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The Distance Question: How Far Away From Home Is OK?

Whether you are in the final stage of choosing where to attend or just starting to build your college list, one question that is bound to come up is …

Campus Visit vs. an Interview

Campus visits are easy to set up, but interviews are more difficult. Some schools may not even offer individual interviews. What are the pros and cons of each approach?

Started in College Admissions by gminor

College Loans: Where to Begin?

For many, if not most, students, some kind of loan will be part of their college finance plan. Find out where to begin the process of evaluating the different kinds of college debt.

If You Skip an Elite School, Will Doors Close?

Interesting discussion of the impact, real or imaginary, of an elite education.

Started in Parents Forum by HappyAlumnus

Penn State Frat Suspended over Facebook Page with Nude Pics

"A Penn State University fraternity was suspended for a year after police began investigating allegations that members used a private Facebook page to post photos of nude and partly nude women, some apparently asleep or passed out."

Was College Worth It?

Let's relive your kids first job out of college. Where are they now? Was their college expense worth it? Share your stories with us!

Started in Parents Forum by morrismm

How to Socially Prepare for College Life?

What social and lifestyle factors should you consider, and what talents/hobbies should you pick up to make sure you are socially prepared for college life?

Started in College Life by MeNameisJeff

Are College Students Learning Money Management Skills?

Do you think that your students are learning money management skills in college? How are they learning about building credit? Is this a problem at home? Do you ever worry about their future financial responsibility?

Started in Parents Forum by CollegeCFO
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