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Were your ACT Scores Better than Expected?

Did you take the ACT this year, and—if so—were your scores better than you’d predicted, based on PRACTICE TEST results or on your PSAT/SAT results? …

Best College Logos?

Here's an article that lists "12 of the best college logos" - do you agree? What are your favorite logos?

Started in College Life by Roger_Dooley

First Set of College Visits: How to Prep

Other than the information session/tour, what should you do on each campus to get a better feel for the place, particularly in the summer? How many schools should you include in the first set? Find out!

Started in Parents Forum by Ohiodad51

Community College to the Ivy League: 2-Year Testimonial

Two years after wanting to transfer to the Ivy Leagues or the elite institutions, I've decided to look back on the community college process and give an update as to where I have ended up through community college.

College Is Not a Commodity. Stop Treating It Like One.

"Let’s acknowledge that college is not a commodity. It’s a challenging engagement in which both parties have to take an active and risk-taking role if its potential value is to be realized."

Started in Parents Forum by audiophile

How to Make the Term Valedictorian Meaningless

One small Ohio city's high schools name 222 valedictorians, about 20% of all grads.

Started in Parents Forum by jym626

Exam Security: Chinese Use Drones to Catch Cheaters

One city in China is launching drones to detect cheaters on the high-stakes Gaokao test.

Started in China by Roger_Dooley

The Truth About 'Holistic' College Admissions

" … has holistic admissions become a guise for allowing cultural and even racial biases to dictate the admissions process?" …

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