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College Counselor Sick of Reading about Golden Kids Getting into Harvard

"In an ideal world, college preparatory education would encourage students who crave knowledge. The reality of 'The Hunger Games' comes closer to the truth, where students battle to survive in application pools seeming to demand perfection."

The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans

Here's an article about the disappearing wealth of the middle class, in that nearly half of Americans would have trouble finding $400 for an emergency.

Started in Parent Cafe by scout59

Invitation to a Dialogue: College Admissions Frenzy

"The admission frenzy will stop only when colleges, students and, frankly, parents refuse to play the game anymore—when we admit that more doesn’t equal better. [ ... ] With great respect I say to all parents, 'Relax.'"

Started in Parents Forum by Dave_Berry

College Grads Buried in Student Loan Debt, but Unwilling to Give Up Luxuries

"A new survey reveals that many grads don’t know their total student loan balance and more than a third don’t know what they pay in interest." …

Stanford Dean: School’s Ultra-Low Admit Rate Not Something to Boast About

" … Dean of admission and financial aid at Stanford since September 2005, Shaw said he understands the public fascination with a measure of selectivity that now stands at 4.7 percent … But … "

Should You Pay for Your Child's College Education?

"… 'Middle income parents need to ensure their own financial stability first,' Braxton said. 'It's like putting on your airplane oxygen mask before you put on your children's.'" ...

Started in Parents Forum by Dave_Berry

Reuters: How Asian Test-Prep Companies Swiftly Exposed the Brand-New SAT

"Booklets for the redesigned exam leaked online within days of the test."

Campus Sleep Crisis? 'Sleep Revolution' Tour To Hit 50 Campuses

The Huffington Post’s Sleep Revolution College Tour is coming to 50 campuses across the US and will focus on topics like sleep deprivation and performance enhancement with better sleep ...

Started in College Life by Roger_Dooley
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