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Harvard Program Fails Federal Gainful Employment Test, Pauses Admissions

Federal sanctions aren't just for predatory for-profits any more... Harvard and other brand-name schools have programs with questionable financial outcomes.

The Jobs That Really Smart People Avoid

According to recent research from Pian Shu, an economist at HBS, the kinds of students who end up working for Goldman Sachs or Merrill Lynch aren’t always the best, the brightest—or the most innovative. Read more!

Started in Parents Forum by JustGraduate

The Great Out-of-State Migration: Where Students Go

Students leave behind state financial aid, incur added transportation costs and pay ever-higher out-of-state rates set by underfunded universities. Why do they go?

Pros & Cons: Academic Talent Search Participation in Middle School

Since NUMATS, Duke TIP, and Johns Hopkins CTY are similar and some of your kids may have participated in before, what are the benefits and potential drawbacks you experienced, particularly if they are now in or out of college?

Started in Parents Forum by eiholi

Dartmouth Study Casts Doubt on Link Between Student Debt and Young Adults Returning Home

While both college debt and the “boomerang” phenomenon are growing, a new study casts doubt on the notion that staggering student loans are driving young adults back to their parents’ doorsteps.

Harvey Mudd CompSci Majors are 55% Female

Nationally, only 16% of CompSci grads are female. LA Times article shows how Harvey Mudd changed that.

Football Player Goes Against Stereotypes

During the offseason, many players from around the NFL return to college to finish getting their degrees. For Ravens center/guard John Urschel, that doesn't mean wrapping up a four-year undergrad program.

Started in Parents Forum by ucbalumnus

How Do I Start Choosing a College?

Question: ... So what are good ways to start checking out colleges and deciding which ones to apply to?