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General Studies: Brilliant Strategy or Dumb Idea?

What do you think about a General Studies major, particularly for a student who is undecided on a career or academic path?

Free State University Tuition Proposed by Sanders

This week, long-shot presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders introduced legislation to make 4-year public colleges and universities tuition free:…

Forget Harvard: Here's Where to Go to College if You Want a High-Paying Job

"Want a prestigious education? Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are the way to go. But if you're looking for a high-paying career after graduation, you may want to look elsewhere."

Started in Parents Forum by partyof5

Going to an Ivy League School: Not What It Seems

On average, the Ivies accept about 8 percent of applicants. Here is an article, which documents the negative experience of a current Columbia University student at his dream school.

Started in Parents Forum by CaliCash

My Parents Remember Absolutely Nothing of What They Learned in College

My father has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and an MBA diploma. He doesn't remember anything from his studies. Is this normal? Do adults just forget most of the stuff they learnt in college?

Started in Parent Cafe by outlooker

How Much Do AP Scores Really Count in a College's Decision?

How much do colleges really look at AP scores compared to the other components of your application, like GPA, class rank, ECs, essays, and so forth?

College Decision Day Traditions at Your Kid's School

Does your kid's school have a college decision day where the kids wear the "gear" from their chosen college?

Started in Parents Forum by maya54

These Colleges are Still Seeking Students for Fall 2015

Here is a link to the 2015 "College Openings Update" ... It lists colleges and universities throughout the U.S. (and a few beyond) that still have vacancies for the coming fall.

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