish wage growth, many young adults doubt they'll be able to retire like much of their parent's generation. More than a third expect to work well into their 70s."

Started in Parent Cafe by Dave_Berry
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