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Parents: Do You Pressure Your Kid into Getting into a Top College?

Do you pressure your kid into getting into a top college or do you think that they would've ended up wanting to go there on their own?

College Admission: Facts, Opinions, and Myths

A lot of factual information gets shared on CC—this is often a great place to get answers to the who, what, and when questions we have all had. Help us debunk some admissions myths!

Started in Parents Forum by Matmaven

Which Colleges Have Honour Codes?

Which colleges implements such a code, to what extent, and how does it affect student life and academics?

Undocumented Immigrant Story (The Washington Post)

"I told Harvard I was an undocumented immigrant. They gave me a full scholarship." Read the entire story!

Started in Parent Cafe by kyproud

Audition Tips: Interview Questions, Gotchas, and More

Anyone willing to share the types of interview questions they encountered at auditions? Did anyone have any "gotcha" questions they wish have been prepared more to answer?

Choosing Full Ride vs. Selective College?

How have parents/students made the choice between a full ride at a good university vs. attending a more selective college and what are the implications for the job market (STEM)?

Started in Parents Forum by kmywest

How Sugar Daddies Are Financing College Education

"The popular website Seeking Arrangement sets up 'mutually beneficial relationships' between wealthy older men and young female students." Read more!

Helicopter Parents Buying House Near Kid's Boarding School

"Towns with boarding schools are welcoming parents as home buyers or renters while their children attend the schools," says The New York Times. Read more!