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Johns Hopkins Mistakenly Says ‘Yes’ to Hundreds of Rejected Applicants

"293 students—who had been turned down or deferred in their bid for early admission—have received a welcome-to-Hopkins e-mail by mistake. The university sent an apology Sunday evening."

Grads Worried About Heading into the "Real World"

What do you do after you graduate? You no longer have a set path and many don't have a clear idea of where they will be in the future. What are the prospects for a recent grad? Let us know your thoughts!

Started in Parents Forum by lammb66

Which Schools Give More Aid Than Harvard?

Which schools are known to equal or give more than Harvard's aid? I only know of Yale. Are there any others? If they exist, will Harvard match its competitors' packages?

Would College Be Better Without General Ed's?

Would college be better if people only had to take classes that were relevant to their degree? Join the discussion and let us know your thoughts!

Started in Parents Forum by albert69

Professor Floats Idea of Three-Year B.A. to Cut College Costs

"In theory, it's a simple idea. With the cost of attending college rising, why not reduce the typical time for a bachelor's degree from four years to three?" ...

Started in Parents Forum by Dave_Berry

Rise of E-Sports on Campus: Teams, Stars, and Scholarships

"... Mr. Tran is not a star on the football team, or a leader in student government. He is a top player on the school’s competitive video game team" …

Started in Parents Forum by Dave_Berry

How High Is the Heat in Your Local College-Admissions Pressure Cooker?

My son says that he and his classmates hardly talk about admissions at all ... How about your own schools and communities? How high is the heat in the admissions pressure cooker?

People Are Getting Smarter About College Costs and It’s Squeezing the Whole Industry

"Today’s college students are more aware and informed about rising costs and financial aid, and more sensitive to price." ...

Started in Parents Forum by Dave_Berry