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"No, the SAT is not Required." More Colleges Join Test-Optional Train

"Students spend hours cramming for the SAT and ACT each year in the hopes of earning an acceptance letter to a competitive college. But is the tide turning away from standardized exams?"

Which Selective Colleges Do NOT Require a Supplemental Application?

Which selective schools require no supplemental app, or only very minimal supplemental app, choosing to rely only on the Common App?

Started in Parents Forum by barbfam1

Chasing In-State Tuition as Colleges Tighten Rules

"Services like In-State Angels are trying to help students and parents avoid the high price of out-of-state tuition, but some colleges frown on this."

A Closer Look at Simplifying Financial Aid Applications

"The goal of the federal aid system is to get more low-income students into college. Adding complexity to the aid system, which is what FAFSA does adroitly, needs to be weighed against the effect it has on achieving this bigger goal."

9 Worst Items to Put on Your Resume

Presenting a potential employer with your resume can be a bit nerve-racking. This article gives some interesting advice on how to provide employers with an impressive and effective resume.

A Shocking Number of the World's Rich and Powerful Attended Elite Colleges

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is probably the most famous billionaire college dropout. However, most people in powerful positions graduated from college—and not only that, highly elite colleges. Check out a few examples!

Started in Parents Forum by sorghum

Not Everyone Has $100,000 In Student Loan Debt, But That Doesn’t Mean There’s Not A Problem

"Horror stories about student loan debt have dominated the headlines in recent years ... those experiences aren’t necessarily representative of the student loan landscape as a whole ... just because most borrowers have $10,000 or less in debt doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting." ...

Started in Parents Forum by Dave_Berry

Working From the Couch: What to Know about Remote Internships

"In university settings where students are increasingly pitted between their finances and the pressure to pursue multiple internships, virtual internships seem to offer the perfect compromise."